Discover the village of Samer Ras El Hikma on the northern coast, and indulge in the latest residential and touristic ventures in the area. The village sprawls across a vast expanse, rendering it one of the premier tourist destinations in Egypt and the Arab world.

Meticulously designed, the village offers a captivating ambiance tailored to those seeking tranquility and solace away from the urban bustle. With a diverse array of accommodations ranging from chalets, apartments, to villas, each unit boasts breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the stunning natural landscapes.

Al Ahli Sabour Real Estate Development Company presents Samer Village with competitive pricing, offering a variety of units to suit diverse needs, making it an ideal choice for residency or investment on the northern coast.

Samar Village North Coast

Location of Samar Village, North Coast, Ras El Hekma

Samer Village in Ras El Hikma on the North Coast distinguishes itself with its strategic location. Positioned at kilometer 222 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road, it places itself at the heart of allure, near major thoroughfares and villages. This location magnetizes clientele in search of a residence or a delightful summer retreat.

Moreover, Samer Village boasts proximity to significant routes such as the Egypt-Alexandria Desert Road and the Dabaa Road, coupled with its mere distance from Alamein Airport and the easy accessibility to Marsa Matrouh city. Additionally, it can be effortlessly reached via the Fuka Road, standing 90 kilometers away from Marina, and a mere three-hour drive from Cairo.

The area of ​​the Samar North Coast Ras El Hekma project

Samer Village in Ras El Hikma has been developed across a vast expanse spanning 864 acres. Al Ahli Sabour, the project’s owner, diligently utilized the entirety of this space to provide a wide array of units within the resort.

The village encompasses a large and diverse collection of units, surrounded by all the amenities and facilities clientele may require, rendering it an ideal sanctuary for those aspiring to live a life of luxury and leisure. Al Ahli Sabour prioritized the execution of high-level designs reflecting refined taste, ensuring the use of high-quality building materials and the implementation of luxurious finishes.

The unit sizes in Samer Village in Ras El Hikma range from 80 to 150 square meters, catering to the diverse needs of clientele.

Samar Village North Coast

Design of Samar North Coast Ras El Hekma Resort

Samer Resort in Ras El Hikma on the North Coast has been meticulously designed to provide an ideal environment for living and relishing in the captivating ambiance of the sea and nature. The resort’s design is characterized by the following elements:

Green Spaces Utilization: The resort boasts expansive green areas and beautiful natural parks, creating a serene and comforting atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

Modern Architectural Design: The resort stands out with its modern and elegant architectural designs that harmonize with the beauty of the region, imparting a distinctive and unique character to it.

Diverse Recreational Facilities: The resort features a variety of recreational facilities such as pools, health clubs, and sports courts to cater to the needs of all family members.

Private Sandy Beaches: The resort enjoys clean and safe private sandy beaches, where residents and guests can enjoy leisurely times by the sea.

Basic Services Provision: The design includes careful attention to providing essential services such as 24-hour security and surveillance, facility management system, and designated parking areas.

Nature Interaction: The resort is designed with a focus on preserving environmental balance and sustainable interaction with the surrounding nature, contributing to the creation of a healthy and sustainable environment for residents and visitors.

Samar North Coast Ras El Hekma services

Summer North Coast village offers a comprehensive range of services and public facilities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you and your family. The village is characterized by expansive green spaces and breathtaking natural landscapes, in addition to crystalline lakes and diverse landscaped areas.

The village includes a selection of luxurious hotels that provide the highest levels of comfort and entertainment. It also features an integrated commercial area comprising malls and shopping markets with a wide range of local and international brands.

There is a variety of swimming pools in the village, including private pools for ladies to ensure privacy. The food court area is available to offer delicious dishes and beverages, alongside a designated area for barbecue gatherings and family and friends’ get-togethers.

The sports club in the village boasts multiple courts for various sports activities, along with gymnasiums equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The aqua park offers numerous fun water attractions on the beach.

Security and safety services are provided thanks to a well-trained security and surveillance team, in addition to a modern CCTV monitoring system. Maintenance and cleaning services are provided regularly to ensure the safety and comfort of all residents and visitors.

Samar Village North Coast

Advantages of Samar Village, North Coast, Ras El Hekma

Samer Village in Ras El Hikma on the North Coast boasts a range of advantages that make it a distinctive destination for living and investment, including:

Strategic Location: Situated in Ras El Hikma on the North Coast, Samer Village is close to major roads and important axes, facilitating accessibility and adding to its property value.

Breathtaking Beaches: The village enjoys pristine and beautiful sandy beaches, with clear azure waters that attract tourists and residents alike to enjoy the enchanting seaside ambiance.

Distinctive Architectural Design: Samer Village has been designed with the latest modern architectural designs, providing a comfortable and attractive residential environment.

Integrated Facilities and Services: The village offers a diverse range of services and facilities such as pools, restaurants, shopping centers, and green spaces, providing residents with a comprehensive living environment.

Competitive Prices: Samer Village offers competitive and reasonable prices in exchange for the available services and facilities, making it an attractive option for many investors and residents.

Flexible Payment Systems: The owning company of the village offers flexible payment systems to suit the needs of different clients, facilitating the process of purchasing and investing in properties within the village.

Prices and payment systems for Samar North Coast Resort, Ras El Hekma

If you are seeking an investment unit that ensures a guaranteed financial return in the real estate sector, or if you desire a summer vacation in an atmosphere of luxury and tranquility, then your ideal opportunity lies in owning a unit within Samer Resort in Ras El Hikma on the North Coast. The units boast competitive and ideal prices that align with the scope of services and amenities available within the village.

The available residential units in Samer Resort in Ras El Hikma vary as follows:

  • Prices start from 100,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter.
  • Chalets: Prices start from 8,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Duplexes: Prices start from 12,800,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Independent villas: Prices start from 21,600,000 Egyptian pounds.

Al Ahli Sabour Real Estate Development Company has facilitated all procedures for investors and those interested in acquiring a residential unit in the Summer North Coast project. Convenient and highly flexible payment systems have been introduced to cater to the needs of all segments, enhancing the attractiveness of real estate investment and contributing to achieving the desired return. Reservation and payment systems have diversified between:

  • Paying a 10% down payment of the total unit price and settling the remaining amount over a period of up to 8 years in equal installments.
  • Paying a 10% down payment of the total unit price and settling over 9 years with equal installments

Samar Village North Coast

The real estate developer of Samar North Coast, Ras El Hekma

Al Ahli Sabour Real Estate Development Company is one of the leading companies in Egypt and the Middle East, founded in 1994. Since then, it has achieved a prominent position in the real estate development field in Egypt.

The company boasts a large team of experts and advisors in real estate development, with team members having over 11 years of experience in the real estate market.

Among the previous projects of Al Ahli Sabour:

  • Katameya Hills Compound in New Cairo.
  • Grand Residence Compound in New Cairo.
  • Layan Compound in Fifth Settlement.
  • Eastown Compound in Future City.
  • Green Square Compound in Future City.
  • Odessa Sabour Compound in Future City.
  • La Venir Compound in Future City.
  • Aria Compound in Future City.
  • Jaya Village in the North Coast.
  • Amwaj Village in the North Coast.
  • Bayadera Village in Ain Sokhna

Investment advantages of Samar Village, North Coast, Ras El Hekma

One of the key aspects that make you consider reserving a unit in North Coast projects without hesitation is the beauty of its beaches. They boast soft sand and clear azure waters, with moderate temperatures making the weather perfect for enjoying the splendid atmosphere. Additionally, vast green spaces and breathtaking natural landscapes harmonize with the beauty of the sea, creating an environment full of activity and vitality.

Summer Village enjoys a prime location amidst the charm of the North Coast, making it an ideal destination for investors in the Egyptian real estate market. Located in Ras El Hikma on the North Coast, it’s one of the strategic and successful locations for building large residential and touristic projects. The village is characterized by its proximity to major and essential axes, adding to its attractiveness as an easily accessible destination.

Summer Ras El Hekma Village offers a wide and diverse range of services and facilities that cater to the needs of all residents. The village features vast green spaces and crystalline lakes, making it an ideal place for relaxation and leisure. It also includes various residential units with luxurious designs to meet different needs.

In addition to all these features, the owning company of the project offers special and ideal prices, with multiple payment and installment systems that suit all customers.