Discover the luxury lifestyle now at Prive Sheikh Zayed compound, where you’ll find a luxurious residential project by Gates Real Estate Development. This project stands out for its prime location in the Sheikh Zayed area, vast space, and stunning designs bearing the signature of the talented architect Raef Fahmi.

Experience the beauty and luxury of Prive Sheikh Zayed compound and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in one of Gates Real Estate’s premier projects. Reserve your residential unit now with an easy down payment, and don’t worry about installment options, as the company offers a payment plan extending up to 7 years.

Enjoy a luxurious life within a new city in Giza Governorate, as Prive Sheikh Zayed compound boasts a location close to Sphinx Airport and several main roads, facilitating easy commuting. The abundant public transportation in the area ensures a comfortable travel experience.

Gates chose a spacious area to develop its massive project, with Prive Sheikh Zayed compound spanning 17 acres and offering residential units of various sizes, along with commercial units in Prive Mall starting from 65 square meters.

The prices of residential and commercial units in Prive compound come with tremendous competitiveness, featuring unique features and world-class designs by the creative engineer Raef Fahmi. The large commercial mall provides a unique shopping experience, making Prive Sheikh Zayed compound a comprehensive world meeting all residents’ needs.

Explore the exceptional location of Prive Sheikh Zayed and how it offers wonderful living spaces.

Prive Sheikh Zayed compound is located at Dashur Junction, near Gate 5 of Zayed, strategically close to the area’s major shopping centers, just 3.8 kilometers from Mall of Arabia, and providing easy access to Juhayna Square within minutes. Additionally, the compound is surrounded by major axes like the 26th of July Axis and Rod El Farag Axis, enjoying proximity to vibrant and service-rich areas in the new part of Sheikh Zayed.

The compound is surrounded by several important places, making it a distinguished choice for residence, including:

– Egypt University for Science and Technology
– Al Ahly Club
– Nile University
– Sphinx International Airport
– Sporting Club
– Spain Plaza Mall

Take a close look at the exquisite details of unit designs in Prive Sheikh Zayed.

Prive Sheikh Zayed compound spans approximately 17 acres, providing a vast space that greatly contributes to the diversity and implementation of various residential units within the compound’s walls, including residential villas of different types ranging from 125 square meters to 300 square meters.

A significant portion of the Prive Sheikh Zayed project is dedicated to landscaping and beautiful gardens, which provide a serene environment free from noise and pollution. These green spaces can transport you to a natural world where you can feel comfortable and enjoy fresh air, surrounded by trees and flowers from all sides.

The Prive Mall occupies a large part of this area, covering 12,000 square meters within the Prive Gates project to meet all the compound residents’ needs. The remaining smaller buildings in the area are allocated to achieve a sense of distinction and complete privacy within the residential units.

Raef Fahmi, the talented architect and owner of Raef Fahmi Architects, led and executed the designs of Prive Sheikh Zayed compound. His work is characterized by achieving the concept of sustainability and green architecture, following the latest international standards for building smart homes and contributing to energy conservation using the sun as a primary source.

Learn about the available unit sizes and how they perfectly meet your needs.

Gates Real Estate Company has presented a wide range of choices in the Prive Sheikh Zayed project to facilitate clients in finding the ideal residential or commercial unit for them. The project includes two types of units: luxurious residential villas and commercial units, with sizes starting from 183 square meters.

– Standalone Villa: with areas ranging from 191 square meters, including a garden ranging from 125 to 300 square meters.
– Commercial Units: starting from 65 square meters.
– Twin House: with an area starting from 211 square meters within the Prive Gates project.
– Townhouse Middle: with an area of 177 square meters.
– Townhouse Corner: with an area reaching up to 184 square meters.

These diverse choices allow customers to make the optimal selection according to their needs and preferences in the Prive Sheikh Zayed project.

Get a comprehensive overview of unit prices and available payment options.

The prices of villas and commercial units in Prive Sheikh Zayed compound stand out as a unique concept in the Egyptian market, with Gates Real Estate Company offering distinguished prices reflecting the value added by the project. The project’s residential unit designs by architectural engineering experts include the following prices:

– Villa prices: starting from 11.9 million Egyptian pounds up to 27 million Egyptian pounds.
– Commercial unit prices: starting from 5.7 million Egyptian pounds.

When opting for cash payment, customers can benefit from a discount of up to 20% on the unit’s value. The payment and installment systems in Prive Sheikh Zayed compound are as follows:

– Contract system with villas: 10% down payment, then 5% after 3 months, with the remaining amount payable over 8 years.
– Contract system with commercial units: 10% reservation deposit, then 7% after 3 years, with the remaining amount installable over 7 years without interest.
– Residential units within Prive compound are delivered after 3 and a half years from the contract date.

These flexible systems enable customers to achieve a perfect balance between financial comfort and realizing their luxurious housing dreams.

Learn about the premium services and unique advantages offered by Prive Sheikh Zayed.

Gates Real Estate Company has made a promise to its customers, as it not only offers integrated residential projects with all essential and public facilities but also ensures a diverse entertainment experience for the residents of Prive Sheikh Zayed compound. Within the project, you’ll find all the comforts and entertainment you need, eliminating the need to go out to meet your needs outside. These services include:

– Green spaces: covering most of the Prive Gates project area in addition to parts of the landscape.
– Swimming pools and water features: diverse and reflecting artistic and architectural beauty in Prive Gates project.
– Gyms: equipped with modern devices to maintain your physical fitness and overall health.
– Health clubs: providing comfort and relaxation with saunas, spas, jacuzzis, and other services.
– Walking, jogging, and cycling paths: surrounding residential buildings for those interested in physical activity.
– Security and guards: a security team works around the clock to ensure the safety of Prive Sheikh Zayed compound residents.
– High-quality surveillance system: surveillance cameras cover all corners of Prive Gates project.
– Large parking lots: to avoid traffic congestion and provide worship facilities.
– Excellent infrastructure: providing high-speed communication networks and internet.

Prive Mall: spanning 12,000 square meters and offering various goods and merchandise for residents.

Discover the unique investment opportunities offered by Prive Sheikh Zayed and how it can enhance your real estate portfolio.

Gates Developments, one of the leading companies in real estate development, has introduced a unique experience in Prive Sheikh Zayed compound. This company boasts over 25 years of experience in achieving significant successes and monumental accomplishments.

The company meticulously identifies all important details in the project, having chosen to collaborate with Raef Fahmi Architects, one of the largest design firms, to deliver the best architectural and engineering designs for the residential unit facades.

The Sheikh Zayed area, located in Giza Governorate, enjoys a strategic location close to vibrant areas and major roads. Reports indicate that it is situated at Dashur Junction, an important link between the region and downtown Cairo, enhancing its investment value.

Gates offers competitive prices for residential and investment units, providing flexible reservation and payment systems to meet the needs of different clients.

The Sheikh Zayed area is characterized by elegance and tranquility, surrounded by green spaces, providing a sense of comfort and health. The area offers a variety of services and facilities, from health and social clubs to international accredited schools, as well as hospitals and pharmacies throughout the area.

Learn about the real estate developer behind this upscale project and its track record in the real estate industry.

Gates Developments was founded in 1996 as a representation of one of the leading companies in the investment market in Egypt and the Arab countries. The company has built a prestigious reputation and introduced several residential, commercial, and administrative projects in various vibrant areas. Gates has earned the trust of many clients and investors by offering easy installment plans suitable for different social classes.

Among the previous projects presented by Gates Real Estate are:

– Plaza España Mall in Sheikh Zayed.
– West Gate Mall in October.
– Space Mall in 6th of October.
– Oudaz Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
– Catalan Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
– Vienna Compound in the New Administrative Capital.