Get ready to explore a luxurious lifestyle in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, where Badr Al-Din Real Estate Development Company presents its latest magnificent projects. Located in 6th of October City, One 33 Compound offers luxurious residential units that meet the needs and requirements of diverse families.

Enjoy family time with ease at One 33 Compound, where the project is carefully designed to provide you with a unique experience. Spend ample time indulging in the rich amenities of the project and enjoy expansive green spaces where each unit boasts a private garden.

The landscapes at One 33 Compound are distinguished by stunning designs, offering exceptional views. Badr Al-Din has taken care to provide smart homes that blend with the luxurious lifestyle, making this project a significant milestone in the company’s history.

One 33 Compound is a residential, service-oriented, and recreational project, where all sustainability standards have been considered. EHAF office has been selected for consultancy, reflecting our commitment to achieving the highest quality standards.

Experience something exceptional and own your unit at One 33 Compound, where luxury meets sustainability, fulfilling the dream of upscale living embraced by nature.

One 33 Sheikh Zayed: Prime Location in the Heart of Sheikh Zayed City

The best locations have been carefully selected by Badr Al-Din Real Estate Development Company for its new project, with the project located near important landmarks, main roads, and vital axes.

The location is easily accessible, as the compound is directly behind El Seid Club on the Northern Axis, in the most distinguished areas of Sheikh Zayed City and October.

Moreover, the location provides easy access to the compound from anywhere, as it is located near main roads and axes, ensuring ease of movement.

ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed is among the compounds near 26th of July Axis and Rod El Farag Axis. Thanks to its prime location, it is easily accessible through Dahshur Link and the Desert Road.

Through its prime location, the project provides easy access to Arkadia Mall, Hyper One, Mall of Egypt, and Mall of Arabia, enhancing proximity to October University and Nile University.

Additionally, the compound is located near El Ramea Square, Juhayna Square, and El Hossary Square, enhancing the residential experience with its proximity to the new Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids of Giza.

One 33 Sheikh Zayed: Expansive Space of 133 Acres

Enjoy a unique experience at One 33 Sheikh Zayed project, where the project appears as a beautiful, flourishing painting, designed with vibrant colors that add a special allure.

The residential units and buildings in the project harmonize perfectly with nature, located in a tranquil environment that blends beautifully with the house designs. These homes offer a modern advantage with Smart Home technology, featuring contemporary solutions and spacious open areas for practical living.

ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed is an innovative and attractive place, characterized by a perfect image highlighting its vast spaces, expanding over an area of about 133 acres. This space has been meticulously distributed across all compound facilities and distinctive landmarks with consultancy vision from the best engineers in the Middle East.

The compound consists of about 160 buildings, with varying heights ranging from ground floor and 3 floors to ground floor and 4 floors, and each building contains between 20 to 25 apartments, adding diversity and distinction to the project structure.

One 33 Sheikh Zayed: Diverse Unit Types to Meet All Desires

The ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed unit collection includes a variety that meets different needs. The compound includes residential apartments, and in addition, there is a duplex design for those seeking larger spaces and diversity in planning. For those who enjoy magnificent views and luxury, the compound offers penthouse units for an exceptional living experience.

ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed: Global Services and Advantages to Meet All Needs

ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed offers you a unique and comprehensive experience, featuring a spacious clubhouse suitable for various activities and sports, allowing you and your family to spend enjoyable times together. The splendid designs at ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed provide you with an unforgettable experience, as the units are delivered with half-finished quality with perfect execution.

ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed includes international schools to provide excellent education for your children, a hospital and medical center for optimal healthcare for you and your family. The project includes a shopping center with all your favorite brands and restaurants.

ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed features a running and walking track amid breathtaking natural landscapes, providing security and surveillance service around the clock, in addition to surveillance cameras in all areas.

The project features vast spaces dedicated to artificial lakes and stunning landscapes, with residential units characterized by unique designs and magnificent views. The project offers a mall, shopping center, and sports social club.

The clubhouse at ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed includes a large area alongside the gym, health club, and spa, with a safe entertainment area that includes all entertainment and games for children.

The different spaces at ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed allow residents to enjoy a comprehensive experience of comfort, privacy, and luxury. ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed project includes medical clinics and pharmacies and offers a variety of luxurious restaurants and cafes.

Security and surveillance around the clock, surveillance cameras in all areas, luxurious swimming pools, and playgrounds, all of this and more can be found at ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed, where all residents’ needs are met to provide a comfortable and safe living environment.

ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed: Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Systems

Badr Al-Din Real Estate Development Company offers a luxurious residential experience characterized by luxury and perfectly suited to your needs. ONE 33 units offer half-finished quality with exceptional execution, delivered with utmost care.

The available unit spaces range from 82 to 220 square meters, with options to suit different needs. The price per square meter starts from 36,000 to 42,000 Egyptian pounds, making it an available opportunity for many segments.

Flexible payment plans are offered to facilitate customers achieving the dream of luxury living. You can pay a 10% down payment and install the remaining unit price in equal installments for up to 5 years. Additionally, you can pay a 10% down payment, then pay 5% after three months, followed by the remaining unit value in equal installments for up to 6 years, providing great flexibility to meet your financial needs.

ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed: Developed by Badr Al-Din Real Estate Development Company

Badr Al-Din Real Estate Development Company is a pioneer in the real estate market in Egypt, offering modern development prospects that combine elements of residential excellence and luxury. The company shines with a perfect strategic location and selection of distinctive spaces and high quality, ensuring the creation of a comprehensive world for valued customers.

Badr Al-Din Real Estate Development Company was founded in 2006, during which it presented distinguished works that impressed customers. Now, the company plans to expand further, with ONE 33 Sheikh Zayed Compound as a significant strategic step in this direction.

Badr Al-Din Real Estate Development Company’s portfolio includes Kian October Compound, Arkan Plaza Sheikh Zayed, and Mazary Mall Sheikh Zayed, in addition to implementing a series of Al Karama projects in Sheikh Zayed.