Prepare to explore Sequoia North Coast, the ideal destination for lovers of stunning natural beauty. Here, you are enveloped by vibrant greenery and vivid blossoms, while the warm sun shines upon golden sands, offering an unparalleled sense of comfort and relaxation before the crystal-clear blue waters of the sea. It is an unforgettable summer experience filled with adventure and harmony.

Sequoia North Coast village extends as a luxurious architectural masterpiece over a vast area, offering a diverse array of residential units, including villas and chalets, with elegant designs that meticulously reflect the surrounding natural beauty.

Sequoia North Coast is distinguished by its development by Aden Real Estate Development Company, which has provided a variety of services and amenities for the residents’ comfort and well-being. All this comes at competitive prices to suit all budgets, with convenient payment plans that make owning your summer unit an easily achievable dream.

Sequoia Ras El Hekma Village

Location of Sequoia Ras El Hikma village

Sequoia North Coast enjoys a strategically distinguished location in the Ras El Hikma area, one of the most prominent tourist destinations due to its captivating nature and enchanting views, along with its soft sandy beaches and clear waters. Its proximity to vital landmarks and important areas ensures easy and quick access, making it an ideal destination for tourists seeking a unique experience.

Nearby places to Sequoia North Coast:

  • Close to Dabaa Road.
  • Near the Alexandria Desert Road.
  • Easily accessible from the New Fouka Road.
  • A short distance from New Alamein.
  • Easily reachable from Sidi Heneish.
  • Close to Marsa Matrouh.
  • Sidi Abdel Rahman can be reached within minutes.

Sequoia Ras El Hekma project area

Sequoia Ras El Hikma was constructed over a vast expanse, with the developers recognizing the significance of this factor for the project’s success.

Thus, the extensive space was utilized perfectly, divided into two sections: the smaller portion was designated for residential buildings, offering a variety of summer units in different sizes, while the larger part was allocated for lush green spaces and artificial lakes that surround every corner of Sequoia North Coast. This not only enhances the village’s aesthetic appeal but also ensures the separation of residential buildings, providing maximum comfort and privacy.

Design of Sequoia Ras El Hekma Resort

The village embodies modern living, allowing you to reside in a fully integrated and stunning environment. It features architectural designs and construction plans that ensure privacy and comfort, making it an ideal investment opportunity for a splendid life by the river.

Sequoia North Coast is designed according to the latest global standards of quality and efficiency, blending contemporary methods with luxurious architectural styles that cater to refined tastes. The project enlisted the expertise of the finest architects to create exquisite decorations for all units, which harmonize perfectly with the green spaces and artificial lakes, providing all residents with an opportunity for relaxation and tranquility.

Sequoia Ras El Hekma Village

Sequoia Ras El Hekma services

For a world filled with luxury and enjoyment, Aden Real Estate Development Company has ensured the provision of all essential services and facilities, along with recreational activities, to guarantee the utmost comfort and entertainment for residents of Sequoia Ras El Hikma, making it a comprehensive tourist complex. Among the most notable services are:

  • Utilization of solar panels to generate electricity, aiming to preserve the environment and power all devices and lighting.
  • Advanced security services, including top-level security personnel and guards to ensure residents’ protection, as well as 24/7 surveillance cameras to monitor all movements.
  • Diving excursions for adventurers to explore coral reefs and a dedicated marina for yachts.
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning services for all resort facilities and units.
  • Relaxation and wellness activities, including a spa, jacuzzi, and health treatments, providing an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.
  • A variety of restaurants and cafes offering the finest international cuisines and beverages.
  • Shopping centers featuring the most famous local and international brands for an enjoyable shopping experience.
  • Outdoor cinemas for exclusive movie screenings with high-definition screens.
  • Pharmacies spread throughout the resort to provide necessary medicines and medical supplies.
  • Entertainment areas with electronic games suitable for all age groups to ensure maximum enjoyment.
  • Medical clinics equipped with the latest technology and medical devices, staffed by top-level doctors to provide essential care.
  • An aqua park with numerous water games for fun-filled times.
  • Theatres offering theatrical performances and musical concerts to enhance entertainment and amusement.
  • Five-star hotels offering a variety of accommodation options with luxurious, high-quality hotel services

Sequoia Ras El Hekma Village

Advantages of Sequoia Ras El Hekma Village Sequoia North Coast

Sequoia North Coast boasts numerous investment and residential features that make it a fully integrated tourist resort, thanks to Aden Real Estate Development Company’s meticulous attention to detail. These features include:

  • Strategic Location: Sequoia Ras El Hikma is situated in a prime location in Ras El Hikma city, near vital landmarks and service areas, ensuring easy and quick access.
  • Expansive Area: The village spans a large area, offering a variety of summer units, including chalets and villas with luxurious architectural designs that cater to refined tastes, allowing you to choose the unit that meets your needs.
  • Services and Facilities: The village provides a comprehensive array of essential and recreational services, ensuring a life filled with luxury and enjoyment for its residents, with opportunities to spend quality time with family and friends.
  • Competitive Prices and Payment Plans: The company offers highly competitive prices along with flexible payment systems and interest-free installment plans, making owning a unit in Sequoia North Coast an excellent investment opportunity.

Unit space in the Sequoia Ras El Hekma project

Within Sequoia Ras El Hikma, you will find your dream home with a direct view of the sea, allowing you to revel in the enchanting beauty of nature. The village offers a diverse selection of residential units, including chalets and villas, in various sizes to meet your needs and preferences, with spaces starting from 80 square meters, enabling you to choose the perfect unit for you.

Sequoia Ras El Hekma Village

Sequoia Ras El Hekma prices and payment systems

The advantages of Sequoia Ras El Hikma are not limited to its unique architectural designs and diverse spaces, but also include the competitive and exceptional prices offered by the developer. These prices align with the substantial benefits you will gain from investing in this project, making it an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking luxurious summer units overlooking the Mediterranean coast.

Prices for units in Sequoia Ras El Hikma start from 8,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment Plans at Sequoia Ras El Hikma: Aden Real Estate Development Company has not only provided ideal prices but has also shown significant consideration for its clients by offering convenient payment plans. You can own your summer unit without bearing a heavy financial burden, with a down payment starting at 10% of the total unit value, and the remaining amount can be paid in installments over 7 years without interest.

Real estate developer Sequoia Ras El Hekma Resort

Aden Real Estate Development Company is a leading firm in the real estate sector, established in 1982, and boasts extensive experience in developing real estate projects. Since its inception, the company has successfully executed numerous investment and residential projects in various countries around the world, adhering to the highest global quality standards.

Aden leverages its vast experience in management and execution to deliver urban projects that meet the diverse needs and requirements of its clients. With a thorough understanding of both the Egyptian and global markets, the company offers its projects at competitive prices.

Previous projects by Aden Real Estate Development Company include:

  • City Center Gldani Compound in Georgia.
  • Aden One Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • City View Village in New Alamein.
  • Gaia East Mall in El Shorouk.
  • Gaia Business Mall in the New Administrative Capital.

Sequoia Ras El Hekma Village

Investment advantages of Sequoia Ras El Hekma Village Sequoia North Coast

Sequoia North Coast boasts numerous features that make it an ideal investment destination:

  • Strategic Location:
    • Situated in Ras El Hikma city, one of the prominent tourist destinations on the North Coast.
    • Proximity to vital landmarks and service areas facilitates quick access.
  • Diverse Residential Units:
    • Offers a variety of residential units, including chalets and villas, with luxurious architectural designs to suit all tastes.
  • Green Spaces and Artificial Lakes:
    • A large portion of the area is dedicated to green spaces and artificial lakes, enhancing the village’s beauty and providing a peaceful and comfortable environment.
  • Comprehensive Services and Facilities:
    • Provides essential services such as security and maintenance, along with recreational facilities like spas, jacuzzis, restaurants, cafes, and play areas.
  • Competitive Prices and Convenient Payment Systems:
    • Offers competitive prices for units, along with flexible payment systems allowing for low down payments and installment plans over several years without interest.
  • Unique Architectural Design:
    • Modern and sophisticated architectural designs impart a luxurious character to the village, ensuring privacy and comfort for residents.
  • Environmental Sustainability:
    • Utilizes solar panels for electricity generation, contributing to environmental conservation and reducing energy costs.
  • Diverse Recreational Activities:
    • Diving trips to explore coral reefs, yacht marina, outdoor theaters, theatrical performances, musical concerts, and outdoor cinemas.
  • Service Facilities:
    • Availability of pharmacies and medical clinics equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure healthcare for residents and visitors.
  • Luxurious Hotels:
    • Features 5-star hotels offering high-quality hotel services, making it a comprehensive destination for living and leisure.