In the heart of Sheikh Zayed, Palm Hills October Compound crowns with luxury and sophistication, where modern designs blend with ideas inspired by prominent residential projects worldwide. Behind this creativity stands Palm Hills Development and Investment Company, one of the leading companies in Egypt, distinguished by a rich history in successful real estate projects.

The company offers a healthy environment and top-notch recreational facilities, giving Palm Hills October Compound a distinctive character. The project boasts many features that make it the optimal choice for luxury seekers, including its strategic location close to vibrant areas such as 6th of October City and Sheikh Zayed, as well as its proximity to upscale projects like Palm Hills Golf Extension.

Palm Hills October Compound units enjoy ideal prices suitable for various categories, with flexible payment systems. Keep reading to explore more about the additional advantages offered by the compound, which we will delve into detail in this exciting article!

Discover the allure of Palm Hills Taikoon October’s location and enjoy proximity to vital landmarks and amenities.

In the heart of 6th of October City, comes the masterpiece of upscale living, Palm Hills October Compound, with an ideal location overlooking 26th of July Axis, making it within close distance to the most important areas of the new city in western Cairo.

The developing company specifically chose 6th of October City for implementing this project due to its unique appeal, providing a strategic proximity to vibrant areas and main axes, facilitating easy mobility for Palm Hills October Compound residents.

Enjoy proximity to everything you need:

13 minutes to Hyper One and Cairo University Sheikh Zayed Branch.
4 minutes from Palm Central and October Island Sports Club.
6 minutes from Palm Hills Club.
14 minutes by car to Wadi Degla Club.
20 minutes to Nile University.
21 minutes to Mall of Arabia.
18 minutes to reach Mall of Egypt.
20 minutes to Egypt University.

Palm Hills October Compound is located 2.5 km from New Giza and 4.6 km from New Giza Security Directorate. The 26th of July Axis provides easy access to the project, being 5 km away from Mall of Arabia and 3.55 km from Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

The ideal location also allows residents of the compound easy access to many entertainment and service areas, making them live in an integrated and diverse environment.

A unique experience combining modern design and authenticity in every detail within Palm Hills Taikoon October.

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound was developed according to the E-Compound system to achieve optimal luxury. This design enables a variety of services and facilities for different types and categories, making the project distinguished by its diversity and comprehensiveness.

The developing company excels in building modern homes with ample spaces and designs, offering upscale amenities within its units to Palm Hills 6th of October residents. The compound features a design that makes it self-sufficient.

The design includes a residential complex with a commercial area and an international school, as well as a 5-star hotel, swimming pools, beautiful gardens, and playgrounds for children and adults.

Palm Hills October Compound is an environmentally friendly complex, as its units rely on solar energy systems and are designed with sustainability principles in mind. These units also provide spacious living spaces with stunning views of the surrounding areas.

Own a private haven of luxury with spacious and elegantly designed units to meet your lifestyle needs.

The space of Palm Hills Zayed Compound is among the prominent features of this project, stretching over an area of 494 acres. The residential units have been carefully distributed in multiple sections, ensuring residents’ comfort and tranquility, and preventing exposure to noise during their stay within their units.

Palm Hills October Compound has been developed on a vast area that includes many services, facilities, and exclusive features that are hard to find in any other project. Green spaces are integrated throughout the project, and a variety of units are available in different sizes.

The area of Palm Hills Zayed Compound is nearly 2 million square meters, allowing the company to provide all possible options to ensure the comfort and luxury that residents aspire to. The units range from luxurious villas to twin houses, surrounded by gardens and parks that offer the best views of the compound.

Choose your ideal unit from a variety of spaces that meet your aspirations and residential needs.

Palm Hills October projects include a diverse range of housing units, such as villas of various sizes, distinctive apartments with modern designs, modern penthouses, upscale townhouses, as well as distinctive twin house units.

The apartment shapes vary and include separate apartments, penthouse units, duplexes with gardens, and vary significantly in size, allowing you to own an apartment ranging from 150 square meters to 250 square meters.

The compound includes multi-storey standalone villas, as well as townhouse villas connected to a small garden. As for twin house villas, they are designed in a way that allows them to be divided for more than one resident.

Apartment sizes in the project range from 150 square meters to 250 square meters, while villa sizes start from 300 square meters.

The project is characterized by the absence of noise emanating from neighboring units, as the developers of the project ensured adequate distances between units, surrounded by charming natural landscapes and service facilities. The residential complex does not impose a specific type of apartment on its clients, providing them with freedom of choice.

Enjoy an unparalleled living experience with luxurious services and modern amenities provided within the project.

Palm Hills October Compound offers a comprehensive range of basic and recreational services, allowing residents to enjoy their stay fully. The excellent services in the compound are among the favorite features for customers. Here are the highlights of the available services in Palm Hills October:

– Extensive green spaces covering the majority of the project area.
– High-level security and surveillance services, with expertly trained teams.
– Modern electronic gates for entry and exit from the project by car.
– High-quality surveillance cameras to monitor and track all movements within the compound.
– Luxurious Clubhouse among the best complexes in 6th of October City.
– A dedicated Kids Area to provide happiness for parents and their children.
– Sports facilities and a spa for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
– Diverse swimming pools in design and sizes for adults and children.
– Well-equipped restaurants and cafes.
– Playgrounds for children and adults to enjoy fun times and build friendships with neighbors.
– A golf resort for sports and elegance enthusiasts.
– Fully equipped social club.
– Areas for hosting family gatherings and barbecues.
– Beautiful turquoise-colored artificial fountains.
– A monitored private parking area with cameras.
– Integrated medical services around the clock.
– Large worship floors to accommodate many residents.

Explore our competitive prices and flexible payment systems that facilitate your ownership process in Palm Hills Taikoon October.

Units within Palm Hills Zayed are provided at impressive prices, reduced to allow every client aspiring to live a luxurious life to obtain a splendid residential unit in the project. Prices for units start from:

– 15,000,000 Egyptian pounds for residential apartments in Palm Hills October project.

The prices in Palm Hills October are one of the factors that have made the compound among the best residential projects in 6th of October City and Sheikh Zayed. These prices are incomparable with the unique features offered by the compound.

Payment and installment systems in Palm Hills October Compound:

Palm Hills Real Estate Company offers flexible and easy payment systems to facilitate the property purchase process. You can pay as follows:

– Pay a down payment of 10% of the unit’s value, followed by installment of the remaining amount over 7 and a half years.
– Units will be delivered after 3 years from the date of contracting.

Discover the promising investment opportunities and benefits offered by Palm Hills Taikoon October to ensure the success of your real estate investment.

Purchasing a residential unit within Palm Hills October Compound is among the best investments at the present time for wide categories of investors. The project units offer many advantages to their owners, and some of these advantages stand out:

– The ability to maintain capital value steadily without being affected by changing economic factors such as inflation and other factors that may affect capital value.
– The opportunity to obtain a steady monthly income through leasing the residential unit, as the project units are among the most sought-after units for rent.
– The opportunity to achieve significant financial profit when deciding to resell the unit, thanks to the periodic increase in the value of residential units within the project.

Get to Know the Real Estate Developer’s History and Impressive Track Record in Delivering Successful Investment Projects

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound stands as one of Palm Hills Development Company’s achievements, which is considered one of the leading real estate development companies with extensive experience in real estate development and investment.

Palm Hills Real Estate Company was founded in 2005 by El Mansour & El Maghraby Investment and Development Company, and within a short period, the company quickly garnered the attention of clients and investors.

Palm Hills earned the trust of clients and investors by executing successful and unique projects, offering distinctive residential units that surpass other projects in new cities. The company has succeeded in implementing numerous large-scale projects.

Thanks to its experience and quality in design and execution, Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound is considered a desirable destination for individuals seeking to live in a distinguished and advanced environment.

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– The Crown 6th of October Compound.
– Palm Hills Fifth Settlement Compound.
– Hale Town Project.
– New Cairo Golf Central Mall.
– Future City Capital Gardens Compound.
– Hacienda Bay North Coast Village.
– Palm Parks Compound.
– Village Gate Project.
– Palm Hills Katameya Project.
– Palm Hills Katameya 2 Project.
– Woodville 6th of October Compound.
– Hacienda White North Coast Project.
– Golf Extension Project.
– Badya October Compound.
– Casa Sheikh Zayed Compound.
– Palm Valley Compound.
– Palm Hills Sokhna Resort.