The serene village of Safiya on the northern coast stands as one of the foremost coastal endeavors presented by Alcazar Real Estate Development Company. It is executed to the latest global standards to ensure a unique and distinguished experience for all its residents. The village offers a diverse array of residential units, including chalets and villas, providing the opportunity for a multitude of clients to indulge in the luxury of living within this project.

Situated strategically on the northern coast, Safiya Village enjoys a privileged location ensuring residents easy access to all vital and renowned locales, thus ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable living experience year-round. The project boasts refined architectural designs overseen by a select cadre of consultants to guarantee the highest levels of quality and client satisfaction.

Alcazar Real Estate Company presents a variety of unit sizes to meet the needs of a wide range of clients, allowing them to choose from various types of villas and chalets. Moreover, the company offers flexible and distinguished pricing plans, enabling clients to benefit from easy reservation and installment systems, making the purchasing process more convenient and hassle-free without bearing significant financial burdens.

The IL Cazar North Coast project encompasses all the essential and recreational facilities residents may require, ensuring their comfort and well-being at all times.

Acquire your ideal unit in Safiya Village, North Coast

Do not hesitate to join the community of Safiya Village on the northern coast, where the stunning nature, crystal-clear waters, and soft sands tinted with a distinctive turquoise hue beckon. With its enchanting natural ambiance, the village offers an opportunity to enjoy moments of fun and delight while engaging in a variety of recreational activities. The significant demand for purchasing chalets and villas in this area reflects its beauty and splendor, making it one of the most beautiful coastal regions in the Arab world.

قرية صافية الساحل الشمالي

The real estate developer of Safia Village, North Coast

Alcazar Real Estate Company stands as one of the foremost entities in the real estate market, embarking on its journey in 1960 under the stewardship of Mr. Helmi Khazam. Through years of diligent work, the company has achieved numerous accomplishments in various regions, garnering widespread fame. Formerly known as “Khazam Real Estate,” the company underwent a name change to Alcazar Real Estate. Committed to keeping pace with market developments, the company endeavors to provide the latest offers and services to clients in the shortest time possible, aligning with its continuous vision to achieve urban development breakthroughs in new cities.

Among the notable projects by Alcazar Real Estate Development Company:

  • The Crest Compound in New Cairo.
  • Stouda Compound in Sheraton.
  • Creek Town Compound in New Cairo.
  • Nord Village in New Alamein.
  • Alcazar Compound in New Cairo.
  • Geo Heliopolis Compound in New Cairo.

قرية صافية الساحل الشمالي

Safia North Coast Resort location

Alcazar Real Estate Company has focused on selecting a prime location for Safiya Village, ensuring the provision of comfort and luxury for all residents. The village is situated at kilometer 185 on the northern coast, placing it in close proximity to many vital and renowned landmarks. This location allows residents easy access to all recreational and living necessities, in addition to its proximity to key service areas and main roads, ensuring ease of mobility and connectivity to other areas.

Here are the key landmarks near Safiya North Coast project:

  • The village is close to Ras El Hekma and Sidi Heneish.
  • It is a short distance from the Alexandria Desert Road.
  • The project is easily accessible from the New Fouka Road.
  • Safia North Coast is near Almaza Bay and Fouka Bay.
  • The project is located near Marina Matrouh.
  • It is also close to Marassi.

This strategic location ensures residents have quick and easy access to all services, in addition to providing a comfortable and integrated living experience.

Safia North Coast project area

The Safiya North Coast project spans an area of approximately 180 acres, allowing the company to offer a diverse range of spaces to meet the various needs of customers and satisfy their multiple tastes. The company has focused on providing suitable spaces for both chalets and villas, ranging from small to large areas, ensuring the fulfillment of the needs of a large number of clients in Safiya North Coast, and granting them the desired peace of mind at all times.

Design of Safia North Coast Village

Alcazar Real Estate Company has succeeded in presenting an innovative design for Safiya Village, ensuring the project is executed according to the highest global standards to achieve comfort and happiness for all residents. The village’s designs are characterized by a perfect coordination that seamlessly integrates all details, with green spaces, landscaping, artificial lakes, and services distributed in a manner that allows easy access from all units.

The village combines the beauty of natural landscapes with the splendor of architectural engineering in a comprehensive tableau, while providing privacy through the adequate spacing between units. The company has paid attention to using the finest materials and finishes, making Safiya Village one of the most beautiful projects in the North Coast.

قرية صافية الساحل الشمالي

Unit space in Safia North Coast Resort

Village Safia North Coast offers a diverse range of spaces tailored to accommodate the needs of every family, ensuring each household finds the suitable area for them. These spaces stand out for their variety, facilitating the selection process for you, given the high demand for this project. Among the prominent details of the spaces in the project:

The area of chalets in Village Safia North Coast starts from 80 square meters.

Safia North Coast project services

Safiya North Coast Village boasts a wide array of service and recreational facilities catering to residents’ needs around the clock. Alcazar Real Estate Company has ensured these amenities are conveniently located near all units to guarantee easy access at any time. Here are the key services available in the village:

Sports Facilities: Various sports clubs allow residents to engage in preferred athletic activities.

Swimming Pools: Multiple swimming pools provide residents with environments of relaxation and luxury.

Green Spaces: Expansive gardens and natural landscapes suitable for events and recreational activities.

Restaurants and Cafes: Diverse options of international cuisine and beverages are offered in restaurants and cafes.

Commercial Area: An integrated commercial area facilitates easy shopping and meets all residents’ needs.

Health Clubs: Health facilities include spas, saunas, and jacuzzis to ensure residents’ well-being.

Clubhouse: A clubhouse contains a range of entertainment and leisure amenities.

Children’s Play Area: A designated area for children ensures their enjoyment in safety.

Social Clubs: Equipped social facilities for hosting events and social activities.

Security: A comprehensive security system including security personnel and surveillance cameras ensures residents’ safety.

Maintenance and Cleaning: Continuous maintenance and cleaning services maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the village.

These facilities ensure residents enjoy a comfortable and integrated life in Safiya North Coast Village.

قرية صافية الساحل الشمالي

Advantages of Safia North Coast Village

Safiya North Coast Village boasts numerous features and advantages that make it an ideal choice. You can benefit from diverse facilities and world-class services, in addition to the variety of spaces and competitive prices. Moreover, the village offers various payment facilities, making the investment process more convenient and flexible.

Prices and payment systems for Safia Village, North Coast

Village Safia North Coast offers world-class units at competitive prices, especially during the launch period, allowing customers to take full advantage of the opportunity. The price of chalets starts from 8,000,000 Egyptian pounds. Additionally, the company provides easy installment options, where customers can pay a 10% down payment and finance the remaining amount over 7 years.

قرية صافية الساحل الشمالي

Advantages of investing in Safia North Coast Resort

Owning a unit in Safiya North Coast project is a golden opportunity not to be missed, as Alcazar Real Estate Company has provided all the features desired by customers, whether for investment or to enjoy the enchanting seaside atmosphere. Among the key features of the village:

Leading Real Estate Developer: Purchasing with Alcazar Real Estate Company, with its extensive experience and distinguished track record, ensures investment success due to its strong reputation in the Egyptian real estate market.

Strategic Location: Safiya Village is ideally located in the North Coast, making it close to all vital and renowned areas, adding significant value to the units.

Modern Architectural Design: The project is designed with the latest European architectural styles, with the contribution of a select group of top designers and architects to ensure beauty and elegance in the design.

Diverse Spaces: The company offers different spaces for units, ranging from small chalets to large villas, to meet the needs and tastes of a wide range of customers.

Affordable Prices: Units in Safiya North Coast are offered at competitive prices that match the luxurious features of the project, making it an attractive choice for investment.

Flexible Payment Systems: The company offers flexible payment and installment programs, making it easy for customers to own their dream unit without any financial burden.

Integrated Facilities and Services: Safiya Village includes all the service and recreational facilities that ensure residents a comfortable and luxurious living experience.

Take advantage of this perfect opportunity for investment or enjoying luxurious living in Safiya North Coast Village.