With the modern housing concept and luxury offered by Neoom October Compound, we are delighted to present to you this exceptional residential project, which is one of the prominent projects in the city of 6th of October. It has been meticulously developed by Arab Developers Holding, with a focus on creating an exceptional residential experience.

Expansive Green Spaces: Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding natural landscapes and luxurious green areas that add a touch of tranquility and beauty to your daily life.

Meticulously Designed Residential Units: Discover unique and modern designs that meet all your residential needs, with meticulous attention to detail.

Flexible and Convenient Pricing Policy: The project offers suitable prices that cater to all demographics, with easy payment periods and low initial installments.

The real estate developer’s efforts in Neoom October Compound are distinguished by offering distinctive investment opportunities, making the project an excellent choice for both families and investors alike. Get your residential unit now and embark on a journey of luxury and distinction.

To learn more about Neoom October Compound and how you can benefit from this unique opportunity, feel free to contact us through the available channels. We are here to make your residential and investment dreams come true.

In the heart of October, discover Neoom Compound and its strategic location that provides unparalleled proximity to vibrant areas.

Located in the heart of 6th of October City, Neoom Compound shines with a strategic location that offers easy access to a variety of facilities and key landmarks, making it the perfect place to live. Here’s an overview of the important services and landmarks surrounding the project:

1. Advanced Education: The compound’s proximity to several prominent universities, such as Nile University, 6th of October University, Cairo University, and Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, provides outstanding educational options for families and students.

2. Vibrant Neighborhood: The compound’s location allows quick access to 6th of October Club, El Horeya Mosque, and the distinguished neighborhood, adding a lively atmosphere to your daily life.

3. Diverse Shopping Centers: Near Soma Bay West, Oasis of Engineers, and Tayeba Gardens, you can enjoy a unique shopping experience and delicious dining options.

4. Near Juhayna Square: Neoom October Compound is just 15 minutes away from Juhayna Square, providing easy access to this vibrant area.

5. Proximity to Sphinx Airport: Only 20 minutes away from Sphinx Airport, the compound’s location facilitates access for travelers.

6. Major Shopping Centers: Surrounded by numerous commercial malls such as Hyper One, Mall of Arabia, and Mazari Mall, offering multiple opportunities for shopping and entertainment.

7. Sports and Entertainment Areas: The compound features a range of sports fields and recreational spaces to meet the needs of sports and leisure enthusiasts.

8. Integrated Road Network: The compound is surrounded by a distinctive road network that helps residents easily access various areas and places, such as the Middle Ring Road, Regional Ring Road, 26th of July Axis, and Dahshur Link.

Thanks to its prime location, Neoom October Compound ensures comfort and convenience in daily life, with easy access to all necessary services and facilities.

Enjoy unique and diverse spaces in Neum Compound that meet all your needs and make the most of its exquisite designs.

Neum October Compound shines as a distinguished project spanning a total area of ​​approximately 330 acres, with a large portion dedicated to green spaces and recreational parks. The compound features comprehensive services, encompassing residential, commercial, and recreational units with architectural designs inspired by the beauty of the Italian city of Rome.

Key Features:

1. Diverse Residential Units: The project includes approximately 3,000 residential units of various sizes, catering to the diverse needs of families and individuals.
2. Stunning Green Infrastructure: Green spaces, beautiful landscapes, and water bodies expand over an area of ​​more than 8,200 square meters, providing the project with a serene and aesthetic atmosphere.
3. Fontana Building: It comprises 74 residential units, along with 48 administrative offices and 9 commercial units, to meet the needs of residents and businesses.
4. Boulevard Area: It includes residential apartments with diverse designs, offering customers flexibility in choosing according to their needs and preferences.
5. Stanly Zone: Extending over an area of ​​approximately 15,000 square meters, it features diverse buildings and a dancing fountain, adding diversity and distinction to the project.

Choose from a variety of units and benefit from spaces that perfectly meet your needs and provide the desired comfort.

In Neum October Compound, a wide range of residential units has been designed to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of customers. Here’s an overview of the unit types and their sizes in the project:

1. Boulevard Neum October Phase:

– Includes residential apartments starting from 93 square meters.
– Also available are larger apartments starting from 106 square meters.

2. Roma Phase:

– Features residential apartments starting from 45 square meters.
– Some units in this phase reach up to 95 square meters.

3. Stanley Phase:

– The residential apartments in Stanley Phase include sizes starting from 118 square meters and reaching up to 242 square meters.
– Twin houses start from 185 square meters.
– As for the standalone villas, their sizes start from 196 square meters.

With this wide variety of sizes, customers have the opportunity to choose the unit that perfectly meets their needs and perfectly suits their preferences in Neum October Compound.

Enjoy an integrated lifestyle with the fantastic services and amenities at Neum Compound that make every moment exceptional.

Neum October Compound offers a wide range of services and facilities to meet the residents’ needs and enhance their experience in the project. Here’s an overview of some of these services:

Social Club: Equipped with the latest facilities to provide recreational and social activities for residents.
Swimming Pools: Multiple pools in various shapes and sizes for residents to enjoy swimming and relaxation.
Security Services: Comprehensive security system including 24-hour surveillance and CCTV cameras.
Water Features: Beautiful artificial lakes that add a charming atmosphere to the place.
Running Tracks: Dedicated tracks for running and cycling enthusiasts.
Electric Elevators: For convenience and easy access to units.
Commercial Services: Commercial area comprising shops and stores for shopping.
Sports Courts: Diverse courts for various sports.
Fitness Club: Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced trainers.
Medical Services: International hospital and medical centers for healthcare.
Green Spaces: Creating a tranquil and beautiful environment.
Restaurants and Cafes: A variety of options to enjoy food and beverages.
Parking: Private for the convenience and safety of project residents.

All these services contribute to making Neum October Compound an ideal place to live and enjoy a comfortable and distinctive lifestyle.

Acquire your residential unit at attractive prices and benefit from flexible payment plans that suit your investment plans.

The developer of Neum Compound has offered a competitive pricing package for its units aiming to attract a wide range of investors. Prices for units, ranging in size from 130 square meters and above, start from just 2,500,000 Egyptian pounds. Prices vary relatively based on unit sizes and designs.

In the context of meeting the needs of customers and investors, the real estate developer of Neum October project has ensured the availability of convenient payment and installment plans. Customers can benefit from the following options:

– Pay a 10% down payment, and the remaining amount is payable in equal installments over 8 years, without interest.

With Arab Developers, embark on an investment journey with confidence and assurance with Neum Compound.

Arab Developers Saudi Arabia, the owner of the Neum October project, is among the leading companies in real estate development and construction in the region. The company is distinguished by uniqueness and quality in the design and execution of its projects, earning it a good reputation in the real estate market and the trust of customers. The Neum October project is considered a valuable addition to real estate, providing a comfortable and modern living environment for residents.

Thanks to its outstanding track record, Arab Developers plays a crucial role in the development and management of the Neum October project. The company’s portfolio includes several residential, commercial, and touristic projects, including:

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These projects demonstrate the diversity and excellence of the company in the field of real estate development, enhancing its prestigious position in the market.