Introduce yourselves to the “New Sky Ramp Compound in Zayed”, a unique residential project nestled in the heart of the most prestigious areas of Sheikh Zayed. Thanks to its exceptional location, this project has witnessed a growing demand from both clients and investors alike.

The “Sky Ramp Compound” boasts a wide variety of residential units, with different sizes available to meet various needs. Clients can choose the unit that suits them, in accordance with their own budget.

However, this is not all. The “Sky Ramp Compound” also provides a range of services and facilities that add value to the residents’ daily lives. Let us present to you intriguing details about this splendid investment project.

Sky Ramp New Zayed Compound

Location of the new Sky Ramp Zayed Compound

Our strategy at “New Sky Ramp Compound in Zayed” revolves around providing the ideal location for our clients. Thus, we have situated it in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, near the Mohammed bin Zayed Axis, facilitating access to vital areas and seamless navigation between them.

The Sky Ramp Compound benefits from its proximity to a range of vibrant areas and essential facilities, making it appealing to numerous clients. Moreover, its proximity to government entities simplifies the processing of paperwork and governmental transactions swiftly and smoothly. These areas and facilities include:

  • Mohammed bin Zayed Axis, Dashur Link, Alexandria Desert Road.
  • Sphinx International Airport.
  • Juhayna Square, Hacienda Square, Shooting Club.
  • Media Production City.
  • Nile University and Zewail University.
  • Hyper One and the main entrance to the Giza Pyramids.
  • Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia.
  • October University.
  • The New Egyptian Museum.

The new Sky Ramp Zayed project space

The real estate company UpWide aims to deliver distinctive architectural designs that set its projects apart, blending elegance with refined taste. Its projects’ designs are based on a modern construction philosophy that integrates luxurious buildings, landscaped areas, and artificial lakes, achieving harmony between beautiful nature and contemporary structures.

Regarding interior design, high-quality materials have been carefully selected for construction while preserving residents’ privacy. Additionally, numerous windows have been provided to allow natural light entry and enhance proper ventilation, ensuring residents’ comfort and happiness.

The “Sky Ramp” project is distinguished by:

  • A total area of ​​10 acres.
  • Offering residential apartments, commercial shops, administrative offices, and medical clinics.
  • A low percentage of buildings compared to green spaces and natural landscapes, making it one of the most beautiful compounds in New Zayed.

Sky Ramp New Zayed Compound

Sky Ramp New Zayed design

The UpWide real estate company has developed the “New Sky Ramp Compound in Zayed” on a vast area covering approximately 10 acres. Diverse residential units have been meticulously designed to cater to various needs and tastes of clients. Additionally, a large space has been allocated for diverse services and facilities.

The “Sky Ramp Compound in Sheikh Zayed” is distinguished by its residential unit design, offering breathtaking views of green spaces, creating an atmosphere filled with tranquility and comfort within the compound. It is the ideal choice for individuals seeking relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

New Sky Ramp Zayed project services

The UpWide real estate company has introduced a comprehensive range of services and facilities in its latest residential project, “Sky Ramp Compound in Sheikh Zayed,” aiming to meet the needs and comfort of its clients. These services and facilities include:

Recreational Services:

Dedicated recreational areas for children with a variety of safe and diverse toys. A diverse selection of high-quality restaurants and cafes. Green spaces for leisurely walks and sports activities such as cycling and yoga. A spa resort offering a range of therapeutic services.

Sports Services:

Fully equipped gyms with state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Multiple courts for various sports such as football, basketball, and tennis.

Medical Services:

Medical clinics and centers within the compound in addition to proximity to hospitals. Pharmacies providing delivery service within the complex.

Security Services:

A security team operating around the clock. Deployment of surveillance cameras throughout the compound to ensure residents’ safety.

Sky Ramp New Zayed Compound

Advantages of the new Sky Ramp Zayed Compound

The advantages of the “New Sky Ramp Compound” offered by UpWide real estate company make it one of the most significant residential and investment opportunities in Sheikh Zayed. The project boasts several advantages that attract those seeking quality living, residential stability, and investment returns. Among these advantages are:

Prime Location: The compound is strategically located in Sheikh Zayed, close to major commercial and recreational areas, facilitating easy access and ensuring a comfortable daily life.

Distinctive Design: The compound has been meticulously designed by top architects, epitomizing luxury and beauty in every detail.

Variety in Spaces: The compound offers a diverse range of residential and commercial units with different sizes, catering to the needs and preferences of various clients.

Reasonable Prices: The project’s prices have been set attractively and competitively, making investment in it accessible and enticing for investors.

Comprehensive Facilities and Services: Residents enjoy an integrated and comfortable living experience thanks to the availability of a wide range of modern and advanced facilities and services.

These advantages make the “New Sky Ramp Compound” an ideal choice for living and investing in a complete community that ensures prosperity and stability for residents and investors alike.

Unit space in Sky Ramp New Zayed

The “Sky Ramp Sheikh Zayed” project encompasses a diverse range of residential, commercial, and administrative units with varying sizes to meet the needs of diverse clients. This residential complex offers you the opportunity to live and work in the space that suits you, including the following units:

  • One-bedroom apartments: Starting from 79 square meters.
  • Two-bedroom apartments: Starting from 120 square meters.
  • Three-bedroom apartments: Starting from 160 square meters.

Sky Ramp New Zayed Compound

New Sky Ramp Zayed Compound prices and payment systems

UpWide Real Estate Development Company has announced the introduction of competitive prices exclusively for the “New Sky Ramp Compound in Zayed,” where these prices vary according to the specifications and sizes of the units. Do not miss out on this opportunity and invest now in a luxurious residential unit, whether for living or investment. Investing in this distinguished residential project represents an exceptional opportunity that cannot be replaced.

Here are the unit prices as follows:

Prices for units start from 8,500,000 Egyptian pounds. Additionally, the company has introduced flexible payment systems tailored to the needs of clients, where the client can benefit from the following:

Installment over 7 years with a 10% down payment.

The real estate developer of the new Sky Ramp Zayed project

UpWide Real Estate Company has launched the “Sky Ramp Compound,” a modern residential project located in the Sheikh Zayed area. This project is one of the prominent successes of the company, as UpWide is known for developing distinctive and high-quality projects that compete with global projects.

Established over 40 years ago, UpWide Real Estate Company has distinguished itself among real estate development companies by meeting the needs of its clients and delivering them within its projects.

Some of UpWide Real Estate Company’s previous projects include:

  • White Residence Compound in Fifth Settlement.
  • White Walk Mall in New Cairo.
  • Park Mall in New Cairo.
  • Cinco Mall in New Cairo.
  • Eight Business Hub Mall in Fifth Settlement.
  • Granoy Mall in New Cairo.
  • Equival Mall in Fifth Settlement.
  • Attraction Compound in 6th of October.

Sky Ramp New Zayed Compound

Advantages of investing in Sky Ramp New Zayed

Investing in “New Sky Ramp Sheikh Zayed” comes with a set of features that make it an attractive choice:

Strategic Location: The project enjoys a prime location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, enhancing its property value and ensuring easy accessibility.

Distinctive Design: “Sky Ramp” is characterized by modern design and integrated facilities that guarantee comfort and luxury for residents and investors alike.

Unit Diversity: The project offers a variety of residential, commercial, and administrative units, providing multiple investment opportunities.

Comprehensive Services: “Sky Ramp” includes a range of services and facilities such as pools, sports clubs, recreational areas, and green spaces, making it an ideal destination for living and investment.

Flexible Payment Options: The developer offers flexible payment options that allow investors to achieve profitable returns tailored to their financial needs.

In summary, investing in “New Sky Ramp Sheikh Zayed” presents an excellent opportunity to achieve profitable financial returns while enjoying comfort and modern real estate development in a distinguished area.