Prepare to explore a magnificent world in Hayd Park Village on the North Coast, where it blends the beauty of nature with the allure of luxury. This village offers you enchanting vistas of the Mediterranean Sea shores, with a strategic location ensuring ease of access. Distinguished by providing a wide array of essential and recreational services, making it the perfect venue for enjoyable moments with family and friends.

Moreover, it encompasses luxurious architectural designs that afford you a unique opportunity to live in a modern and distinguished style. The inclusion of this project in the portfolio of Hayd Park Real Estate Development reflects the quality of the offer and its credibility. Do not miss the opportunity to indulge in the natural beauty and luxury at the heart of the North Coast, prepare to discover all that this unique spot has to offer.

Hyde Park North Coast

Seashore Hyde Park North Coast location

The location of Hayd Park Village in the North Coast distinguishes itself with its strategic positioning in the Ras El Hekma area, deemed one of the paramount tourist destinations in the region, historically favored as the ideal retreat and leisure spot for Egypt’s former kings and leaders.

This village affords easy access to numerous key areas and projects, including the new Foka Road and Matrouh Governorate, merely a four-hour drive from Greater Cairo. Additionally, it is proximate to Borg El Arab Airport and tourist areas such as Hacienda Bay and Caesar’s Coast Village.

This renders it an ideal choice for those seeking pleasurable moments and seamless exploration of the landmarks of the North Coast with utmost ease and comfort.

Hyde Park North Coast

Area of ​​Seashore Hyde Park North Coast

Hayd Park Company, the owner and developer of the Hyde Park North Coast project, has provided a vast expanse of 240 acres for the project, an immense area equivalent to over a million square meters. This expansive space has been utilized to incorporate a multitude of diverse services and facilities, enabling village residents to live in a state of self-sufficiency, in addition to the breathtaking nature that provides exceptional scenic views.

Design of the Seashore Hyde Park North Coast project

Hayd Park North Coast Village distinguishes itself with an exceptional design that blends modernity with elegance, as Hayd Park Company has endeavored to make it the pinnacle of engineering and architectural design. Utilizing a distinguished team of experts in the field, a comprehensive tourist resort has been crafted, providing a charming sanctuary that seamlessly combines the beauty of nature and luxury in the North Coast city and Ras El Hekma area.

The village is characterized by uniquely engineered and designed buildings, with a wide variety of units and spaces to suit all tastes and needs. Moreover, the company has invested in expansive green spaces within the village to provide a comfortable and private environment for residents, alongside numerous diverse swimming pools in their designs and spaces.

Thanks to this fusion of luxury and nature, owners of Hayd Park Village units enjoy an exceptional residence distinguished by tranquility and privacy, in addition to splendid views and enjoyable atmospheres. Whether you are seeking a profitable investment opportunity or a place to relax and enjoy nature and the sea, Hayd Park North Coast Village is the optimal choice for you.

Seashore Hyde Park North Coast Resort services

Hayd Park North Coast Village, Coast 82 Sahel, offers a wide array of essential and recreational services that provide a complete luxurious lifestyle for village residents. These services include:

  • A fully serviced hotel with hotel rooms directly overlooking the beach.
  • Retreats within the village.
  • Worship spaces on a large area.
  • Private marinas for fishing and yachts.
  • High-level security and surveillance system.
  • Integrated project monitoring system.
  • Dedicated gates for entry and exit operations.
  • Pharmacies and health clinic.
  • Sports club and spa center.
  • Diverse restaurants and cafes.
  • Well-equipped gymnasium with state-of-the-art equipment and trainers.
  • Green areas, landscaping, and artificial lakes.
  • Cycling and jogging track.
  • Multiple types of swimming pools.
  • Amusement parks and various games.
  • Open-air theater and libraries.
  • Crystal Lagoons
Hyde Park North Coast

Benefits of Seashore Hyde Park North Coast

Hayd Park North Coast distinguishes itself with a myriad of features that render it an ideal destination for living and indulging in leisure and entertainment, with some of its prominent advantages being:

Strategic Location: Situated in Egypt’s North Coast region, Hayd Park resides in a prestigious tourist area renowned for its natural beauty and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea.

Unique Design: Hayd Park boasts luxurious and modern architectural designs that provide a comfortable and appealing residential environment.

Comprehensive Services: The village offers a wide range of essential and recreational services, including sports facilities, swimming pools, green areas, playgrounds, and commercial spaces.

Security and Protection: Hayd Park North Coast ensures the safety and security of residents through advanced security systems and round-the-clock surveillance.

Ideal Climate: The area enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year, making it an ideal place for relaxation and enjoyment of nature.

Investment Facilities: Besides being an ideal residential destination, Hayd Park offers numerous investment opportunities in real estate and hospitality.

Diverse Community: Hayd Park attracts residents from various cultures and nationalities, creating a diverse and interconnected community.

Luxury Amenities: The village provides luxurious facilities such as upscale hotels, fine dining restaurants, and luxury shops to meet the needs of residents and visitors with the highest level of comfort and entertainment.

Unit space in Seashore Hyde Park North Coast

In Hayd Park North Coast, the residential units vary as follows:

Chalets: Ranging in size from 73 square meters to over 120 square meters. Chalet Duplexes: With a size of 132 square meters. Townhouses: Starting from 360 square meters. Twin Houses: Larger than Townhouses, starting from 470 square meters. Independent Villas: Distinguished by their larger size, starting from 600 square meters.

Prices and payment systems for the Seashore Hyde Park North Coast project

The prices of units in Hayd Park North Coast Village are among the key features offered by the developer, starting from 16,000,000 Egyptian pounds. To learn more details and prices specific to Hayd Park North Coast Resort, you can contact us via WhatsApp or call now.

As for the payment plans in Hayd Park North Coast Village, Coast 82, the company aims to achieve comprehensive luxury. Not only does it provide stunning amenities, but it also offers flexible and easy payment systems, including a simple 5% reservation deposit, with the remaining amount payable over 8 years.

Hyde Park North Coast

The real estate developer of Seashore Hyde Park North Coast Resort

Hayd Park Real Estate Development Company is one of the leading real estate development and investment firms in Egypt. Founded in 2011, the company boasts over 10 years of experience in the real estate market. Hayd Park North Coast Village is the company’s latest project in the North Coast city, distinguished by its world-class architectural design crafted by some of the top architects globally.

The company excels in its projects with quality design and execution, employing diverse methods to promote itself and its activities, including participation in major real estate exhibitions like Cityscape 2021. The company’s board of directors is led by Egyptian businessman Essam Mohamed Mahmoud Abu Hamed, with its members comprising prominent Egyptian businessmen.

Hayd Park Real Estate encompasses several distinguished projects, including Hyde Park New Cairo project, Hyde Park Residence in Fifth Settlement, and Park Corner project.

Advantages of investing in Seashore Hyde Park North Coast

Investing in Hayd Park North Coast offers several advantages that make it an attractive choice for investors, among which are:

Prime Location: Situated in Egypt’s North Coast region, Hayd Park enjoys a prestigious tourist area overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, ensuring high investment attractiveness.

Continuous Demand: There is a continuous demand for properties in the North Coast due to the region’s allure as a tourist and resort destination.

Luxurious Designs: Hayd Park units feature luxurious and comfortable architectural designs, making them appealing to investors and buyers alike.

Comprehensive Services: The village offers a wide range of essential and recreational services and facilities, increasing the investment value and attracting tenants and buyers.

Rental Opportunity: Hayd Park units can be used as holiday homes or for annual rent, providing an opportunity for continuous investment returns.

Security and Protection: The security and surveillance system in Hayd Park North Coast ensures the safety of properties and investors, enhancing buyer confidence and attracting more investments.

Flexible Payment Plans: Hayd Park offers flexible payment plans tailored to investors’ needs, making the investment process easier and more convenient.

Enjoyment of Services: Investors can enjoy the services and facilities available in Hayd Park during their stays or rental periods, adding additional value to the investment.