Enjoy a unique experience at Mountain View iCity compound in the Fifth Settlement, where elegance of decor and beautiful architectural design converge. iCity is not just a marketing term; it is one of the best residential projects globally. The location is distinguished by its presence on the main vital roads in Cairo, between the Fifth Settlement and the New Administrative Capital.

Ideal Location: Enjoy proximity to the Middle Ring Road and 90th Street, and be close to all public services.

Unique Design and Comprehensive Facilities: Discover a unique design and comprehensive facilities for a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle.

Wide Green Spaces: Experience tranquility and beauty in a project spanning 500 acres, with only 12% allocated for roads.

Daily Life Facilitations: Provide all essential and entertainment services within the project to avoid the need to go out.

Safe and Profitable Investment: Acquire your apartment in Mountain View iCity as an exceptional investment opportunity competing with the best projects in Europe.

Choose Mountain View iCity in New Cairo and enjoy a life of luxury and happiness away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Discover the outstanding location features of Mountain View iCity compound in the heart of the Fifth Settlement.

In close proximity to Cairo’s main ring road, Mountain View iCity compound stands out for its location in the New Cairo area. This location is not just an option but an ideal choice for anyone looking for a residential project combining easy access and providing transportation to various areas, cities, and projects.

Mountain View iCity Location: Mountain View iCity compound in New Cairo’s northeast stands out for its distinguished location, situated in one of the best areas. It enjoys proximity to many vital places, new cities, besides easy access to main and fast roads. Here are some important nearby places:

El Shorouk City: 8 km away from iCity.
Future City: Accessible in about 15 minutes.
Madinet Nasr: Just 5 km away.
Suez Road: A 4-minute drive.
Middle Ring Road: Directly adjacent to iCity Mountain View.
American University in Cairo: Approximately 14 minutes away.
Sports City in the New Administrative Capital: 12 km away.
Badr City: Just 17 km away.
Rehab City Entrance: A 7-minute drive.
New Cairo and Nasr City: Short distances to reach them.

Enjoy comfort and easy access to vibrant areas with an ideal location at Mountain View iCity.

Explore the elegant and practical design of Mountain View iCity units in the Fifth Settlement.

In the northeast of Greater Cairo, an exceptional architectural masterpiece stands out, designed by the most skilled architects globally. This artistic masterpiece was the result of exceptional cooperation between Mountain View Company and the Urban Communities Authority, with Callison RTKL company lending its unique touch to the design, thus giving birth to “Mountain View iCity.” Only 12% of the total land area is allocated for residential units, while the remaining 88% is used for green spaces, services facilities, and a long corniche stretching across the residential complex.

The designs of iCity blend European, American classic, and modern styles, making it the first project in Egypt to apply the science of happiness in building, facilities, and services. The company adhered to the highest environmental standards to achieve sustainability in the project and provide ideal living environments. Advanced technology was employed to provide energy-saving around the clock, in addition to communication services via the latest optical cables.

Smart solutions were devised to separate roads from residential areas, providing tranquility for residents. Roads were designed to accommodate fewer cars compensated by creating numerous gates to facilitate entry and exit of residents from the internal area of the complex.

Mountain View iCity in the Fifth Settlement offers a distinctive residential experience, where luxury and diversity come together. Luxury residential units were announced for sale in May 2022, with contractual sales value reaching EGP 2 billion, with delivery within 6 months from the contract date.

Mountain View iCity in New Cairo is a unique choice that combines luxury and tranquility, with a focus on the concept of family and providing a safe and comfortable environment for children.

Explore the Diversity and Luxury of Mountain View iCity Units and Choose the Space that Suits Your Needs

Mountain View iCity stands out with its modern and contemporary designs, being one of the leading compounds in the Fifth Settlement in Cairo. The developer offers a distinguished range of residential units, distinguished by its unique designs among leading companies in this field. Here’s an overview of the available units in Mountain View iCity Fifth Settlement:

– A detached villa consisting of two floors (ground and upper).
– The ground floor features a private garden, and the upper floor has a private roof.
– Providing complete privacy for its residents.

Park Villa:
– A villa consisting of two contiguous floors within a non-detached building, with a garden.

Twin House:
– Two adjacent villas with two entrances and a private garden, with some units sharing a common garden.

Town House:
– Consists of 3 to 4 adjacent villas, each unit with a small private garden.

The area of Mountain View iCity in the Fifth Settlement is approximately 500 acres, divided into 6 main islands, each bearing its own distinctive character. Each residential phase is implemented with distinctive engineering designs based on European and American styles.

Unit sizes range from 115 square meters to 240 square meters, including luxurious apartments and villas ranging from 220 square meters to 565 square meters.

The Mountain View Park Island project is considered the latest development phase, with its units varying in spaces and patterns, such as residential apartments, iVilla Garden & iVilla Roof, Town House, and independent villas and Lake House.

Payment options are easy, where you can pay a 10% down payment and install the rest over 9 years, with the possibility of delivering the units within 4 years from the contract date.

Enjoy an Exceptional Lifestyle at Mountain View iCity Compound with Its Unique Services and Advantages

The services of the Mountain View iCity project are considered among its most prominent features, offering residents a comprehensive living experience while providing all the comforts. Here’s an overview of the outstanding services within the compound:

Commercial Area:
– Located at the heart of iCity in the Fifth Settlement on the Mid-Ring Road.
– Includes a variety of restaurants, malls, and cafes offering a diverse range of dishes and beverages.

Sports Club:
– Equipped with the latest sports equipment.
– Includes areas for children’s games to ensure their entertainment and safety.

Sports and Walking Tracks:
– Dedicated tracks for running, walking, and biking away from car tracks.

Education and Cultural Services:
– Nurseries, international schools, and other cultural and educational services are available.

Social Club:
– Provides comprehensive services with a gym, jacuzzi, spa, in addition to specialized trainers.

Advanced Security System:
– Ensures protection and surveillance for residents and their properties.
– Includes electronic gates, surveillance cameras, and highly trained security teams.

– Medical facilities are available within the project, including hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies to meet healthcare needs.

Car Parking:
– Dedicated for Mountain View iCity residents and can accommodate a large number of cars.

Technology and Security:
– Partnership with Huawei to develop technological infrastructure.
– Establishing data centers equipped with control rooms, surveillance cameras, and gates to enhance security and privacy.

Explore Prices and Flexible Payment Plans that Make Your Investment in Mountain View iCity More Attractive

In the Mountain View iCity project in Fifth Settlement, unit prices vary based on several factors such as area, floor number, unit location within the compound, and unit type. Prices can change entirely due to these factors or due to fluctuations in the current real estate markets. However, we will provide you with a general overview of the prices, and for more details, feel free to contact us.

Residential Apartment Prices:
– Apartment prices in Mountain View iCity start from 2,100,000 EGP and go up to 2,460,000 EGP per square meter.

  iVilla Prices:
– iVilla prices start from 2,949,000 EGP and go up to 3,400,000 EGP.

  Villa Prices:
– As for villa prices in iCity Fifth Settlement, they start from 9,500,000 EGP and go up to 25,700,000 EGP.

  Payment Plans in Mountain View iCity:
– Mountain View has adopted flexible payment plans to enable housing enthusiasts in iCity Compound to own their units. Payment plans start from a 15% down payment, with installment periods of up to 9 years.

Take advantage of the investment benefits in Mountain View iCity and achieve sustainable returns.

Mountain View iCity in Fifth Settlement offers a multitude of features, as the development company has ensured to distinguish the project with a wide range of amenities, including:

  Strategic Location:
– The project is ideally located on the Mid-Ring Road.

  Vast Area:
– It extends over a huge area of up to 500 acres.

  Diverse Services and Facilities:
– It offers a distinctive package of diverse services and facilities.

  Diverse Residential Units:
– Residential units are available in various types and sizes starting from 115 square meters.

  Flexible Payment Systems:
– Flexible payment systems are available, allowing you to reserve and own with just a 10% contract deposit.

Regarding the benefits of investing in iCity Mountain View Fifth Settlement, owning a unit in this project is considered one of the best investments available in Egypt currently. Some key benefits include:

  Capital Preservation:
– The ability to preserve capital without being affected by economic factors.

  Stable Monthly Income:
– Achieving a stable monthly income through renting out the residential unit.

  Financial Gain from Resale:
– Achieving significant profit through reselling the unit due to the continuous increase in property prices.

  Competitive Prices:
– Mountain View Fifth Settlement prices are competitive, making it a safe choice for any investor.

Investment Journey with Mountain View: Your Trusted Real Estate Partner for iCity Mountain View Compound

Mountain View Development and Real Estate Investment Company owns the iCity Mountain View Fifth Settlement project. The company is distinguished by exceptional modern European-style architectural designs and has extensive experience in real estate development and investment since its inception in 2005. The main company is headed by Engineer Amr Ismail as Chairman of the Board, while Engineer Ismail Soliman serves as the CEO of the company, bringing extensive expertise in the real estate sector.

The company achieved significant sales during 2021, and the new phase of its project “Mountain View Laguna Beach Park” shone by securing the lion’s share of total sales, garnering 24% of them with a value of up to 4.75 billion EGP, making the project top the list of real estate projects in New Cairo in terms of sales in 2021 and until the beginning of 2023.

The company is striving to achieve its vision of creating an integrated community and has established a club in iCity Compound in New Cairo to serve all segments of society, aiming to build distinguished generations and help them discover and develop their talents.

The company has many local and international partnerships to implement its projects at the highest quality levels. It partnered with the Ministry of Housing through the New Urban Communities Authority to implement the iCity project, which is the first model of cooperation between the private and government sectors.

It also formed partnerships with major telecommunications and technology companies, such as Huawei Technologies and Orange Egypt, as well as with Intercontinental Hotels Group to oversee luxury hotel apartments in iCity Mountain View Fifth Settlement.

Among the key projects undertaken by the company is Mountain View October Park.