Prepare yourself for a distinctive living experience in the heart of 6th of October City with Rock Eden October 6 Compound, the integrated residential community that embodies luxury and tranquility. Our project, Rock Eden October, comes to you through the efforts of Beit El-Hikma Group for Real Estate Development, reflecting its commitment to providing an exceptional living experience.

Enjoy a peaceful and serene life away from the hustle and bustle, as the community offers unique advantages that make every day an exceptional moment. Our modern and comfortable designs ensure daily enjoyment with open spaces and integrated services.

Moreover, the Rock Eden October 6 project comes with competitive prices, making the dream of homeownership accessible to a wide range of customers. With easy payment options, owning your home becomes easy and hassle-free.

Join our community and live life to the fullest at Rock Eden October 6 Compound, where luxury meets comfort, and the dream of perfect living is realized.

Discover an Ideal Location in the Heart of 6th of October – Rock Eden Combines Luxury with Proximity to Vital Facilities

Rock Eden October 6 shines with its ideal location next to the Zewail City for Science and Technology in the October Gardens area, making it one of the most prominent residential communities in 6th of October City. The compound is surrounded by major roads and vital facilities, providing residents with an ideal means of accessing key locations and enjoying a distinctive lifestyle.

Nearby places to Rock Eden October 6:

1. Zewail Plaza Mall: The Rock Eden project enjoys a strategic location near Zewail Plaza Mall, approximately 500 meters away, providing residents with easy access to shopping and entertainment centers.
2. Zewail City for Science and Technology: The Rock Eden 6 October Compound is close to Zewail City for Science and Technology, approximately 2 kilometers away, providing residents with quick access to higher education centers.
3. The Ring Road: Rock Eden Compound 6 October is about 4 kilometers away from the Ring Road, providing easy access to the main transportation network.
4. Dream Park: Rock Eden Compound is located approximately 6 kilometers from the Dream Park area, allowing residents to enjoy entertainment and leisure facilities.
5. Mall of Egypt: Rock Eden Compound 6 October is approximately 10 kilometers away from Mall of Egypt, providing residents access to upscale shopping destinations in the area.

Benefit from a Distinctive Investment Opportunity with Rock Eden Compound

Many unique features have come together in Rock Eden Compound 6th of October to ensure you have a unique and comfortable living experience. Some of these features stand out in particular:

– Competitive and Suitable Prices: Our project’s prices are competitive, making them affordable and suitable for a wide range of society.
– Diverse Housing Units: Rock Eden Compound 6th of October offers multiple housing options with spaces and designs to suit different needs.
– Beautiful Natural Environment: The project features green spaces, diverse natural landscapes, and water features, adding unique appeal to every part of it.
– Tight Security: The comprehensive security system with surveillance cameras and effective security personnel provides peace of mind and protection for residents.
– Comprehensive Services: Various services for daily life and entertainment in different forms offer a complete living experience.
– Modern Design: The residential units are designed in a modern architectural style to meet modern living standards.
– Strategic Location: The project’s location is characterized by its proximity to major vital facilities in 6th of October City.
– Flexible Payment Systems: Various payment and installment systems provide flexibility to meet the needs of all customers and investors.

Choose from a variety of housing units with spacious areas that meet all your needs and preferences.

The Rock Eden October Gardens project is built on a piece of land extending over an area of ​​about 34 acres, where this space has been carefully planned and designed to provide all the diverse services and facilities needed by the compound’s residents. Here are the details of this plan:

– Project Area: The project area is approximately 34 acres.
– Building Area: Construction and building represent only about 30% of the total project area.
– Green Spaces and Landscape: Landscape and green spaces account for approximately 70% of the total project area.

Types of Rock Eden October Compound Units: Rock Eden 6 October includes a variety of housing units, as follows:

– Residential Apartments.
– Duplexes.
– Penthouses.
– Townhouses.

Rock Eden 6 October Unit Spaces: The spaces of Rock Eden October Gardens housing units vary to allow you to choose the unit that suits your needs, according to the following details:

– Residential Apartments: Their spaces range from 100 square meters to 160 square meters.
– Duplexes: Their spaces range from 171 square meters to 245 square meters.
– Penthouses: Their spaces range from 190 square meters to 327 square meters.
– Townhouses: Their spaces range from 285 square meters to 269 square meters.

Enjoy a unique lifestyle with a wide range of luxurious services that cater to your needs and make your life more comfortable.

Introducing Rock Eden Compound 6 October to its residents, offering a comprehensive range of essential and recreational services. The aim is to provide a life filled with luxury and comfort, achieved through:

Sports Area: Rock Eden October Gardens includes a dedicated sports area for various athletic activities.

Diverse Medical Clinics: The project comprises a variety of medical clinics covering different medical specialties.

Elderly Care Facility: The project offers a home for elderly care to meet their specific needs.

Health Club: The project features a health club with a spa, jacuzzi, and sauna for a unique relaxation experience.

Shopping Mall: Rock Eden 6 October Compound includes a large shopping mall with various retail stores to meet diverse needs.

Internal Transportation and Car Parking: The project includes internal transportation facilities and a dedicated car park for each residential unit.

Equipped Gymnasium: The compound features a spacious gymnasium equipped with the latest fitness equipment.

Running Tracks: The company has allocated 650 square meters of space within the project for running tracks to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Restaurant and Café Area: The project includes an area dedicated to restaurants and cafes to meet entertainment and relaxation needs.

High-Level Security Services:The compound offers continuous security services throughout the day, with surveillance cameras ensuring comprehensive safety.

With a strong background and excellent reputation, discover Rock Eden Compound by a trusted and innovative real estate developer.

Hero Group for Real Estate Development owns Rock Eden 6 October Project, being one of the leading companies in investment and real estate development in the Egyptian market. With a history dating back to 1978, the company has over 40 years of experience in the real estate sector, having developed numerous projects that have attracted a large number of clients and investors.

Established in 1978, Hero Group for Real Estate Development, with its over 40 years of experience in the real estate sector, has succeeded in creating the Rock Eden October project.

Hero Group for Real Estate Development’s portfolio includes:

1. Rock Vera New Cairo.
2. Rock Ville El Obour.
3. Yard Sheraton Project.
4. Elite New Cairo.
5. Rock Eden Plaza.
6. Vera Plaza.
7. Rock Ville Plaza.
8. Rock Capital 1.

Rest assured with competitive prices and flexible payment systems, making owning a unit in Rock Eden Compound easy.

Rock Eden 6 October Compound boasts a price per square meter of 9,530 Egyptian pounds, an exceptional rate in the current real estate market. This makes purchasing in this compound an unmissable golden opportunity. Here’s a breakdown of the prices per meter for various unit types:

– Apartment sale price per square meter starts from 9,530 Egyptian pounds.
– Duplex price per square meter starts from 10,545 Egyptian pounds.
– Penthouse price per square meter starts from 9,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Townhouse villa price per square meter starts from 14,498 Egyptian pounds.

Based on the mentioned square meter prices, unit prices are determined as follows:

– Apartment sale prices start from 1,524,322 Egyptian pounds.
– Duplex prices start from 1,802,930 Egyptian pounds.
– Penthouse prices start from 1,853,934 Egyptian pounds.
– Townhouse villa prices start from 4,131,945 Egyptian pounds.

Hero Group for Real Estate Development offers three distinguished payment systems:

1. No down payment for reservation and contract, with a repayment period of up to 6 years.
2. A 10% down payment of the unit’s value, with a repayment period of up to 7 years.
3. A 17% down payment of the unit’s value, with a repayment period of up to 8 years.

Enjoy a modern and luxurious design that combines elegance and comfort in every detail within Rock Eden Compound.

Hero Real Estate Development has added its touches and expertise in planning residential complexes and architectural design to Rock Eden, making it the ideal destination for those seeking a quiet life.

Here are some figures and facts about Rock Eden:

– Total area: 150,000 square meters.
– Commercial area: 21,370 square meters.
– Green and natural areas: 28,927 square meters.
– 859 diverse ready-to-move residential units.
– Units include apartments, duplexes, ground floor apartments with gardens, and penthouses ranging from 160 square meters to 320 square meters.
– 87 ready-to-move townhouse villas.
– Townhouse villa sizes range from 285 square meters to 296 square meters.