Discover the village of Saada Al Sahel, the latest endeavor by Horizon Egypt Real Estate Development. This project seamlessly blends luxury and comfort amidst the enchanting natural allure of the North Coast beach. Within its confines lie a diverse array of chalets and villas tailored to the varied tastes of discerning clientele.

Distinguished by its strategic location, the project fosters a daily life of convenience and ease for its residents, all while indulging in the finest recreational amenities and exclusive services. Realize your dream of residing in a luxurious coastal haven with the Saada Al Sahel North Coast project.

Saada Village North Coast

Location of Saada North Coast Village

The distinguished location serves as a prominent testament to Horizon Egypt Real Estate’s vision in crafting coastal communities that cater to the needs of clients while ensuring their comfort and happiness. Saada Village is situated at kilometer 183 on the North Coast, a strategic locale that places residents within close proximity to vital amenities and desirable areas.

Thanks to its proximity to major thoroughfares, access to the village is facilitated with ease and convenience. Among the areas near the project are: the Alexandria Desert Road, the new Fouka Road, Dabaa City, Ras El Hekma, Sidi Heneish, Marassi, Marsa Matrouh, and Alexandria.

Saada Village North Coast

Area of ​​Saada Village, North Coast

Horizon Egypt Real Estate capitalized on the expansive space allocated for the Saada Al Sahel North Coast project, spanning approximately 125 acres, to meet clients’ needs in the most exemplary manner. By delving into real estate market trends, the company honed in on identifying the most sought-after spaces currently, enabling it to offer a diverse range of units suitable for chalets and villas in Saada Village on the North Coast.

Design of Saada North Coast Village

Horizon Egypt Real Estate devotes special attention to its architectural designs, aiming to provide residents with an exceptional experience. Architectural designs are pivotal in coastal projects, and the company draws inspiration from global architectural styles to ensure optimal utilization of every detail in the project.

The ingenuity in design is evident through the extensive spread of green spaces, landscaping, and available amenities in Saada Village on the North Coast.

These designs play a crucial role in enhancing the concept of happiness for residents, alongside the use of premium materials in construction to ensure long-lasting elegance. Thanks to this commitment to quality and refined design, Saada Village stands out as one of the most beautiful villages on the North Coast.

Saada Village North Coast

Services of Saada Village, North Coast

Saada Al Sahel North Coast village excels in providing a comprehensive range of service and recreational amenities, ensuring comfort and happiness for its residents. The company has placed great emphasis on providing these services in close proximity to all units to facilitate accessibility. The prominent facilities and services include:

  1. Swimming Pools: Sophisticated swimming pools cater to residents’ needs for entertainment and relaxation.
  2. Green Spaces: Gardens and green areas allow residents to enjoy recreational and social activities.
  3. Restaurants and Cafés: A variety of restaurants and cafés offer the finest foods and beverages.
  4. Commercial Area: A commercial area meets residents’ daily shopping needs.
  5. Car Parking: Dedicated parking spaces to avoid congestion and provide convenience.
  6. Sports Facilities: Sports clubs offer a variety of games and sports activities.
  7. Running and Cycling Tracks: Private tracks for running and cycling to promote physical activity.
  8. Health Club: A health club provides relaxation and wellness services such as spa, sauna, and jacuzzi.
  9. Medical Area: Comprehensive medical care for residents.
  10. Security and Guarding: Continuous security services around the clock to ensure safety.
  11. Surveillance Cameras: An advanced surveillance system to maintain security and effective monitoring throughout the project.

Saada Village North Coast

Advantages of Saada Village North Coast

Horizon Real Estate has succeeded in meeting customers’ aspirations by providing all the features of integrated coastal projects. With attention to every detail, Saada Al Sahel North Coast village holds a prominent position among North Coast projects. The following advantages stand out:

  1. Ideal Location: The village’s central location ensures residents’ comfort and happiness.
  2. Luxurious Architectural Designs: The project boasts distinctive architectural designs with a luxurious European style, making it an architectural masterpiece among the new Alamein villages.
  3. Diverse Spaces: The village offers a variety of units, meeting the needs of different clients.
  4. Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Systems: Units in Saada North Coast feature competitive prices and flexible payment systems.
  5. Comprehensive Service Facilities: The village provides a wide range of service and recreational facilities, ensuring a unique experience for residents at all times.

Prices and payment systems for Saada Village, North Coast

Horizon Egypt Real Estate has presented competitive and reasonable prices for its units in Saada Al Sahel North Coast village, commensurate with the features it offers to customers. Prices in the village are determined based on the type of unit, its size, and the available amenities, making it enjoy the best prices among North Coast villages.

The company provides all facilities to customers to purchase the units they desire without bearing a heavy financial burden. These facilities include a convenient reservation and installment system, starting with a low down payment, with the possibility of paying the remaining amount over a long period without interest.

Saada Village North Coast

The real estate developer, Saada Village, North Coast

Horizon Egypt has achieved a prominent position among Egypt’s leading real estate companies, thanks to its outstanding success in its project in New Cairo. It is managed by an exceptional team of talents, led by Sheikh Majid Al Nuaimi, the Head of the Royal Diwan in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. The company adopts the latest architectural visions, aiming to provide a real estate product that meets customers’ aspirations and fulfills their expectations. Among its projects are:

  • Saada New Cairo Compound.
  • Saada New Cairo Mall

Investment advantages of Saada North Coast Village

The benefits of investing in Saada Al Sahel North Coast village include:

Strategic Location: The village is strategically located in the North Coast, ensuring the attraction of tourists and investors due to its proximity to tourist attractions and essential services.

Integrated Facilities and Services: The village offers a range of service and recreational facilities such as swimming pools, health resorts, restaurants, and shopping centers, making it attractive to both visitors and residents alike.

Distinctive Architectural Design: The project boasts a unique architectural design that combines comfort and elegance, enhancing the village’s attractiveness and increasing its investment value.

Reasonable Prices: The village offers competitive and reasonable prices compared to other projects in the area, making it easier for investors to enter the market at affordable costs.

Diversified Investment Opportunities: The village provides diverse residential units such as apartments, villas, and chalets, allowing investors to choose from a variety of options according to their needs and investment strategies.

Opportunity to Enjoy Enchanting Nature: The village is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes including sandy beaches and turquoise waters, attracting tourists and enhancing the village’s attractiveness as a tourist and investment destination.