Silver Sands North Coast is a new coastal project offered by Aura Real Estate, led by Engineer Naguib Sawiris. This coastal landmark is characterized by its modern and elegant design, providing an exceptional experience for those who love to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea coast. Visitors can now enjoy summer vibes and water activities all year round.

An ideal location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea

Silver Sands Village stands out with its excellent location, carefully chosen by the real estate development company “Aura”, realizing that the key to the village’s success lies in selecting ideal geographic locations that are vibrant and active, in addition to providing all the essential and recreational services that customers need.

Silver Sands Resort is located at kilometer 222 on the Alexandria road leading to Marsa Matrouh city, between the Sidi Haneesh area and Al Madazh Bay, making it close to the most prominent landmarks in the area and easily accessible from all directions.

The village is distinguished by its proximity to areas such as Sidi Haneesh and Al Madazh Bay, along with the Ras El Hikma and Sidi Abdel Rahman areas, with a distance of 137 km from Alamein city. The resort’s location also provides easy access to the main roads in the area, such as the Foka Road, which is about 13 minutes away.

Additionally, Silver Sands Village is located near major tourist villages such as Marassi, Lavista, and Mountain View North Coast, and is 202 km away from El Alamein International Airport.

Luxurious design combining elegance and comfort

Silver Sands Village in the North Coast stands out with its unique design, placing it among the leading coastal villages. This village has been meticulously designed by Aura Real Estate Development Company with the aim of creating a comprehensive community that includes the finest segments of society.

The designs of Silver Sands comprise luxurious elements inspired by global styles, ensuring a unique experience of luxury and sophistication. Additionally, the project features breathtaking views and charming natural landscapes surrounding the units. The project is characterized by providing spacious areas for services and facilities, as well as vast gardens and meticulous landscaping design.

Silver Sands provides an ideal environment for peaceful and enjoyable living away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. It also offers a healthy environment free from air pollution, enabling residents to enjoy stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. These features embody the great attention to detail and utmost care provided by Aura Company in its designs, making Silver Sands Village the perfect choice for clients seeking luxury and comfort.

Luxurious units with diverse spaces to meet your needs

The size of the Silver Sands project area is considered one of its most important features that sets it apart from other coastal villages. Aura Real Estate Development Company has strongly emphasized providing ample space to meet all residents’ needs for essential services, facilities, and recreational amenities.

In addition to providing sufficient spaces for residential units that meet clients’ preferences and desires, Aura understands the importance of meeting customers’ needs effectively.

A total area of 485 acres, equivalent to over 2,037,000 square meters, has been allocated for the Silver Sands North Coast project, making it distinctly prominent in the North Coast region.

Despite the vastness of the area, the majority of it has been allocated for project-specific services and facilities, in addition to providing spacious garden areas and landscaping throughout Silver Sands Aura North Coast.

The project provides an ideal environment for living away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, while offering a clean, healthy environment and magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea. These features reflect Aura’s commitment to providing a luxurious residential experience that meets customers’ aspirations.

Through its globally inspired designs influenced by modern lifestyle patterns, the village offers a variety of residential units ranging from independent villas to chalets and twin houses, with diverse spaces catering to the needs of all customers across different income levels.

Thanks to these features, residents of Silver Sands North Coast enjoy a life filled with comfort and enjoyment, experiencing unmatched luxury and distinction compared to other projects.

Comprehensive services ensure your well-being and enjoyment

Since the inception of this grand and magnificent project, Aura has taken responsibility for providing all the essential and recreational services within the Silver Sands North Coast village, to meet all customer needs and provide them within the project itself without the need to go outside.

This allows all residents to enjoy their time within Silver Sands North Coast with ease and comfort, enabling them to lead happy lives through the provision of the following services:

– A comprehensive commercial area containing a large mall that caters to all the needs of customers and their families.
– An aqua park with many entertainment activities suitable for all ages.
– A comprehensive club house including jacuzzi and spa facilities to provide high-quality recreational activities.
– A huge gym equipped with the latest sports equipment.
– A large sports club including various sports fields.
– Fully equipped medical clinics and pharmacies available 24/7.
– A highly trained security team with modern security equipment.
– High-quality surveillance cameras throughout the village.
– A fully serviced mosque.
– Gardens and landscaping for residents to enjoy relaxation and peace of mind.
– Multiple swimming pools of various sizes and shapes.
– A restaurant and café area with high-level service.

Flexible pricing and payment systems enable easy investment

Silver Sands North Coast offers competitive prices that you won’t find in any other coastal project, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious life filled with comfort and distinction. The prices include:

– Chalets with various sizes and prices starting from 6,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Twin house units starting from 9,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Independent villas starting from 15,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

In addition to the competitive prices, the leading real estate development company “Aura” offers flexible payment plans, including:

– Paying a 5% down payment and the remaining amount over a period of up to 5 years.
– Paying a 10% down payment and the remaining amount over a period of up to 6 years.
– Paying a 15% down payment and the remaining amount over a period of up to 7 years.
– Paying a 20% down payment and the remaining amount over a period of up to 8 years.

All units are delivered fully finished, relieving customers from the burden of finishing and furnishing. These advantages make Silver Sands North Coast Resort the perfect choice for realizing your investment dreams in the best coastal areas in Egypt.

Unique advantages that distinguish Silver Sands from others

If you’re looking for luxurious residential ownership and want to enjoy the best aspects of life, including peace and health, then Silver Sands Aura Village is the perfect choice for you.

In addition to being a substantial financial investment, prices in this area are witnessing a significant increase, and you can also use your unit throughout the year by renting it out, providing a substantial financial return.

Especially in the summer season, where many people are looking for upscale residential units in safe areas equipped with all services, owning a unit in this village becomes a unique and distinguished investment opportunity.

Real Estate Developer: A leading company with extensive experience and a trusted reputation

The Silver Sands Aura North Coast project is part of the portfolio of projects of the renowned real estate development company “Aura”, which is known for its great attention to its customers and providing all their essential and recreational needs within its residential projects.

Aura enjoys a good reputation thanks to its selection of the best strategic locations and the construction of high-quality projects. It has a long list of successful projects and enjoys great trust from its clients, thanks to its well-known owner, Engineer Naguib Sawiris.

Among the previous real estate projects carried out by Aura:

1. Zayed Towers in Sheikh Zayed City.
2. The East Compound in Fifth Settlement City.
3. Nile City Towers.
4. Pyramids Hills October.
5. Voca Bay in the North Coast.
6. Mountain View in the North Coast.
7. Marassi in the North Coast.
8. Hacienda Bay on the coast.