Welcome to the world of luxury and stability at Toya Compound, the leading residential complex located in the heart of New Sheikh Zayed City. This unique destination is characterized by its distinctive design and exceptional execution that reflect sophistication and elegance, bearing the signature of Limar Real Estate Investment Company, a pioneer in creating integrated residential compounds.

Toya Compound boasts a unique strategic location, situated directly on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and near Sheikh Zayed City. This prime location provides easy access to various key areas in the city, making it an ideal choice for those seeking convenience in transportation and proximity to all modern amenities.

At Toya Compound, we offer you a unique living experience that combines comfort and luxury, with a variety of residential units to suit the needs of all families. Immerse yourself in an integrated urban environment that allows you to enjoy the best comforts and entertainment facilities, and get ready to live in a community that fulfills all your aspirations.

At Toya Compound, we take pride in offering a unique lifestyle that combines luxury and comfort. Join us and prepare to live in a community that reflects your dreams and exceeds your expectations.

Prime Location in New Sheikh Zayed City

Triple A Real Estate Company is proud to have chosen a prestigious and upscale location for its magnificent residential project, “Toya Compound.” There is no better place than Sheikh Zayed and its new extension, as the Zayed area is considered the optimal choice due to its proximity to areas in West Cairo and Giza, in addition to providing easy access to the Smart Village. Zayed is adjacent to October City, and both cities represent independent destinations.

“Toya Compound” enjoys a prime location within the heart of New Sheikh Zayed City, overlooking Dahshur Link and located near the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, making it easy for its residents to access surrounding key areas. The compound is a short distance from some key locations:

– Just two minutes away from Dahshur Link.
– 3 minutes from Beverly Hills project.
– Located 4 minutes from the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
– 5 minutes away from Mall of Arabia, one of the most important shopping centers in the area.

In summary, “Toya New Zayed” distinguishes itself with a strategic location that combines proximity to vital areas and services with comfort and tranquility in New Sheikh Zayed City, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a distinguished residential experience.

Diverse Residential Units to Suit All Needs

Toya New Zayed is a unique compound sprawling over an expansive area of ​​21,000 square meters. This compound features exceptional design that combines the beauty of green spaces and landscape, ensuring privacy and tranquility for residents. The project comprises 36 luxurious twin villas, offering 5 diverse styles, all boasting stunning panoramic views of Sheikh Zayed City.

These villas stand out thanks to their spacious layouts and exquisite design, with a strong focus on providing beautiful green spaces and landscapes within the compound. This ensures a comfortable and attractive environment for residents, allowing them to enjoy peace and privacy at the heart of this luxurious residential project.

Architectural Excellence

Toya New Sheikh Zayed Compound has been designed according to the latest construction standards, drawing its modern character from European style. The building facades have been meticulously detailed to align with visual aesthetics, where the balance of brown and gray colors harmonizes with wooden details, giving them a unique and appealing appearance. Precision-installed lighting units blend seamlessly with the facades to add a charming touch of radiance and distinction.

The building consists of a ground floor and two repeated floors, providing a harmonious and functional structure. A significant portion of the project’s area has been allocated to green spaces and public facilities, and these spaces have been carefully designed to provide exceptional views and opportunities for enjoyment for project residents. The project has been thoughtfully divided with wide streets and walkways alongside car lanes. The full perimeter fence of the project provides an atmosphere of privacy and security, isolating it from the external environment.

Amenities for a Comfortable Life

Toya New Sheikh Zayed emerges as a compound resembling a small, highly integrated city, allowing residents to enjoy all services and amenities within its boundaries. It is characterized by a range of distinguished services and facilities, including:

– Clubhouse area and social facilities for organizing events and enhancing communication.
– A swimming pool that adds a touch of relaxation and leisure.
– Four electronic gates regulate entry and contribute to securing the compound.
– Designated parking spaces for residents’ vehicles.
– An advanced surveillance system ensures the protection of property and privacy.
– 24/7 security and guard services.
– Cleaning and maintenance services to preserve the beauty of the place.
– Green spaces and gardens that enhance beauty and refreshment.
– Exceptional views of main and important roads.
– Unique interior and exterior designs that enhance the project’s character.

Competitive Pricing and Flexible Payment Options

Units in Toya New Sheikh Zayed Compound are available at prices starting from EGP 6,924,399 for a unit with a built-up area of up to 350 square meters, with an additional garden area of ​​144 square meters. Payment plans include a down payment of 20% of the unit’s value over a period extending to five years. Additionally, the company offers a 30% cash discount. Delivery is expected within an estimated period of two years.

Under the Patronage of a Reputable Real Estate Developer, Committed to Delivering High-Quality Projects

Tuya New Zayed represents a residential project executed by Triple E Construction, a company with over 30 years of experience in real estate and construction. Founded in 1987, the company has undertaken numerous real estate, administrative, industrial, and residential projects during this period.

The company holds a top-tier classification from the Egyptian Federation for Construction, reflecting its significant position and vital role in the construction sector. It has executed large-scale national projects, showcasing its excellence and capability in implementing diverse and multifaceted projects.

In summary, Tuya New Zayed signifies a continuation of Triple E Construction’s expertise and its commitment to delivering high-quality projects across a wide range of sectors. This makes it a robust and trustworthy choice in the real estate and construction industry.

Some of the company’s previous projects include:

– New Buildings Project for Damietta University.
– Administrative Courts Complex in Cairo.
– Medical College Buildings for Fayoum University.