Enjoy the experience of living and leisure in the finest residential model in New Zayed City, where Vaha Karma New Zayed offers a unique location that clients are always seeking. Begin your journey in building your life, as we provide you with a strategic location surrounded by commercial attractions, with direct and fast access to all the destinations you need.

Vaha Karma New Zayed Compound is located near the main roads and axes in the Republic, facilitating easy commuting and access. Al Karama Real Estate Development Company always chooses distinguished locations with strategic residential and investment opportunities, focusing on sustainability and strategic importance.

Al Karama Real Estate Development Company is distinguished by designing real estate buildings that match the nature of the fourth generation, ensuring residents and investors a unique and sustainable life experience. Discover the best real estate designs and luxury at Vaha Karma New Zayed.

Vaha New Zayed Compound: A distinctive strategic location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed

The location of the new Karama Compound – Vaha New Zayed is exceptionally distinctive, located in one of the best residential and vibrant areas in the region. The project enjoys a strategic location in New Zayed City on the Cairo-Alexandria road, directly across from Sphinx Airport.

Vaha Karma New Zayed Compound is surrounded by many distinctive landmarks, making it an ideal place to live and invest. Moreover, the compound enjoys a prime location in the heart of New Zayed City, just minutes away from all the conveniences and services you may need. Discover the charm of living in the new Karama Compound – Vaha New Zayed.

Vaha New Zayed: Expansive spaces to meet all needs

Al Karama Real Estate Development Company has implemented its latest projects in New Zayed City on a vast area, carefully designed to meet all the needs and desires of its valued clients. Vaha Compound includes an area of ​​100 acres, with a focus on allocating large spaces for green areas and services.

A large percentage, reaching about 86% of the total project area, has been allocated to green spaces and services in Vaha Karma New Zayed Compound, providing a comfortable and healthy environment for residents. The remaining percentage is 14% allocated to residential buildings, ensuring a balanced presence between natural spaces and buildings.

The residential villas in the project are characterized by their elegant and simple design, using a distinctive architectural style that combines simplicity and elegance. The simple design aims to achieve mental clarity and psychological comfort for residents.

The simple approach and simple architectural engineering were considered in the designs of the compound, creating a balanced and aesthetic environment that harmonizes with the surrounding charming nature of the project.

Vaha Karma New Zayed Compound: Luxurious modern designs reflecting luxury and sophistication

The project area has a prominent role in defining it, as the compound focuses on providing a comprehensive and distinctive residential experience. The compound is an example of a miniature residential complex that meets the needs of the modern community at the present time.

A wide area of ​​100 acres (420,000 square meters) was chosen for the establishment of Vaha New Zayed, divided between residential buildings by 14%, and green spaces by 86%. The project varies between townhouses, independent villas, and twin houses, providing diversity in residential units.

The large percentage allocated to green spaces ensures that all units have serene and upscale views, contributing to achieving maximum privacy. The focus was on modern and contemporary design, where designs, colors, and interior divisions were inspired by the simple approach and simple architectural engineering. Neutral colors were appropriately used with creative room distribution to maximize the use of every square meter in the units.

Vaha New Zayed: Integrated services and advantages provide an unforgettable residential experience

Vaha Karma New Zayed Compound offers a wide range of massive services and various recreational activities. We always strive to achieve high development standards by providing distinguished and innovative services to our clients, delivering them in the best possible ways.

The Vaha Karma New Zayed project enjoys vast green spaces, where trees and flowers blend to give the place joy and beauty. The project features an environmental renewal with fresh air amidst the charming and healthy nature.

Additionally, the project provides quiet areas and spaces for sitting and strolling, as well as designated areas for barbecue parties to enhance cooperation and enjoyment in family gatherings.

Vaha Karma New Zayed includes a variety of international restaurants and cafes with premium service. The project also provides sports fields and areas for distinctive activities within the compound.

A supermarket is available in the project providing all household necessities around the clock, in addition to quiet places for reading amidst green spaces.

Furthermore, Vaha Karma New Zayed features a dedicated children’s entertainment area and a social club with a variety of recreational activities. The project also enjoys 24/7 security through a trained security and guard team.

Other services within the project include modern surveillance cameras, diverse swimming pools, outdoor walking areas, a fully equipped health club, a cycling track, and a jogging and walking track, as well as a pharmacy operating around the clock.

Vaha New Zayed Compound: Spacious units to meet all needs

Townhouses in Vaha Karma New Zayed:

The middle townhouse offers a starting area of ​​230 square meters, as well as the corner townhouse starting from 240 square meters.

Twin houses in Vaha Karma New Zayed:

There is a small twin house with an area of ​​250 square meters, consisting of 4 master bedrooms and a living room. Additionally, there is a large twin house with an area of ​​275 square meters, consisting of 4 master bedrooms and a living room.

Stand Alone Villa in Vaha Karma New Zayed:

Independent villas are available in one model starting from 285 square meters. Additionally, two models of independent villas are available starting from 320 square meters, as well as a three-model starting from 385 square meters. The fourth model of independent villas is available starting from 500 square meters.

Vaha New Zayed: Vaha New Zayed Compound: Competitive prices and flexible payment systems

Prices in Vaha New Zayed start from 11 million Egyptian pounds as an initial price. This price is considered optimal considering the superior value you will get inside Vaha Compound. Additionally, the prices remain highly competitive compared to other residential projects in New Sheikh Zayed City.

Regarding installment and payment systems in Vaha New Zayed Compound, you can now own your unit in the latest residential projects within New Sheikh Zayed City with a down payment starting from only 5% and repayment periods extending up to 7 years. This comes in addition to the presence of a serious reservation check worth 250,000 Egyptian pounds that is fully refundable.

Vaha New Zayed: Developed by the leading company Alkarma Developments

Alkarma Real Estate Company was founded in 1996, and since then, the Alkarma Group has delivered the finest residential complexes in West Cairo, according to the highest quality standards required for any successful residential project. The company has distinguished itself with its unique footprint in the real estate world, achieving remarkable success and building a massive client portfolio who have purchased carefully developed luxurious homes to meet various tastes and needs.

The company’s portfolio includes several pioneering projects, including:

– Alkarma 1 Compound in Sheikh Zayed, which was the company’s first project.
– Alkarma 2 Compound in Sheikh Zayed, executed in 2004.
– Karma Heights 6th of October, where Karma Heights were implemented in 6th of October City in 2007.
– Alkarma Residence in Sheikh Zayed, executed in 2008.
– Alkarma 4 in Sheikh Zayed.
– Mazr Mall Sheikh Zayed, implemented in 2012 near the Sixth District.
– Alkarma Gates in Sheikh Zayed.