Get ready to experience a new world of luxury and comfort in the heart of the North Coast with the announcement of the launch of SIDI BAY WEST North Coast by Amer Group for Real Estate Development. This resort boasts a design inspired by the beauty of the Maldives islands, offering a unique and enchanting experience that combines relaxation and entertainment.

Make your life shine with joy and residential excellence, as SIDI BAY WEST offers a stunning beach and natural rock, providing all the comforts you dream of. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of tranquility and privacy, where natural beauty and living comfort converge in one unit.

Thanks to its prime location, you won’t be far from urban life activities, as SIDI BAY WEST is conveniently located near the finest beaches in the area. Get ready for a life experience where breathtaking scenery blends with diverse activities year-round.

Invest in a future that combines sustainability and excellence, and give yourself the opportunity to live in SIDI BAY WEST Resort year-round. Discover the beauty of the North Coast in an unparalleled way and embark on achieving your residential dreams in this unique world.

SIDI BAY WEST North Coast: Prime Location on the Mediterranean Coast

SIDI BAY WEST project in the North Coast boasts a unique strategic location. Situated in the Sidi Heneish area, one of the finest areas in the North Coast, it features exceptional natural elements.

Amer Group’s SIDI BAY WEST project is strategically located close to many magnificent tourist attractions in the area, including:

– 90 minutes from Alamein City.
– 60 minutes from El Dabaa.
– 30 minutes from Marsa Matrouh.
– 5 minutes from Almaza Bay Village.

These nearby locations make SIDI BAY WEST an ideal place to relax and enjoy tranquility away from the city’s hustle and bustle, while also providing the opportunity to benefit from the additional services and facilities available in the surrounding areas.

SIDI BAY WEST North Coast: Vast Space

The SIDI BAY WEST project in the North Coast is indeed a unique investment that combines luxury, opulence, aesthetics, and practicality.

Spaces have been meticulously selected, and the project has been carefully designed, featuring a generous distribution of areas. Only 10% of the total area is occupied by buildings, while the remaining 90% of the project is dedicated to green spaces, natural landscapes, and service and recreational facilities.

The resort spans over 600 meters, with a 200-meter waterfront, providing magnificent views of the sea and beaches. Moreover, the project’s design stands out for its uniqueness, blending elements of luxury and aesthetics to deliver a distinctive residential experience that caters to all needs and aspirations.

SIDI BAY WEST North Coast: Global Designs Inspired by Modern Architecture

The SIDI BAY WEST project in the North Coast offers exceptional views of the Mediterranean Sea from all its units. The project features a diverse range of residential units, from villas combining privacy and elegance, to chalets offering magnificent views, and penthouses characterized by spaciousness and wide areas, as well as duplex apartments providing larger living spaces.

The villas grant residents privacy and luxury with private green spaces, while the chalets provide stunning sea views. The penthouses stand out for their spaciousness and wide areas, while the duplex apartments offer a residential experience that combines comfort with diverse spaces for life activities.

Thanks to this wide diversity in residential units, customers can easily find the unit that meets their unique needs, providing them with the best possible residential experience.

SIDI BAY WEST North Coast: Diverse Units to Meet All Desires

Get ready to explore a fantastic range of luxurious residential units at SIDI BAY WEST resort on the North Coast! Whether you’re looking for an elegant chalet, a spacious duplex, a luxurious penthouse, a deluxe villa, a stylish twin villa, or even a commercial unit for investment, we have everything you need!

Enjoy the luxury living experience in our chalets designed to the highest standards of sophistication, where you can indulge in breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Each chalet features luxurious interior design and high-quality amenities to ensure your comfort and that of your family.

If you prefer extra space and privacy, our duplexes and penthouses are the perfect choice for you. Benefit from spacious areas and innovative designs that provide you with the utmost comfort and freedom.

For those dreaming of space and luxury, our luxurious villas embody sophistication and offer complete privacy. Relax and enjoy the benefits of private gardens, individual pools, and stunning interior designs.

If you’re looking for a shared luxury living experience, then SIDI BAY WEST twin villas are the perfect choice for you. Get a ready-to-move-in unit with sufficient space to meet your family’s needs. Enjoy privacy and a family-friendly atmosphere in a comfortable and stylish interior design.

In addition to that, there are confirmed investment opportunities and commercial units available at SIDI BAY WEST resort on the North Coast. Get a distinctive commercial unit to achieve profitable returns on investment and develop your business.

Experience luxury and excellence in the units of SIDI BAY WEST on the North Coast! Get a luxurious chalet ranging from 50 to 70 square meters and enjoy a unique experience of comfort and entertainment on the beach.

Own a luxurious duplex spanning areas ranging from 115 to 220 square meters, and benefit from spacious and comfortable spaces that meet your unique needs.

Indulge in the charm and elegance of the luxurious penthouse, with areas ranging from 220 to 350 square meters. Enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the sea and ample interior spaces that provide you with complete privacy and comfort.

Fulfill your dreams with a detached villa with a unique design and areas starting from 330 square meters. Immerse yourself in a luxurious lifestyle and enjoy complete privacy at SIDI BAY WEST.

And if you’re looking for elegant design and comfortable spaces at the same time, then the twin villa is the perfect choice for you, with areas ranging from 160 to 170 square meters.


SIDI BAY WEST North Coast: Global Services and Amenities to Meet All Needs

SIDI BAY WEST in the North Coast is a comprehensive resort offering a wide range of services and facilities for its residents.

– Swimming pools with various sizes and depths for all ages.
– Sports facilities including tennis courts, basketball courts, and more.
– Resort transportation facilitated by golf carts.
– Beach and poolside bars offering cold and hot beverages.
– Walking and jogging paths away from pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
– Cycling tracks and a gym equipped with the latest fitness devices.
– Luxurious hotel services within the resort.
– Dedicated area for international restaurants and cafes.
– Surveillance camera technology for project monitoring.
– Supermarket providing all daily necessities.
– Spacious areas, gardens, and landscaping within the resort.
– Huge water park area with Aqua Park and water slides.
– Covered swimming pool for ladies to ensure privacy.
– BBQ areas for social gatherings.
– Garages to avoid congestion and overcrowding.
– Cafes and coffee shops overlooking the sea.
– Commercial area containing international and local brands.
– Fully-equipped health club.
– Security teams for protection around the clock.

If you’re looking to invest in real estate and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in an exciting coastal area, then SIDI BAY WEST Resort is the perfect choice for you, developed by Amer Group!

Live the luxurious living experience in villas and apartments designed to the highest standards of elegance, with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. The resort features luxurious interior design and an exceptional environment, making the experience of living and investing in it unique and distinctive.

Don’t miss the profitable investment opportunity in this luxurious resort, with the chance to get a guaranteed and attractive return on investment. In addition to the wonderful facilities and high-quality services, SIDI BAY WEST area is the ideal destination for real estate investment in Egypt.

You will also enjoy a comfortable and happy life in this luxurious resort that offers you everything you need, including spacious green areas and charming gardens, along with luxurious services that meet your needs and ensure your comfort and relaxation.

SIDI BAY North Coast area ensures a diverse tourism experience, with fine dining restaurants and luxurious shops, providing the perfect urban lifestyle in a picturesque coastal location.

Don’t miss the opportunity to live and invest in the luxurious and unique SIDI BAY WEST North Coast resort. Book now and get ready to enjoy one of the best resorts in Egypt!

SIDI BAY WEST North Coast: Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Plans

Amer Group presents its latest masterpiece, Sidi Bay, located on the North Coast, with prices starting from 2,800,000 Egyptian pounds.

Take advantage of this exceptional investment opportunity with the Sidi Bay project on the North Coast by Amer Group. We offer you an exceptional installment option that makes realizing your dream of enjoying the Mediterranean Sea easier than ever before.

You can start your investment in this unique project with just a 10% down payment. To provide maximum flexibility, we offer you an installment option spread over 6 years. This means you won’t feel any financial pressure due to a large down payment.

Thanks to this exciting installment system, you can enjoy the facilities of the Sidi Bay West project and relax without feeling any financial challenges. Start your journey in the successful real estate investment world now, and own your unit on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with a payment plan spread over 6 years. This is the opportunity you should seize. Contact us today for more details and reserve your unit before spaces run out!

SIDI BAY WEST North Coast: Developed by Amer Group

Amer Group for Real Estate Development was established 25 years ago, during which time the company has gained rich experience in real estate development. The company is known for delivering comprehensive residential projects with facilities and services to ensure the comfort and luxury of all customers. The company is responsible for creating the mixed-use project of Piccadilly Hills in New Cairo, in addition to its recent project, Heliopolis Towers.

Amer Group’s projects have witnessed a rich record of achievements and successes in executing architectural projects. Among these prominent projects, we can mention:

– Porto Said Compound.
– South Beach Project.
– Porto Sokhna Compound.
– Porto Matrouh Project.
– Porto Marina Resort.
– Porto Golf Marina Investment Project.
– Bronze Compound in New Heliopolis City.
– The Prime.
– Medallion Compound.
– Heliopolis Towers Project.