Currently, Alexandria is a huge investment and residential attraction both locally and regionally, boasting numerous tourist and residential advantages including its stable and moderate climate throughout the year. Recently, there has been significant interest in large residential and investment projects, especially along the Alexandria-Matrouh coastal strip (the North Coast) and new cities like New Borg El Arab City and New Alexandria City.

All these projects have greatly contributed to the cultural and civilizational development of the bride of the Mediterranean. One of the shining points in the heart of Alexandria Governorate is Souk Garden Project located in the residential development area of “Sowary,” which boasts many unique advantages solely due to its location.

Soulik Garden Alexandria

Soulik Garden Project is aimed at providing a new type of luxury that combines luxury, beauty, and tranquility without compromising on services or being in the heart of the city, but away from its hustle and bustle. It offers a refreshing atmosphere conducive to relaxation and enjoyment of home life, all within a secluded complex far removed from stress.

Soulik Garden Location

Soulik Garden boasts an ideal location in Alexandria, chosen to ensure easy access to various main roads and service facilities including:

– Alexandria-Cairo Desert Road.
– International Coastal Road.
– Mahmoudiya Axis.
– The Ring Road.
– The project overlooks the upscale Dezina Mall.
– Police Hospital.
– Carrefour Mall, the largest in the entire governorate.
– It’s a short distance from City Center Alexandria.
– It’s about 10 minutes by car from Alexandria University’s Colleges Complex, the time needed to reach the beach for a walk or stroll along the shore.
– The project is only about 5 minutes by car from Alexandria International Airport.

In general, Soulik Garden’s location ensures access to various vital areas in Alexandria.

Not to mention the plethora of facilities and services surrounding you, all just minutes away from the site. The distance from the city center to areas like Moharam Bek, Raml Station, Mansheya, and sports clubs like Olympi Club, Al Ittihad Club, and even Smouha Sporting Club is just a few minutes by car, not exceeding a maximum of 15 minutes.

The Soulik Garden Project Design

The project is wonderfully designed to ensure residents’ comfort significantly, offering the finest interior and exterior designs and panoramic views for all units, making Soulik Garden Project uniquely private compared to other projects.

Spanning over 60 acres, the majority of the project, 80% of the total land area, is allocated to villas of various types, allowing customers open and unobstructed views. The villas are divided into the following categories:

– Twin house
– Stand alone
– Grand stand alone

Only 20% of the residential buildings are allocated, divided into just two groups, each containing 8 buildings. The units within these buildings vary between apartments and duplexes of different sizes.

The project is designed to ensure visitors’ privacy, with each unit designed appropriately to provide luxurious accommodation. All areas of the project are separate and have gates to ensure security, safety, and privacy.

Soulik Garden Unit Spaces

As mentioned, the units within the compound vary to suit Soulik’s clientele, including apartments, duplexes, villas, and grand palaces, with the following unit spaces:

– Apartment sizes start from 156 square meters and go up to 220 square meters.
– Duplex sizes start from 241 square meters up to 255 square meters.
– Twin houses have a built-up area of 300 square meters, with an additional 30 square meters of space inside the unit.
– Stand alone villas have a total built-up area of 350 square meters, with an additional 58 square meters of space inside the unit.
– Grand stand alone villas, resembling palaces, occupy a total land area of 680 square meters, with a built-up area of 745 square meters.

Soulik Garden Project Features

Soulik Garden boasts numerous features, making it a focal point for many people, including:

– Administrative buildings within the compound.
– Clubhouse-style swimming pools in several areas.
– Walking and biking paths.
– Gym and fitness center.
– Fountains for aesthetic appeal.
– Electronic gates for security.
– Each unit has its own parking garage with 24/7 security.
– All units have open, unobstructed views with comfortable architectural layouts.
– Some smaller units in the buildings, whether on the ground or top floors, have additional service areas such as private gardens for ground floor units or large terraces for top floor units.

Soulik Garden Unit Prices

The unit prices, compared to the services provided, are significantly reasonable, with the following price ranges:

– Apartment prices start from 24,000 to 30,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter.
– Duplex prices range from 28,000 to 30,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter.
– Twin house units are priced at 17,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Stand alone villa units range from 23,000,000 to 32,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Grand stand alone palaces are priced at 32,000,000 Egyptian pounds per unit.

All units will be delivered in ultra-luxurious finishing, with deliveries starting in 2025.

Soulik Garden in Sowary Alexandria: 15% down payment with installment for up to 4.5 years.

Soulik Company, the developer of Soulik Garden in Sowary Alexandria, offers various payment systems to ensure the suitability of units and payment systems for all its clients interested in living or investing in Soulik, including the following:

As indicated in our main title, there is a specific payment system for units in Soulik Garden Project within the Sowary area, starting with a booking down payment of only 15% of the unit’s value. You can pay the remaining amount in equal installments over a period of 4.5 years, making this payment system the simplest for this project and one of the most distinguished payment systems for all Soulik projects.

The developer of the Soulik Garden Sowary Project

The Soulik Garden Sowary Project is one of the projects under Soulik Real Estate Investment Company, an Egyptian joint-stock company recognized in the Egyptian market as a provider of upscale and distinguished real estate projects. It has earned the trust of many clients due to its track record, which includes the following projects:

– Farnda Smouha Compound
– Terrace City Nasr City
– Terrace Smouha

In addition to its commitment to agreed-upon schedules with investors and clients, delivering projects of exceptionally high quality, the company consistently offers the best choices to its clients. This includes excellence in engineering designs as well as diverse payment programs tailored to suit all clients.