Get ready to experience a life of luxury and utmost privacy at the new Ira Zayed Compound, brought to you by Al Gabry Real Estate Development Company. Carefully designed to meet the aspirations of our esteemed clients, the compound consists entirely of luxurious villas, ensuring you an exceptional living experience.

We ensure providing sufficient distance between units to guarantee unparalleled tranquility and privacy, allowing you to enjoy your time without any disturbances. Additionally, we offer you a rich variety of entertainment and leisure facilities to enhance the positive energy in your life.

With competitive pricing plans in the new Ira Sheikh Zayed Villas, your dream becomes within reach. To meet your financial needs, we offer flexible payment systems that allow you to maximize the benefits of this unique opportunity.

Join the new Ira Zayed community and live the luxury and comfort at its highest levels. Contact us today to learn more and reserve your unit in this exceptional compound.

Ira New Zayed Compound: A Distinctive Strategic Location in the Heart of New Sheikh Zayed

In line with our principle at Al Gabry Real Estate Company, which focuses on providing the utmost comfort for the residents of Ira New Zayed Compound, the project’s location was meticulously chosen. The Ira Gabry project is located near the Dahshur Link Road, specifically in Basin 7, making it easy and efficient to move to all places quickly. This location is characterized by its strategic presence among a group of main roads and axes, reflecting a comprehensive and carefully conducted study.

Among the places near the Ira Gabry project are:

– Ira New Zayed Compound is situated near the Dahshur Link Road.
– IRA El Sheikh Zayed Compound is close to the Alexandria Desert Road.
– Only a few minutes separate Ira New Zayed Compound from Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia.
– The Ira Gabry project intersects with the Boulevard Road.
– Ira New Zayed Compound is just a few minutes away from Arkan Plaza.
– IRA Zayed New Sheikh Zayed is close to Juhayna Square.
– Ira project borders prominent residential compounds such as Joulz Compound and Solana Compound.

With Ira Zayed, rest assured you’re at the heart of the action, where life offers you its best thanks to a strategic location that combines easy access and daily convenience.

Ira New Zayed Compound: Luxurious Modern Designs Reflecting Elegance and Sophistication

Al Gabry Real Estate Development Company has presented the Ira Sheikh Zayed project with the latest luxurious architectural designs to meet the expectations of modern clients. The magnificence of the design is evident in the skillful spacing between units, with a generous distribution of artificial lakes and green spaces. All these elements enhance the productivity and happiness of the residents of Ira New Zayed Compound, contributing to improving their quality of life.

The designs of Ira New Zayed Compound feature a unique balance between modern and classic styles, with the Ira New Zayed project design characterized by the following details:

– The total area of Ira Compound 6th of October is 20 acres.
– 15% of the area of IRA New Zayed Compound is allocated for buildings and structural entities.
– Facilities and services occupy 85% of the total project area.
– Units in IRA Compound 6 October vary between townhouses, twin houses, and detached villas.

 Ira New Zayed: Comprehensive Services and Advantages Providing an Unforgettable Residential Experience

A comprehensive range of services and facilities has been provided within Ira Sheikh Zayed Compound to facilitate the lives of the compound’s residents and provide all their needs without the need to go out. The company’s interests have not been limited to basic facilities and services only, but have also focused on providing recreational services to enhance the happiness of the residents. The facilities and services of Ira New Zayed Compound are as follows:

– Graduated-level swimming pools suitable for all ages.
– Landscaping and vast green spaces to provide stunning views.
– International cafes and restaurants offering delicious dishes and drinks.
– A large shopping center featuring famous brands and international brands.
– Smart garages to avoid congestion within the compound.
– Various sports courts for practicing different types of sports.
– A health club containing a spa and Jacuzzi for relaxation.
– Dedicated tracks for running and cycling.
– A security team and guards present around the clock throughout the compound.
– Surveillance cameras in all parts of Ira Compound to enhance security.
– Modern fire extinguishing systems capable of immediate response to fires.
– Generators to ensure continuity of services in case of power outages.
– Cleaning and maintenance services around the clock and throughout the week to maintain the project’s aesthetic appearance.

The features of Ira New Zayed Compound are comprehensive, providing all the necessary elements to enhance the living standard and provide a comfortable life for the project’s residents. This starts from the distinguished strategic location and extends to the sophisticated modern designs, in addition to the diversity of unit spaces and the provision of competitive pricing plans and flexible reservation and installment systems to meet all the financial needs of clients, along with providing all entertainment facilities.

Ira New Zayed Compound: Spacious Unit Areas Meeting All Needs

The predominant feature in Ira New Zayed Compound is extreme diversity in its units, attributed to Al Gabry Real Estate Development Company’s ability to achieve a wide range of villa spaces in the Ira Gabry project, suiting the privacy of each unit. Whether townhouses, twin houses, or detached villas, these variations meet the diverse needs and requirements of clients, enabling them to own a residential unit that suits their unique nature. The villa areas in Ira New Zayed Compound are as follows:

– Townhouses: Townhouse areas in the Ira Sheikh Zayed project start from 250 square meters.
-Twin House: The Twin House in IRA New Zayed Compound comes with areas starting from 266 square meters.
-Independent Villas: As for the independent villas in IRA New Zayed Compound, they come with areas starting from 268 square meters.

This comprehensive diversity reflects dedication to meeting all customers’ needs and ensures the optimal choice to achieve their dreams of an ideal home.

Ira New Zayed: Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Systems

El Gabry Developments has offered residential units in IRA New Zayed Compound at highly competitive prices, providing multiple facilities to facilitate the process of owning villas in the El Gabry Developments project with ease and convenience. These prices are suitable for all customers’ financial capabilities, as villa prices in the IRA Sheikh Zayed project are among the distinctive prices in the New Zayed area, as follows:

Townhouses: Prices for townhouses in the El Gabry Developments project start from 7,200,000 Egyptian pounds.
Twin Houses: Prices for twin houses in the IRA New Zayed Compound start from 8,950,000 Egyptian pounds.
Independent Villas: Prices for independent villas in the El Gabry Developments project start from 9,700,000 Egyptian pounds.

Regarding the reservation and payment systems in Compound IRA New Zayed, El Gabry Developments has designed them to make it easy for customers to own their units in convenient and flexible ways, with payment periods meeting various needs. These systems appear as follows:

First System: Pay a 10% down payment and install the remaining amount over 7 years.
Second System: Pay a 15% reservation down payment and install the remaining amount over 8 years in equal installments without interest.

The reservation earnest money for townhouse units is 50,000 Egyptian pounds, while for twin house units, it’s 70,000 Egyptian pounds. The company also announces a reservation earnest money for the standalone villa in Compound IRA New Zayed worth 100,000 Egyptian pounds. Additionally, the maintenance deposit in IRA Compound New Zayed is 7% of the total unit price, and all units in IRA El Sheikh Zayed are delivered semi-finished within 3 and a half years.

Ira New Zayed Compound: Developed by El Gabry Developments

El Gabry Developments was founded about 15 years ago, and during this period, the company has successfully implemented several large and successful projects that caused a significant stir in the Egyptian real estate market and across the republic. In 2019, El Gabry Developments decided to participate in the development process of New Sheikh Zayed by offering an integrated range of well-studied massive projects. These projects aim to strike a delicate balance between contributing to city development and simultaneously meeting and serving its customers’ needs.

Previous real estate projects by El Gabry Developments include:

The Eight New Sheikh Zayed Compound.
Majorelle New Zayed Compound (Compound Majorelle New Zayed).
Lac Ville New Zayed Compound (Compound Lac Ville New Zayed).