“The Sea View North Coast Project” is one of the latest developments by Jadara Group for Real Estate Development in the North Coast area, a massive tourist project located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Get a unique opportunity for investment, leisure, and enjoyable moments in the prime location at the heart of the North Coast, on the highest plateau in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

The project is designed to provide the highest levels of entertainment, comfort, and tranquility for all customers, along with panoramic views of the turquoise sea in that area of ​​the North Coast.

Sea View North Coast

Location of the Sea View North Coast Project:

The Sea View North Coast Village is located in the area of ​​Kilometer 187, Alexandria-Matrouh Coastal Road, “North Coast Road,” in the Ras El Hekma area. It is close to several axes, besides the coastal road, the most important of which is the Fuka B road, which is only 17 km away from the village. This road connects to Juhayna Square in 6th of October City, so you are only two and a half hours away from Cairo by car.

In addition to a range of services near the village, including the following:

The village is only 30 minutes away from the New Borg El Arab City.
It is less than an hour’s drive from Marsa Matrouh Governorate.
You can reach Borg El Arab Airport within 30 minutes.
It is only an hour away from the Mediterranean Bride Alexandria.
Close to the New Alamein City and its various tourist attractions, which are about 25 minutes away from the village.

Sea View North Coast

Design of the Sea View North Coast Project:

The village is designed on an area of ​​150 acres, containing about 2000 holiday units. This vast area is designed in terraces, starting with the highest terraces closest to the coastal road, and the lowest in elevation, facing directly onto the sea, providing open views for different units within the village on the beach.

The village is divided into 6 terraces, each rising 20 meters above sea level, with a height of 4 meters between each terrace, until the height of the last terrace reaches approximately 41 meters.

All this space has been designed to occupy only 20% of it with buildings, while the rest of the village’s area is dedicated to green spaces, water bodies, and various swimming pools.

The village features a direct beachfront of 1000 meters on one of Egypt’s most beautiful beaches in the Ras El Hekma Gulf area, suitable for various recreational activities by the sea and enjoying its pure blue waters in complete safety.

Additionally, the village has 49 swimming pools distributed throughout the village’s area, along with the selection of the latest modern designs, characterized by a high level of technological advancement. The entire village is designed to operate with a fully SMART VILLAGE system.

Units of the Sea View North Coast Project:

The units within the village are designed in various sizes to suit all customers’ needs, providing them with the required services. The smallest units, the chalets, start from 57 square meters, while the largest units, the standalone villas, reach up to 360 square meters. The village is designed to contain 3 types of units as follows:

Standalone villas: These are the largest units in the village, starting from 220 square meters and reaching a maximum area of ​​360 square meters, with each unit enjoying its own garden and roof.
Semi-attached villas: These are medium-sized units with a roof and garden but with smaller areas than standalone units, starting from 220 square meters and reaching up to 285 square meters.
Chalets: These are the smallest units in terms of area, starting from 57 square meters and reaching up to 145 square meters.

Sea View North Coast

Services of the Sea View North Coast Project:

The village contains a range of different services, providing the highest levels of luxury and enjoyment for various customers, including a range of services that any customer dreams of. Starting from basic services such as a private garage, privacy, and round-the-clock security, to the highest levels of luxury in the 5-star hotel located within the village. These services occupy 80% of the village’s area and include:

A commercial mall with a variety of famous international brands.
A prime location, a gym, a spa center, a sports playground area, and a Roman theater.
Top-level security and surveillance around the clock.
A private beach for village owners, in addition to various residential unit spaces.
A beauty center, 23 swimming pools including one covered for women.
In Sea View North Coast, a 5-star hotel, and golf cars to help you move around the village effortlessly.
The village also announced in 2022 its intention to establish two hotels within the village.
Artificial lakes spread across all terraces within the village.
A food court amidst an artificial lake, a commercial area, and sports fields on an area of ​​40,000 square meters.
A private park for each unit, and designated car lanes divided into two directions.
The presence of a water park in the Sea View North Coast village, in addition to an amusement park for children.
Surveillance cameras spread throughout the Sea View North Coast village.
Different payment systems, and the spread of green spaces in the village in a geometric manner.

Prices and Payment Systems of the Sea View North Coast Project:

Jadara Group for Real Estate Development offers a variety of payment systems that suit all its customers’ needs, with the payment period in one of these systems reaching installments for a full 96 months, without interest, and unit prices in the village starting from only 9،200،000 Egyptian pounds.

As for the payment systems, here are the largest of those systems provided by the company through its official website, as follows:

7-year system: You only pay a contract and booking deposit of 10% of the unit’s value, then you install the rest of the amount over 84 full months without interest.
8-year system: The largest payment system for units, through which you can pay only 20% of the unit’s value as a contract down payment, then pay the remaining amount in installments over a period of 96 full months.

The chalets are delivered with an ultra-luxurious finishing, while the villas are delivered semi-finished.

Sea View North Coast

The Real Estate Developer of the Sea View North Coast Project:

The Sea View project is owned by Jadara Group for Real Estate Development, a leading company in the field of tourist projects, aiming to change the entire pattern of summer life by providing the highest levels of luxury, enjoyment, and comfort, along with unique designs accomplished by the company.

It is a well-known company in the real estate development sector within the Egyptian market, which has gained the trust of its customers through a large number of projects presented to them in various projects, especially in delivering the first phase of the Sea View North Coast village in 2021, which was liked by all customers.

In addition to the Sea View North Coast village, Jadara has presented a large number of other projects in the past decade, including:

Bo Island North Coast
Marassi North Coast
North Edge Towers, beachfront towers in New Alamein City.
Arco City Stars.