Discover the essence of luxury and distinction in the heart of October with the launch of Beyond Holding Real Estate’s new project, “Royal Plaza October,” embodying unparalleled luxury and sophistication. Leveraging the expertise of skilled engineers, the pioneering company showcased its vision in creating this exceptional real estate landmark.

Dedicated to achieving the highest standards of beauty and uniqueness, the company offers irresistible prices for units in Royal Plaza Mall Beyond Holding, providing interested parties with a unique opportunity to invest in this real estate gem. Join us and enjoy a shopping and investment experience like no other in October.

Location of Royal Plaza Mall 6 October

Beyond Holding brought its expertise in selecting a strategic location distinguished by Royal Plaza Mall 6 October, making this new mall one of the prominent landmarks in the lively Fourth District, known for its population density and diverse activities. The mall is located in front of Emad Ragheb Mosque, providing easy access, and is characterized by its proximity to the Dahshur Junction and the 26th of July Axis, along with the distinctive Tahrir Road, making it a prime attraction for residents.

Royal Plaza Mall Beyond Holding October boasts a unique and distinctive facade, reflecting the luxury and exquisite design of the project. The project is favored by residents due to its proximity to the Wahat Road, short distance from Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt, as well as Hossary Square and Media Production City. The project is also a desirable destination for students and university staff due to its proximity to Misr University for Science and Technology and October 6 University. It also enjoys a strategic location near other important projects such as Town Plaza Mall and Downtown October Mall.

Design of Royal Plaza Mall 6 October: Modern Beauty meets Luxury for an Exceptional Shopping Experience

With its refined artistry and architectural uniqueness, Royal Plaza Mall October was meticulously designed like no other. Beyond Holding Real Estate Development Company led the design process, bringing together the expertise of skilled architects and designers to create this artistic masterpiece, with charming and unique European touches.

Royal Plaza Mall Beyond Holding boasts lush green surroundings embracing dense trees, providing exceptional natural beauty. Transparent glass facades highlight the magnificence of the mall from all sides. The mall shines with its spacious area, featuring a wide plaza with an area of ​​65 square meters and a rooftop hosting cafes and restaurants, adding a special allure to Royal Plaza Mall.

The name “Royal Plaza Mall” reflects its unique status, consisting of 3 floors, where the ground and first floors are dedicated to commercial shops, and the second floor to medical clinics and administrative offices. With 70% completion of the mall construction, we are on the threshold of the official opening to witness the greatness of this artistic and engineering innovation.

Unique design spanning a vast area: Discover the beauty and spaciousness of Royal Plaza Mall 6 October

Royal Plaza Mall shines with its unique diversity in its unit selection, as the developer sought to impart a comprehensive character to the design of Royal Plaza Mall 6 October. The mall offers a unique shopping experience by offering a variety of activities, including commercial units perfect for those seeking an exceptional shopping experience. Additionally, the medical space includes luxurious clinics and administrative offices, making it an ideal location for doctors in the heart of 6 October City.

Choose Your Perfect Unit: Browse Available Unit Spaces at Royal Plaza Mall 6 October

Commercial unit spaces on the ground floor range from 38 square meters, while commercial units on the first floor shine with spaces starting from 34 square meters, offering a variety of choices for different business models. On the second floor, medical and administrative units feature spaces starting from 29 square meters, providing multiple options for those interested in establishing their offices and clinics in an advanced and high-quality environment.

Investment Convenience: Attractive Prices and Easy Payment Systems at Royal Plaza Mall 6 October

Beyond Holding Company has offered pricing suitable for everyone for units at Royal Plaza October, characterized by competitive and easy prices to encourage purchases. Prices per square meter for commercial units on the ground floor start from 130,000 Egyptian pounds, with a total reaching 4,940,000 Egyptian pounds, and the mall offers a commercial space on the ground floor for 11,040,000 Egyptian pounds.

As for the first floor, prices per square meter for commercial shops start from 50,000 Egyptian pounds, with the total price for these units starting from 1,700,000 Egyptian pounds, providing an unforgettable shopping experience in the corridors of Royal Plaza Mall Beyond Holding.

As for medical and administrative units, the price per square meter starts from 40,000 Egyptian pounds, with the total price for units starting from 1,160,000 Egyptian pounds. These attractive prices make Royal Plaza Mall Beyond Holding a distinctive investment destination, especially with flexible payment options, where 20% can be paid as a down payment and the rest can be paid over 4 years without interest, or 25% can be paid as a down payment and the rest can be paid over 3 years. These options provide a great opportunity for those interested in owning units in Royal Plaza Mall October, and all units will be delivered within two years from now.

Unique Services: Enjoy a Luxurious Shopping Experience with Integrated Services at Royal Plaza Mall

Royal Plaza Mall Beyond Holding is an oasis of comfort and luxury, designed to provide a unique and comprehensive experience for all visitors, whether unit owners or visitors. The mall features modern design and advanced facilities that facilitate the management of investors’ projects and businesses with ease. The following services are provided:
– High-quality and organized parking garages to facilitate parking.
– Central air conditioning throughout the mall to ensure constant comfort.
– Green spaces and a spacious plaza that add natural beauty to the place.
– High-speed internet networks to facilitate daily tasks for visitors.
– A variety of luxurious restaurants and cafes.
– A diverse range of international retail stores.
– Panoramic elevators and electric stairs for easy mobility.
– ATMs and 24-hour security services.
– Electronic entrances to facilitate entry and exit and reduce congestion.
– Strategic surveillance cameras to ensure safety and comfort.
– Meeting rooms equipped with all amenities for holding meetings with ease.

Smart Investment: Get Unique Advantages from Royal Plaza Mall 6 October

Royal Plaza Mall Beyond Holding stands out as a masterpiece in the city of 6 October, occupying a strategic location close to major roads. Its European design, with glass facades and green trees, adds a unique natural beauty to Royal Plaza Mall October. The mall offers diverse units, including commercial, medical, and administrative units, with affordable prices and flexible payment systems, providing exceptional investment opportunities.

Sustainable Vision: Get to Know the Trusted Real Estate Developer Behind Royal Plaza Mall 6 October

Beyond Holding Real Estate Company shines proudly in the world of urban development, having implemented its luxurious projects that have illuminated the sky of Cairo and Giza. The company clearly emerges as a leader in the real estate field, distinguished by its charming architectural designs that exceed the limits of creativity to meet the aspirations of different clients. Global magnificence is the standard for everything the company does, turning each space into an artistic masterpiece reflecting refined taste and fulfilling the aspirations of its clients.

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