Project O West by Orascom, developed by Orascom, the giant in real estate development in the Egyptian market, is showcased. The project boasts a strategic location in the heart of 6th of October City, on the Wahat Road, near the Media Production City, Mall of Egypt, Wadi Degla Club, and Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound.

O West project is designed on a vast area of ​​1000 acres, making it one of the largest residential project areas in Egypt, equivalent to 4.2 million square meters. Orascom invested in this vast area to provide a variety of essential and recreational services, in addition to offering multiple residential units to meet all customers’ aspirations.

Units in O West come at suitable and competitive prices, with Orascom providing additional features through flexible and well-thought-out payment systems spanning several years, making investing in this project an unparalleled opportunity.

In the heart of 6th of October, discover an ideal location for the O West project by Orascom.

The O West compound stretches in the heart of 6th of October City and enjoys one of the most strategic locations, situated on Wahat Road overlooking Mall of Egypt, adjacent to the Media Production City, with easy access to Gardenia, and just 10 minutes away from Sheikh Zayed area.

O West compound is distinguished by its proximity to several leading projects and areas, being 2 km away from the Media Production City, Mall of Egypt, and the Movempick Hotel. It also allows easy access to Wadi Degla Club in just five minutes and is ten minutes away from Dream Park. It is also located near branches of Al Ahly Club in Sheikh Zayed, and 12 minutes away from Mall of Arabia and Juhayna Square.

Orascom’s 6th of October project provides easy access to Wahat Road, Dahshur Link, the Ring Road, and the Alexandria Desert Road. Orascom’s precision in selecting strategic locations in 6th of October City highlights the importance of meeting customers’ needs for a comfortable and mobile lifestyle, in addition to providing all essential life and entertainment amenities within the community.

Enjoy spacious areas and innovative planning in O West by Orascom in 6th of October.

The O West compound in 6th of October spans an area of ​​1000 acres, representing a partnership between the public and private sectors, represented by the New Urban Communities Authority and Orascom Hotels and Development Company.

The area occupied by the O West compound in 6th of October is situated between 30 and 50 meters higher than the surrounding area. Residents here can enjoy fresh air and healthy surroundings, away from pollution, with a design reminiscent of the famous Gouna resort.

The O West compound in 6th of October includes a variety of residential units that cater to all tastes and needs, including villas and independent apartments. Sixty percent of the units within the project are allocated for villas, whether independent, townhouses, or twin houses.

Forty percent of the apartments in the O West compound in 6th of October, whether independent, penthouses, or duplexes, are provided, with nearly 900 apartments covering a total area of ​​50 acres, equivalent to 210 thousand square meters.

Choose from a variety of units that suit your needs in O West by Orascom.

O West October is characterized by the diversity of its units, playing a major role in making the compound one of the most prominent residential complexes in 6th of October City, and even in Egypt as a whole. The spaces vary as follows:

3-bedroom units: ranging from (165 to 205) square meters in O West.
2-bedroom apartments: Various spaces up to a maximum of 124 square meters.
3-bedroom duplexes: Starting spaces range from (230 to 250) square meters.

Additionally, larger units in O West October include:

Twin houses: with areas starting from 429 square meters.
Townhouses: with an area of ​​up to 246 square meters.
Independent villas: come in various sizes up to 900 square meters as a maximum.

A modern design combining luxury and comfort in O West by Orascom.

The O West compound is designed in a modern European style, reflected in the interior and exterior designs of all units. The compound features a wide distribution of green spaces throughout, including pathways for walking, jogging, away from vehicular traffic.

HOK, a global leader in architectural and engineering designs, was commissioned to design the O West October compound. The company strives to balance modernity and nature in its designs, which is the hallmark of urban communities that rely on its designs.

The landscape design and natural scenery in the compound were entrusted to EDSA, one of the world’s most famous landscape coordination companies. The company has provided exceptional designs in this aspect, with green spaces being one of the prominent features of the compound.

Experience exceptional living with a variety of services and advantages in O West October.

A wide range of services is provided in O’West, benefiting from over 30 years of experience in real estate development, contributing to its distinction from other projects by providing advantages that ensure the well-being of residents. Here are some of these advantages:

Allocation of vast green spaces and artificial lakes to ensure the mental comfort of O’West residents.
Presence of several swimming pools to achieve a beautiful balance between green and blue throughout the project.
Provision of walking paths, sports areas, and biking trails.
Establishment of a medical care center and specialized clinics to provide all necessary medical services to O’West residents, as part of an integrated plan aimed at achieving self-sufficiency.
Establishment of meeting rooms, administrative and commercial buildings in the Business District area.
Designing a large and integrated commercial area that meets the needs of O West October compound residents, with cafes and restaurants offering services at the highest level of quality and efficiency, in addition to the presence of stores offering products from the most famous global brands.
Establishment of integrated health clubs for adults and children, providing all elements of luxury.
Establishment of dedicated children’s areas with suitable entertainment facilities within O’West.
Security: Providing security and guard services 24 hours a day within the O’West complex.

Learn about our competitive prices and convenient payment systems at O West October.

O West Orascom compound is characterized by its competitive prices in the region, with flexible and convenient payment systems to facilitate the process of owning a unit in the project.

Prices for units within the O West compound start from only 5,500,000 Egyptian pounds, including three-bedroom units. As for villas, their prices start from only 8,900,000 Egyptian pounds for villas with an area of ​​213 square meters, with prices slightly increasing with increasing area.

The price per meter in O West varies based on several factors, such as the type and location of the unit and the available services. You can contact us for information about the price per meter in O West October compound for the unit you have chosen.

As for payment and installment systems in the O West Orascom project, the down payment starts from 5% of the total value of the residential unit. The remaining amount is paid over a maximum of 9 years, allowing for the longest repayment period to meet customer needs.

Benefit from the remarkable investment features in O West Orascom, 6th of October.

The O West October compound is one of the leading residential projects that offer its clients a unique range of investment units. Investing in units in the residential project is considered a distinctive investment avenue at present, characterized by the following benefits:

1. Maintaining capital value steadily without being affected by fluctuating economic factors, such as inflation, which poses a significant challenge to preserving investment value.
2. Achieving a steady monthly income through renting out the residential unit, as O West October units are among the most sought-after units for rent by customers.
3. The ability to achieve significant financial profits through reselling the residential unit, due to the continuous increase in unit prices and high profit opportunities.

With a reliable real estate developer, discover the assurance of quality and sustainable investment in O West October.

The O West October compound was developed by Orascom Real Estate Company, one of the leading companies in the real estate sector, which occupies a prominent, if not the most important, position in this sector.

The company is distinguished by executing many magnificent real estate projects characterized by precision, luxury, and beauty. The company has successfully met the needs of its clients in its previous projects, including:

1. Projects in the United Arab Emirates and Oman.
2. Makadi Heights Resort in Hurghada.
3. Establishing 24 hotels, each hotel containing 5 rooms.
4. The Gouna City in Hurghada.
5. Taba Heights in Hurghada.
6. The Bayoum project in the Faiyum City.