Get ready for a unique experience in the “Remal North Coast” project, brought to you by Mizaian Real Estate Development. This splendid investment project is located in the Ras El Hekma area, spanning over 63,000 square meters, undoubtedly shining as the essence of the entire North Coast.

Let’s delve into some of the gems of this unique and flourishing project. It boasts luxurious chalets that offer breathtaking panoramic views of the sea horizon, with no chalet being more than 200 meters away from its enchanting waves.

These exceptional features undoubtedly set it apart as a standout among North Coast projects.

The project is located at kilometer 208 on the Alexandria-Matrouh road and is considered one of the top three beaches in Egypt, giving it a unique location close to services and vital projects along the North Coast.

The aesthetic appeal extends beyond the location alone, reaching into the non-traditional engineering details and planning, allowing for the full investment of all the place’s advantages.

Experience something exceptional in this distinctive project that features a variety of stunning units, ranging from luxurious chalets to duplexes, twin houses, and detached villas.

Furthermore, Sigma Engineering Company has been contracted as the engineering consultant for the project, providing it with support and strength from a reputable company in the field of engineering consultancy.

What’s even better is that the project units are scheduled to be ready for delivery within 3 years from the date of contracting. So, don’t miss this golden opportunity to own a unit in a project distinguished by uniqueness and supreme quality, serving as a symbol of development in the Ras El Hekma area of the North Coast.

The location of Remal Resort North Coast

Remal North Coast Resort shines with its outstanding and vibrant location in the Ras El Hekma area, undoubtedly considered the heart of life on the North Coast. The resort boasts exceptional distinction as it directly stretches along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

What makes the location of Remal North Coast Resort remarkable in its beauty is its noticeable proximity to a variety of tourist areas, specifically including Marina 7 Gate in the North Coast.

The resort is situated close to other coastal areas such as Marina Matrouh and Alexandria, as well as adjacent to the New Alamein City. To facilitate visitors’ access, the resort can be reached via the new Fouka road.

In summary, Remal North Coast Resort offers a unique experience unparalleled on the Mediterranean coast, providing the natural beauty of the surrounding area and proximity to major tourist landmarks, making it an ideal destination for an unforgettable vacation.

The area and design of Remal Resort North Coast

In the Ras El Hekma area on the shores of the North Coast, Remal North Coast Resort shines with a luxurious design characterized by elegant German style. The beauty of German design is manifested in its distinctive units, reflecting the grandeur and attractiveness of this art.

Joy floods the hearts of onlookers as they gaze upon the resort’s units, captivating them with their unique and distinctive design. With just a glance, you’ll feel the distinction and uniqueness, as you are now a homeowner in Remal North Coast Village, which combines luxury and creativity.

The project bears the signature of the German real estate company GEC, known for its extensive experience in the real estate field. The company is distinguished by its innovation and delivery of the best designs and projects, carefully selecting a unique location for its magnificent project in Remal North Coast.

The units in the project are characterized by innovative and sophisticated engineering designs, with buildings constructed in a distinctive style that reflects beauty and authenticity. The intricate details add a touch of elegance and luxury.

The GEC company has introduced an unparalleled project in the Remal North Coast area, distinguished by its strategic location close to many tourist attractions. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the beach atmosphere or escape from the pressures of daily life, Remal North Coast Resort is the perfect choice.

Utilizing the latest technologies and modern engineering concepts, the village has been designed to meet the highest global standards. Living by the sea and enjoying its magnificent views is made possible, with buildings designed to ensure privacy and comfort for all residents.

The village also features extensive green spaces, artificial lakes, and swimming pools, making it a serene and rejuvenating haven that offers an exceptional living experience.

Remal North Coast Resort combines refined German design with integrated facilities, making it the ideal choice for those seeking to enjoy the elegance of living on the shores of the Mediterranean North Coast.

Services and Facilities of Remal North Coast Resort

Remal Resort North Coast offers a diverse range of premium services that have greatly contributed to creating a comprehensive coastal community experience. By choosing your unit at Remal Resort North Coast in the North Coast, you’ll feel the beginning of a luxurious and distinctive experience that caters to everyone’s needs.

Some of the key facilities and services of Remal Resort North Coast include:

– A private beach with its beauty throughout the day.
– Green spaces and water features that dominate the project, providing a refreshing atmosphere.
– A variety of restaurants and cafes to cater to all tastes.
– 24/7 security and surveillance service to ensure complete safety for residents.
– Designated parking spaces to provide secure parking areas.
– Distinctive recreational areas dedicated to children for enjoyable times.
– A health club, jacuzzi, and spa for relaxation and comfort.
– A large commercial area housing many shops.
– A comprehensive sports club and various beach courts.
– A mosque to facilitate prayers.
– Camera surveillance system to ensure security.
– Cleaning and maintenance services available at all times.
– Promenades and dedicated paths for cycling enthusiasts.
– A hotel offering international services for comfortable accommodation.

These services and facilities make Remal Resort North Coast an exceptional residential experience that provides luxury and distinction in one place.

Unit Types in Remal North Coast Resort

Remal North Coast Resort is characterized by its variety of spaces, divided into a range of different units including chalets, villas, and penthouses. The areas range from 79 square meters up to 205 square meters, with villas comprising 75% of the total project area.

The village’s design is distinguished by its diversity and uniqueness, with buildings constructed on multiple spaces to meet the needs of all residents and align with their preferences.

The village offers a variety of units with different sizes and prices to suit everyone’s needs and tastes. Whether you’re looking for a specific price or a certain space, you’ll find what meets your expectations at Remal North Coast Resort.

Remal North Coast represents an ideal environment for its owners, with all units featuring a unique design and German authenticity unmatched in other North Coast areas.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional living experience at Remal North Coast Resort, where every part is carefully designed to be suitable and distinctive.

Unit Prices at Remal Resort North Coast

The prices of units at Remal North Coast Resort have been carefully launched, combining competitiveness with meeting customer needs. These prices are considered a remarkable opportunity to own a fully integrated unit with luxurious specifications at a competitive price. Among the details of unit prices at Remal North Coast Resort:

– Chalets start from 5,300,000 Egyptian pounds. Payment and installment packages at Remal North Coast Resort:

Mizaian Company has provided everything people could look for in a coastal project, and you can take advantage of the payment and installment packages for the new phase of Remal Resort North Coast and book via WhatsApp. These packages include:

– Pay 10% down payment and settle the remaining amount over 9 years.

Mezyan Development Company

Mezyan Development is considered one of the leading real estate development companies with a distinguished history in the Egyptian real estate market. The company is known for delivering luxurious coastal projects that surpass its competitors, making it one of the key players in the real estate industry.

Among Mezyan Development’s previous projects are:

– Remal North Coast Village.
– Remal Ras Sedr Village.
– Remal Marsa Alam Village.
– Remal South Sinai Village.

For inquiries, brochure requests for the Remal North Coast project, and to learn more about specific locations, areas, payment systems, and booking special spaces at the best prices, you can contact us at: 01111474819.