Welcome to the world of luxury and coastal enjoyment, where “Solei Coast North Coast 9” project offers a unique experience in the real estate world. This project is a symbol of excellence and luxury, featuring a prime location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

By introducing a new concept of coastal living, “Solei Coast” offers luxurious spaces that harmonize with the beauty of the surrounding environment. The project is characterized by advanced engineering designs and high-quality finishes, making it an ideal choice for those seeking luxury and the enjoyment of beachside living.

The developer responsible for the project offers excellent and comprehensive services, focusing on meeting the residents’ needs. We pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of housing options to suit various needs and tastes.

Whether you’re looking for a holiday home or permanent residence, “Solei Coast North Coast 9” offers competitive prices and flexible payment plans to ensure that you achieve your real estate dreams with ease and convenience.

Join us to explore the world of luxury and beauty at “Solei Coast North Coast 9”. Learn all the details about the project, from its prime location to its outstanding services and attractive prices. Make “Solei Coast” your new destination for luxurious living on the stunning coastlines.

Solei Coast North Coast: A Prime Location in the Heart of the North Coast

Enjoy a unique location nestled in the heart of the North Coast, where the Solei Coast project allows you to experience the pleasure of coastal living just steps away from everything you need. Located at kilometer 82, the project offers you unparalleled proximity to Alexandria in 30 minutes and a distance of approximately two and a half hours from Cairo, making it an ideal destination for relaxation and leisure.

Enjoy unparalleled features as the project offers all the amenities you may need just minutes away from your home. Thanks to the outstanding efforts of the “Saif Real Estate” company, Solei Coast provides a commercial center hosting 30 brands, as well as a luxurious hotel and modern gymnasiums. Spend your days on the private beach or immerse yourself in the longest swimming pool on the North Coast, where all units boast enchanting views of it.

Get ready for a luxurious and comfortable living experience at “Solei Coast,” where luxury meets comfort to offer you a unique and distinctive lifestyle. Make this perfect coastal project your preferred destination to enjoy moments of relaxation and entertainment.

Solei Coast North Coast: World-Class Designs Inspired by Modern Architectural Style

The designs of “Solei Coast North Coast” shine with exceptional dimensions, as the project boasts a total area of ​​10 acres, carefully distributed to ensure a unique living experience. The project features 30% of the area allocated to buildings, giving it a distinctive artistic and architectural character that embodies a modern concept of luxury living.

With 70% of the area dedicated to services and facilities, “Solei Coast” emerges as an integrated complex that meets all the needs of its residents. The services and facilities range from beautiful green spaces to recreational areas, all contributing to enhancing the quality of life and fostering community spirit.

By using land sustainably and intelligently, the design of “Solei Coast” allows residents to enjoy a modern lifestyle that combines luxury and relaxation. These balanced proportions between buildings and services reflect an advanced vision in spatial planning to achieve a unique balance that meets the aspirations of every resident.

Soly Coast North Coast: Global Services and Amenities Meeting All Needs

“Soly Coast North Coast” doesn’t just offer homes, but rather a luxurious lifestyle that includes a wide range of services and amenities to meet all residents’ needs. The project is considered a comprehensive oasis where services vary between:

– Sports facilities: To meet the needs of sports enthusiasts.
– Swimming pools: Of various sizes and designs, adding a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere.
– Gymnasium: For exercising comfortably.
– Shopping center: Providing a luxurious shopping experience with 30 brands.
– Green spaces and water gardens: To enjoy nature and beautiful green areas.
– Restaurants: Offering a diverse range of cuisines to cater to all tastes.
– Parking spaces: To ensure ease of access and mobility.
– Golf carts: To facilitate movement within the project.
– Waterfalls: To enhance the relaxing atmosphere and natural beauty.
– Outdoor theater: For a unique experience of entertainment events.

Uniqueness and luxury are evident in “Soly Coast” by providing these integrated services that add exceptional value to residents’ experience of living in this exceptional coastal project.

Soly Coast North Coast: Units with diverse sizes to meet all preferences

The “Soly Coast North Coast” project stands out with an astonishing diversity in the residential unit sizes, as the developer has designed multiple options to meet the various needs of residents. The range of sizes varies from 44 square meters to 85 square meters, providing customers with a unique opportunity to choose the unit that perfectly suits their needs and lifestyle.

These diverse designs are part of efforts aimed at providing a distinctive and varied residential experience. Whether you’re looking for a small studio for a comfortable living experience or a larger apartment to accommodate your family, “Soly Coast” offers a wide range of units to meet the aspirations of each individual. Discover the benefits of luxurious living and choose the unit that best reflects your lifestyle in this unique coastal project.

Soly Coast North Coast: selling prices and flexible stop systems

“Soly Coast North Coast” offers a unique opportunity to enjoy luxurious coastal living at attractive prices, with residential units starting from 735,000 EGP. In terms of ease and flexibility, the payment policy involves a 10% down payment, with the possibility of installment over 8 years.

This flexible payment scheme caters to different needs and circumstances, making property ownership more accessible and feasible. With this excellent investment opportunity, those interested in the project can enjoy a luxurious living experience in a premium coastal environment without a heavy financial burden, adding a touch of attractiveness and distinction to “Soly Coast” in the real estate market.

Solly Coast North Coast was developed by Seef Real Estate Development Company

The Seef Real Estate Development Company, developer of the “Solly Coast Resort” project in the North Coast, stands as a pioneer in the real estate development sector. Established in 1998, the company boasts over 20 years of rich experience in turning visions into tangible realities.

Heading the company is a leadership team led by Engineer Khamees Omar, who is considered one of the prominent real estate developers in the Alexandria region, especially in Al-Agami and the western part of Alexandria. Mr. Khamees Omar is a key developer in western Alexandria, owning the largest mall in the area (AlexCity Mall) in partnership with Majid Al Futtaim (Carrefour).

The company’s annual investment volume exceeds one billion pounds, with plans to launch three major projects on the North Coast: “Solly Coast,” “Soly Maraasi,” and “Soly Amwaj.”

The company’s management team is characterized by experience and efficiency in managing and executing large real estate projects. The company is committed to global design and execution standards to ensure the highest levels of quality in its projects.

The company’s projects have won numerous local and regional awards, recognizing excellence and innovation in real estate development. This reflects the dedication, commitment to quality, and innovation in every endeavor they undertake.