Get ready to explore a unique community with Palm Hills October Compound, the new destination for luxurious living. Immerse yourself in the beauty of creative architecture and elegant designs that embody luxury and sophistication. The project offers a variety of apartments and villas that feature a serene and comfortable lifestyle in the heart of October.

With a focus on nature and privacy, vast green spaces, artificial lakes, and swimming pools blend together to soothe nerves and enhance the peace of mind for residents. Additionally, the project features a range of amenities and recreational facilities that add a touch of fun and happiness for everyone within the community.

Located in the Eastern Expansion area of ​​the Sixth of October City, this area is characterized as one of the most magnificent and vibrant areas in Egypt currently, making it the perfect choice for the Palm Hills project. With our competitive prices and flexible installment plans extending up to 7 and a half years, luxury and security are within your reach.

Palm Hills October Compound Location – Eastern Expansions

The location of Palm Hills October Compound project is strategically situated in the new Eastern Expansion area of the Sixth of October City, and this location is unique as it borders many other luxurious residential compounds, such as The Crown Palm Hills Compound, Woodville, and Palm Parks 6th of October Compound.

The compound’s location is distinguished by its position on the highest point of the Palm Hills plateau at an elevation of 120 meters, ensuring all residents a charming panoramic view of the stunning landscapes and various landmarks such as the pyramids.

Palm Hills October Compound is also characterized by its luxurious and serene atmosphere due to its location in one of the most upscale areas in Egypt, and its distance from noisy or crowded areas. If you are looking for a quiet and upscale place, do not hesitate and book your unit now.

The project is also close to many important places, such as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Al Jazeera Club, Palm Hills Club, Alson School, and King’s School. It is also close to 26th of July Corridor, Dahshur Link, and Wahat Road, in addition to Mall of Egypt, Juhayna Square, Royal Plaza Mall, and Town Plaza Mall.

Design of Palm Hills October PX Compound

Palm Hills October PX Compound was designed by Alchemy, a company with extensive experience in architectural design, and the company has a rich portfolio of strong projects executed in Egypt and around the world. This ensures customers high quality and a world-class level of luxury.

Palm Hills Real Estate Company has succeeded in maximizing the use of spaces within the compound, allocating most of the project to green spaces, landscaping, artificial lakes, services, and facilities, providing a living environment that blends luxury, sophistication, and tranquility.

Additionally, the compound’s location offers a charming view of the stunning landscapes and important landmarks in the area, as it is situated at the highest point of the Palm Hills plateau.

The project extends over a vast area of ​​370 acres, with the developer allocating only 120 acres for the first phase, indicating a distinctive future vision from Palm Hills Company for developing upcoming phases within the Palm Hills October PX Compound.

Services of Palm Hills East Expansion PX Project

Palm Hills Company always seeks to achieve the highest concept of happiness, comfort, and luxury in all its projects, providing a diverse range of services and facilities with a high level of efficiency and excellence, making it an investment that distinguishes itself and is hard to find equivalent to in any other project easily.

Through these services, residents of Palm Hills October PX Compound can enjoy a dream-like and more integrated lifestyle. Among the distinctive services provided within the project:

1. A distinguished security system that ensures complete safety for all residents, with a large group of highly trained security personnel and modern surveillance cameras operating around the clock.
2. The presence of two luxury hotels within the project.
3. Providing distinctive sports fields and fully equipped gyms with the latest equipment to maintain physical fitness.
4. Providing a variety of luxurious restaurants and cafes that offer food and drinks to satisfy all tastes.
5. The presence of a clubhouse that offers many amenities for enjoyment and relaxation.
6. The presence of various swimming pools to suit all age groups.
7. The presence of a wide commercial area that includes shops and international brands.
8. Providing the luxurious Palm Hills Club, which provides an atmosphere full of enjoyment and relaxation for all family members.
9. The presence of many parking garages for easy parking.
10. The presence of dedicated walking, running, and cycling paths amidst vast greenery and flowers.

Advantages of Palm Hills October PX Compound

Palm Hills October PX Compound offers a luxurious, upscale, and serene living experience, with its strategic location in one of the finest areas of the Sixth of October City.

The compound enjoys an ideal location at the highest point in Palm Hills plateau, allowing residents to enjoy charming views of the most beautiful landscapes.

The residential units in the compound vary between luxurious apartments and villas, providing diverse options for customers.

Residents of the compound enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and fresh air, thanks to the abundant landscaping, green spaces, and artificial lakes.

Palm Hills offers competitive prices and flexible payment plans to meet the needs and circumstances of customers.

The PX October Compound is a strong investment that guarantees high profitability returns.

Unit Sizes in Palm Hills October PX Compound

Palm Hills has succeeded in offering a variety of residential units within the PX Palm Hills October Compound, with 80% of these units being luxurious apartments, while the remaining 20% are villas and townhouses.

The company distinguished itself by providing diverse and varied spaces that meet the needs and suit the tastes of different customers, where comfortable apartments with stunning views and spacious villas with private gardens can be found. Below are the details of unit sizes:

One-bedroom apartments: ranging in size from 78 square meters.
Two-bedroom apartments: ranging in size from 114 to 138 square meters.
Three-bedroom apartments: ranging in size from 147 square meters with a private garden.
Four-bedroom apartments: ranging in size from 258 square meters with a 40-square-meter terrace.
Townhouses: ranging in size from 212 square meters for the land, 231 square meters for the building, and 72 square meters for the roof.
Small villas: ranging in size from 289 square meters for the land, 255 square meters for the building, and 71 square meters for the roof.
Large villas: ranging in size from 420 square meters for the land, 357 square meters for the building, and a roof area of ​​125 square meters.

Prices and Payment Systems of Palm Hills October PX Compound

Prices for units in Palm Hills October PX Compound start from 12,000,000 Egyptian pounds. These prices have been carefully set to accommodate customers’ capabilities and meet their aspirations for living in a luxurious and sophisticated environment. Here are the details of unit prices within the compound:

One-bedroom apartments: Starting from 12,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
Two-bedroom apartments: Starting from 17,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
Three-bedroom apartments: Starting from 20,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
Four-bedroom apartments: Starting from 29,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
Townhouses: Starting from 26,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
Small villas: Starting from 36,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
Large villas: Starting from 47,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Additionally, membership in the club house is available for a fee of 800,000 Egyptian pounds.

With the launch of its new project, Palm Hills October PX Compound, the developer company has introduced booking and installment systems characterized by flexibility and ease, making it easier for the customer to own the suitable unit. These systems include:

Down payment system: Allowing the customer to pay 5% of the unit value as a down payment, then an additional 10% after 3 months, with the possibility of installment over 7 equal years, with payment of maintenance fees amounting to 8% of the unit value.

Palm Hills Real Estate Developer

Palm Hills October PX Compound is the latest project of Palm Hills Real Estate Company, one of the leading companies in the real estate market in Egypt and the Arab world. The company was founded in 2005 by Mansour and Maghraby Company for Development and Real Estate Investment, and it has succeeded in building a strong reputation characterized by luxury, excellence, and innovation.

The company has a wide customer base thanks to its innovative designs, diverse residential units, and the provision of high-quality services and international standards. The company also pays special attention to prices to ensure the availability of diverse options for customers.

The company’s board of directors is chaired by senior investors and businessmen in Egypt, and the company has succeeded in expanding beyond the borders of Egypt, reaching Singapore and Saudi Arabia, with continued future expansions.

Previous projects of Palm Hills include many important projects such as:

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