Enjoy an exceptional living experience in Mountain View City 6th of October compound, where it shines with high-quality architectural design reflecting the expertise of Mountain View, a leading real estate developer.

Strategically located in the heart of 6th of October City, the project boasts high investment value. Designed to be close to vibrant areas, main roads, and essential facilities, it offers residents easy access and a comfortable lifestyle.

Mountain View October compound features a variety of residential units available in different sizes, catering to diverse resident needs. Additionally, the project offers a wide range of services and amenities to enhance the quality of life.

What sets Mountain View October compound apart is its focus on ideal pricing, with the developer offering competitive prices aimed at fulfilling customers’ desires and needs. To facilitate the purchasing process, the company provides flexible and straightforward payment plans, making ownership in this compound more concise and convenient for customers.

Take advantage of the company’s distinctive offers and discover the world of luxury and comfort in Mountain View City 6th of October compound, where smart investment meets upscale living.

A prime location combining tranquility and excellence in the heart of 6th of October City

Mountain View City 6th of October compound enjoys a distinct strategic location, directly located on the vital Boulevard Road, in the rear side of the famous Shooting Club. This location was carefully chosen by the developer to be one of the prominent strategic sites in the heart of 6th of October.

The proximity to important landmarks and axes in west Cairo, such as Mall of Arabia and Maadi Club, allows quick access to unique shopping and entertainment experiences within minutes. The project is 4 minutes away from Juhayna Square, one of the most important squares in the area.

Residents of Mountain View City 6th of October can easily access various parts of Cairo through the surrounding road network, such as the 26th of July Corridor, Dahrour Link, Wahat Road/Fayoum, and the Alexandria Desert Road. The compound gates are only 12 minutes away from the Alexandria Desert Road.

Moreover, the compound provides easy access to the Ring Road, the main artery of Greater Cairo, allowing residents quick access to various destinations in the shortest time possible. The project is 20 minutes away from Mall of Egypt and 10 minutes away from Nile University and Dar Al Fouad Hospital inside 6th of October.

A unique experience with diverse spaces meeting all your residential needs

Mountain View City projects in October and Fifth Settlement aim to achieve a luxurious and ideal life because we believe that you deserve the best in your life experience. The October project stands out with a vast area of ​​500 acres, with most of this area allocated for greenery, enhancing the creation of a serene and natural life.

The project offers approximately 14,000 diverse residential units, including apartments, twin villas, and townhouses, accompanied by all the services and privileges that meet your needs, enabling you to enjoy a comfortable life without the need to leave the project.

The project consists of 6 main islands, each with its own character and unique services, connected at the same time by main roads linking them to the other islands, enhancing diversity and contributing to providing a unique and integrated residential experience.

Mountain View Club Park Compound offers an ideal choice for a tranquil and comfortable life with spaces that suit your aspirations.

Developed on a vast area of ​​up to 500 acres, Mountain View Sheikh Zayed Compound offers a wide variety of residential units. These units include:

Mountain View City 6th of October Apartments:
Ranging from 100 to 240 square meters.
Including I Apartment and I Apartment Park, offering a unique experience blending apartment and villa specifications.
Sun Roof Apartments:
Ranging from 130 to 155 square meters.
I Villa Villas:
Starting from 180 square meters.
Consisting of a villa on two floors and a roof, with a garden, private entrance, and parking.
I Villa Park Villas:
Available in sizes starting from 220m – 230m.
I Villa Sky Villas:
Available in sizes starting from 265m – 270m.
With areas ranging from 185m – 265m.
Rows of 4 to 6 villas.
Twin Houses:
With areas of 325m, consisting of a villa on two floors with separate entrances.
Grand Villas:
With areas ranging from 350m, comprising 4 or 5 bedrooms.
Mountain View October City Palaces:
Available in sizes of 560m.

A new phase is being created in the project called “Mountain View Park the Lake” on an area of ​​70 acres, including 11 water bodies, fountains, and springs. This phase includes apartments, villas, townhouses, and villas ranging from 117m to 380m.

Mountain View Club Park Compound offers a modern design that combines luxury and practicality in every detail.

Apartments in Mountain View Sheikh Zayed Compound are available in semi-finished condition in strategic locations, allowing individuals the opportunity to choose the decorations and designs they wish to implement in their apartments or villas. This approach provides personal freedom for customers to define the character of their home in a way that perfectly suits their needs and tastes.

Customers can also carry out various additional works and apply modifications according to prior agreement. We provide all the necessary facilities to achieve effective implementation of all decoration and finishing works, contributing to the realization of the client’s vision for their new residence.

A world of luxurious services and recreational amenities is at your fingertips.

Within Mountain View Icity 6th of October Compound, there is a wide range of services and luxury facilities available, aimed at providing a comprehensive and upscale living experience for all residents. We strive to ensure that every moment is filled with the best experiences. To achieve this, we have provided a variety of distinguished services in the project, including:

1. Spacious green areas: Surrounding the Mountain View October project are vast green spaces, providing a serene and beautiful environment.
2. Swimming pools within the project: Distinctive swimming pools are available within Mountain View October Compound, offering residents the opportunity to enjoy pleasant times.
3. 24-hour security: Round-the-clock security is provided through a trained security team.
4. Private parking for residents: Mountain View Icity October residents have access to private parking.
5. Artificial fountains: The project is adorned with artificial fountains that add unique beauty to the surroundings.
6. Cafes and restaurants: A variety of cafes and restaurants are available within Mountain View October Icity.
7. Large commercial area: A commercial area is provided to meet all the needs of residents.
8. Club House: A large social club serves the residents of Icity October Compound.
9. Various medical facilities: Comprehensive medical centers with all medical services are available.
10. Sports and health facilities: Gym and spa facilities are available in Mountain View October Icity.
11. Barbecue and party areas: Designated areas for barbecues and celebrations are provided throughout the project.
12. Quiet areas amidst nature: Residents can enjoy quiet and secluded areas amidst green spaces.

A great opportunity for ownership at affordable prices and flexible payment plans to suit all needs.

Units within Mountain View October Icity Compound are available at astonishing prices, significantly reduced to enable all clients wishing to live in a luxurious environment to acquire a splendid residential unit in the project, starting from 4,000,000 EGP.

The prices of apartments for sale in Mountain View October play a crucial role in making this project one of the best residential projects, as these prices remain significantly low compared to the unique features offered by the compound.

Prices for Mountain View October Icity were pre-determined, with installment options over 9 years and a down payment of less than 10%, making payment easy for clients looking to enjoy distinguished residential units.

The project offers fully finished residential units, as well as other units with semi-finishing, catering to the needs of different clients.

The payment process has been designed to suit our valued clients, with payments made at the end of each month, providing maximum convenience for clients looking to enjoy the best residential units.

Smart investment ensuring sustainable returns with unique benefits for successful investors.

Mountain View Icity 6th of October is one of the prominent residential projects in 6th of October City, offering its clients exceptional investment opportunities. By owning a residential unit within the project, you will benefit from:

– Preservation of capital value: Investing in Mountain View Icity 6th of October is an effective way to preserve the capital value, positively impacted amidst fluctuating inflation, which works to reduce the impact of asset value loss.
– High rental yields: The project provides an opportunity to obtain attractive monthly rental returns, given the rising rental values within the compound, characterized by a wide range of features.
– Achieving significant profits upon sale: Mountain View Icity 6th of October offers an opportunity to achieve significant profits upon deciding to sell, making it an investment avenue that outperforms many other options.

An innovative project by a leading real estate developer known for innovation and excellence.

The Icity October project was developed by Mountain View, one of the leading companies in the real estate development sector with a strong reputation. The company is among those that have created and developed several prominent projects that have impressed experts.

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