There are many modern cities being built nowadays, offering a high level of luxury. But is there a place even before the provision of luxury amenities that is a place of beauty and magnificence, a haven of peace and relaxation on the tranquil turquoise shores of the Mediterranean Sea? Yes, I present to you Village Nord New Alamein.

The project that combines leisure, living, luxury, and beauty in one place, is the project launched by Al-Kazar Real Estate Development Company, located in the heart of New Alamein City, the current tourist attraction area on the Mediterranean coast in Egypt.

Location of Village Nord New Alamein:

Is there a place on the North Coast Road more famous than the Presidential Palace and New Alamein Towers? Certainly not, and that place is the same place as Village Nord New Alamein, it is a strategic location from all aspects, and here are the areas close to it:

Village Nord New Alamein is located an hour and a half away from Alexandria.
Village Nord New Alamein is about 45 minutes away from Alamein Airport.
Village Nord is close to the Latin Quarter and Marassi Village, just 5 minutes away.
Village Nord New Alamein is about half an hour away from Hacienda Bay and Sidi Abdel Rahman.
The village is located in the heart of New Alamein City, just 5 minutes away from Downtown Alamein with its famous towers.
Only 10 minutes away from the village, you will find the International Alamein University, the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport.
30 minutes away from Borg El Arab Airport and Stadium.
From a heritage perspective, the village is located in front of the New Alamein Heritage City, just 3 minutes away from the German Cemetery.
The Port of Alexandria is only an hour’s drive away on the North Coast Road.
The entrances and exits of the village are located directly on the North Coast Road, which is the main axis connecting Alexandria to Marsa Matrouh and Alamein, and which is characterized by luxury tourist villages.

Services of Village Nord New Alamein:

Al-Zar Real Estate Company provides a range of different services and facilities within Village Nord New Alamein, all of which work together to provide comfort, privacy, and luxury for customers, including:

A mall, shopping center, and commercial area.
Maintenance and cleaning services around the clock.
There is a mosque inside the village.
Security and guarding system around the clock.
Surveillance cameras cover all public areas in the village.
Private walking paths.
Large green spaces, and a promenade along the entire compound.
Nursery and recreational areas for children.
Social sports club.
Large landscaped area.
Artificial lakes and dancing fountains.
There are a number of swimming pools with various designs and spaces to suit all ages of adults and children.
Open areas for barbecues, and indoor halls for celebrations on various occasions.
Village Nord New Alamein includes covered garages to maintain residents’ cars.
A health club featuring a spa, sauna, jacuzzi, and gym under the supervision of specialists.
Providing fast Wi-Fi network at no charge.
Automatic backup power generators in case of sudden power failure.
Electronic protection gates.

Design of Village Nord New Alamein:

Who doesn’t love sitting and relaxing in a giant spacious place, with all the comforts, peace, relaxation, and entertainment as well! What do you think if all these characteristics come together on the shores of the white Mediterranean Sea with its pure white sands, and over an area extending to 80 acres? And that’s not all, the designs of Village Nord New Alamein have been carefully crafted.

The designs of its buildings were inspired by global designs, achieving full harmony between different elements within the designs. The most distinctive feature of this project is that the designs were engineered by the world-renowned engineer Raif Fahmi, who utilized that vast space perfectly to provide all the amenities and comfort for customers.

Spaces in Village Nord New Alamein

Village Nord New Alamein stands out in its unique design, featuring a diverse range of units, all sharing the village’s services and amenities. Additionally, some larger units within the area offer additional exclusive benefits.

The units in Village Nord New Alamein range from standalone villas to twin houses and duplexes. This diversity extends not only to the types of units but also to their varying sizes, catering to the needs of all clients. The units include:

1. Standalone Villas: These villas start at 250 square meters, with a total land area of 350 square meters. They consist of a ground floor, upper floor, and roof. Standalone villas with a larger area of up to 285 square meters are also available, with a total land area of 605 square meters, consisting of a ground floor and roof.

2. Twin Houses: Units start at 205 square meters, with a total land area of 260 square meters, consisting of a ground floor and roof.

3. Chalets: Chalet sizes range from 58 square meters to 90 square meters, consisting of one bedroom.

4. Duplexes: These units, comprising two bedrooms, start at 110 square meters and go up to 130 square meters. There are also duplex units with a larger area of 160 and 170 square meters, consisting of three bedrooms.

Prices in Village Nord New Alamein

Despite the extensive services provided, the prices in Village Nord New Alamein are competitive. The company has ensured that its units are offered at reasonable and competitive prices, considering the vast array of spaces and units available. Furthermore, various installment plans are offered to further facilitate accessibility. The prices for units in Village Nord New Alamein are as follows:

– Twin Houses: Prices start from 8,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Standalone Villas: Prices start from 11,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Standalone Villas: Prices start from 13,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Three-Bedroom Duplexes: Prices for these units start from 4,600,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Two-Bedroom Duplexes: Prices for these units start from 3,300,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Chalets: Prices start from 2,800,000 Egyptian pounds.

Installment Plans in Village Nord New Alamein

Despite the competitive prices, the company offers convenient installment plans for booking and purchasing units. These plans aim to provide opportunities for a larger number of clients to enjoy and own the units offered. The installment plan includes:

– A 5% down payment, with the remaining amount payable over 7 years.
– A reservation deposit of 50,000 Egyptian pounds for chalets and 100,000 Egyptian pounds for villas.

All units are delivered fully finished and ready for occupancy, with delivery expected in the last quarter of 2025.

Kazar Real Estate Development Company

The Kazare Real Estate Development Company is one of the new brands of Khezam Real Estate Company, which emerged after recent changes in the company. These changes were aimed at creating a global brand on Egyptian soil. “Kazare” means “Caesar” in some languages, signifying its aspiration to have a strong presence in the Egyptian market. The company has worked towards this goal through its giant and distinguished projects, aiming to reach the top of the real estate market in Egypt.

Among the most prominent projects of the Kazare company are:

1. Go Heliopolis Compound in New Cairo, Nasr City.
2. Creek Town Compound in New Cairo.