Prepare to explore the world of luxury and modern living in the new Solimar Zayed Compound, brought to you by Solimar Real Estate Development Company. This project stands out for its exceptional design that focuses on meeting the aspirations of our clients at the present time.

Solimar Compound is dedicated to villas and twin houses, aiming to increase the levels of privacy for its residents. We aim to provide an environment that achieves luxury and mental relaxation for residents by offering a wide range of high-quality service facilities.

Additionally, we provide facilities in the prices of Solimar Compound, with flexible installment systems that allow customers to enjoy the purchasing experience with ease. Join us on a journey of smart investment and get your key to a unique living experience in a community that combines luxury and modernity.

In the heart of nature amidst Zayed: Information about the location of the new Solimar Compound

Achieving comfort and the ideal life requires choosing the perfect location, which is why Solimar Real Estate Company was keen to select the location of the new Solimar Zayed Compound with utmost care. The project is located in Basin 13 at Gate 1 in front of Zayed Entrance No. 5, providing residents with a comfortable environment away from the city’s noise and close to shopping areas.

Solimar New Zayed’s ideal location:

1. Close proximity to major roads:

Solimar Compound is just 10 minutes away from the Alexandria Desert Road.

2. Easy access to the Middle Ring Road:

The project is about 5 minutes away from the Middle Ring Road, making it easy to navigate the area.

3. Near shopping destinations:

Solimar New Zayed is located near Mall of Arabia, providing residents with easy access to distinctive shopping destinations.

4. Quick access to the airport and tourist areas:

Solimar Project is about 15 minutes away from Sphinx Airport and enjoys proximity to the tourist area and Dahshur.

Choose Solimar New Zayed for a luxurious living experience that combines tranquility and easy access to various daily life destinations.

Unique design: Enjoy the elegance and luxury of units in the new Solimar Zayed Compound

Solimar Development Company entrusted the task of designing the Solimar New Zayed project to one of the largest engineering designers, aiming to attract those seeking luxury and sophistication. Green spaces and artificial lakes are highlighted as key elements in the project’s design, enhancing its attractiveness and creating an environment full of beauty and tranquility.

The Solimar Zayed project comes with a unique diversity in its units, offering a variety that includes twin houses and villas, with a total of at least 16 villas. This diversity allows the designer the freedom of creative expression, contributing to the presentation of a diverse and harmonious range of units within the same architectural framework to ensure the satisfaction of the various preferences and requirements of the project’s investors.

Luxury experience: Benefit from luxurious services and advantages in Solimar New Zayed Compound

To ensure an exceptional living experience for Solimar New Zayed residents, Solimar Real Estate Company has paid attention to the smallest details in Solimar Compound’s services, making it a complete city that is sufficient for its residents to stay inside except for necessity. Among the prominent services in the Solimar Zayed project:

Green spaces: Solimar Compound offers green spaces designed for the comfort and entertainment of residents.
24-hour security: The security and guard team in the Solimar project provides their service 24 hours a day to ensure safety and comfort.
Maintenance and cleaning services: Maintenance and cleaning services in Compound Solimar New Zayed operate throughout the week.
Modern surveillance systems: The security factor in Solimar Zayed is enhanced by modern surveillance systems.
Entertainment facilities: The project includes a variety of cafes and international restaurants to provide residents with an entertaining and recreational experience.
Private parking: Solimar Compound has a private area for parking cars.
Swimming pools: Solimar Compound provides swimming pools near the units for fun and relaxation.
Shopping center: The Solimar project includes a commercial mall featuring the best brands and brands.
Kid’s Area: Children can enjoy their time in a special distinctive area.
Gymnasiums: The project includes gymnasiums equipped with the best sports equipment.
Electric generators: Solimar New Zayed has electric generators that operate in the event of a power outage.

With its multiple features and convenient payment systems, Solimar New Zayed is one of the best projects in New Zayed, characterized by its diversity in areas, and its delivery with semi-finish in 2024, making it a unique option that provides residents with a luxurious and comfortable living experience.

Choose your space: Browse a diverse selection of units in Solimar New Zayed Compound

The owner company of the Solimar New Zayed project is dedicated to understanding customers’ needs with extreme precision over time, aiming to meet their expectations with ideal spaces. The spaces in Solimar New Zayed Compound are characterized by a diversity that satisfies all tastes, while being compatible with the nature of villas and twin houses.

Features of the spaces in Solimar New Zayed:
Project area: Solimar New Zayed project extends over an area of 2.5 acres, providing residents with a private and safe environment within the project.
Privacy and security: The units in the project enjoy high privacy, along with guaranteed security within the project, with plenty of green spaces available within each unit.
Low occupancy rate: The buildings in the project are characterized by an occupancy rate of not more than 15% only, enhancing tranquility and architectural beauty.
Areas of twin houses and villas:
The area of the twin houses ranges from 294 square meters and above.
The villas in the Solimar project start from 330 square meters.

Smart investment: Learn about prices and flexible payment systems in Solimar New Zayed Compound

When searching for prices that suit their needs, customers find in Solimar Real Estate Company in Solimar Compound the ideal choice. Price balance has been considered with the size of the features provided to residents, making it among the best prices of new Zayed compounds, without imposing heavy financial burdens on them. Solimar Compound prices come as follows:

Twin houses:
The price of a twin house starts from 3,087,000 Egyptian pounds.
Villa prices in Compound Solimar start from 3,640,000 Egyptian pounds.

The company combines excellence in prices and provides great advantages to residents, making Solimar Compound an ideal choice for those looking for comfort and value for money.

The range of exceptional features offered by Solimar Real Estate Company in Solimar New Zayed Compound continues. The flexible system allows customers to book and install units easily, where a simple down payment can be made and the remaining amount can be paid over several years. These systems are characterized by complete flexibility, as customers can pay a 10% down payment and install the rest over a period of up to 12 years with no interest.

In addition, customers are required to pay 20% upon receiving the unit in Solimar New Zayed Compound. All units in the project will be semi-finished by 2024, including a maintenance fee of 5% of the unit price. In addition, the client is required to pay a down payment starting from 280,000 Egyptian pounds in Solimar Compound units. These agile policies enhance the purchasing experience and provide multiple opportunities for customers to achieve the dream of luxurious living.

Quality-focused vision: Get to know the real estate developer of Solimar New Zayed Compound

Established in Saudi Arabia in 2009, Solimar Real Estate Development Company is a leading firm specialized in real estate investments. The company boasts extensive experience in developing large residential projects within Saudi Arabia. Since its inception, Solimar has executed several residential and commercial projects across various regions of the kingdom.

One of the company’s primary objectives is to create a unique and distinguished environment for its clients, enabling them to live at their best. Additionally, Solimar aims to fulfill its clients’ aspirations by developing projects that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Key projects by Solimar Real Estate:

– Solimar Future City
– Solimar Ain Sokhna
– Solimar North Coast
– Solimar Fifth Settlement
– Solimar Nasr City
– Solimar Damietta
– Solimar Hurghada

These projects reflect Solimar’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to providing unique residential and commercial solutions, enhancing the quality of life for clients and meeting their future aspirations.

Investment features in Solimar New Zayed Compound:

Solimar New Zayed Compound shines with exceptional residential features, here are some of these features:

Legal Documentation: All necessary legal documents for the Solimar Zayed project have been obtained, ensuring compliance with standards and transparency.
Modern Design: The project features the completion of facades using modern aluminum design, adding a contemporary and aesthetic touch to the buildings.
Prime Location: The compound enjoys a strategic location in the heart of the New Sheikh Zayed area, enhancing easy access to various facilities and services in the area.
Cost-effective Villas: The project features housing clusters dedicated to villas at affordable costs, providing a unique opportunity for comfortable and economical living.
Spacious Gardens: Wide spaces within the compound are allocated for designing gardens and private landscapes especially for the project’s villas, adding attractiveness and natural beauty to the residential environment.