Introducing the new Terrace El Sheikh Zayed project by HDP Egypt, the latest addition to West Cairo. The compound boasts a prime strategic location facing the 26th of July Axis and near Project 205 Sheikh Zayed and Nile University. Spanning 31 acres, the project allocates a significant portion for green spaces to create a serene and appealing environment. Flexible payment plans allow customers to pay a 10% down payment and installments for the remaining unit value over 8 years, making investment in this project an enticing and convenient opportunity.

Terrace El Sheikh Zayed: A Distinctive Strategic Location in the Heart of Sheikh Zayed

Terrace El Sheikh Zayed is located in a prime strategic location near the main axes in Sheikh Zayed City, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a comprehensive compound in this desirable area. The project is carefully designed to meet the needs of customers who prefer to live in this upscale area. Terrace El Sheikh Zayed provides easy access to all essential services and facilities, such as Galleria 40 and Arkana Plaza Mall, in addition to its proximity to Sheikh Zayed Safa Hospital.

The project’s proximity to Nile University in Sheikh Zayed and the Egyptian Museum and the new Ring Road makes it a comprehensive choice for living and enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. The location also indicates its proximity to The Estates Compound and the 26th of July Axis. Terrace El Sheikh Zayed is ideal as a sophisticated living destination, with a range of upscale restaurants, cafes, and a comprehensive shopping mall, making it an ideal choice for those seeking luxury and comfort in Sheikh Zayed City.

Terrace El Sheikh Zayed: Spacious Area Meeting All Needs

Terrace El Sheikh Zayed is a unique project built on 31 acres, with a height of about 20 meters above sea level, giving the project a special charm. Terrace offers a variety of housing units, with varying sizes, to meet the needs of each client according to their preferences and residential requirements.

Terrace El Sheikh Zayed features a “mini compound” design, with a few residential units, ensuring maximum privacy for residents. The units are designed so that each unit has 3 views, with some units overlooking Palm Hills directly, while others enjoy views of green spaces and natural landscapes.

Terrace El Sheikh Zayed consists of apartments and duplexes, with buildings comprising a ground floor and either 3 or 4 floors. The construction and building ratio is 16%, while the services and green spaces ratio reaches 84%. All units in the project are delivered semi-finished, allowing customers the opportunity to implement their personal designs. Reserve your place now in Terrace El Sheikh Zayed Compound and enjoy a high level of luxury and distinction.

Terrace El Sheikh Zayed: Luxurious Modern Designs Reflecting Elegance and Sophistication

Terrace El Sheikh Zayed project is designed on a suitable area and witnessed cooperation with leading engineering companies, aiming to provide a city that meets international standards at a reasonable price. Several engineering consulting companies were contracted to achieve the engineering design of Terrace El Sheikh Zayed, adding green spaces and landscapes surrounding all apartments within the compound.

The engineering consulting company responsible for the project is YBA, led by Engineer Yasser El-Beltagy. A large part of the compound’s area is dedicated to various services, given the limited construction ratio that does not exceed 20%. The building facades feature integrated international designs to meet the quality standards expected by Bank of Housing and Urban Development customers, making Terrace El Sheikh Zayed a project worth considering.

Terrace El Sheikh Zayed: Comprehensive Services and Benefits Providing an Unforgettable Residential Experience

It was previously mentioned that Terrace El Sheikh Zayed Compound is a mini-compound, and this is one of its unique advantages, as it provides great benefits to its residents due to the small number of residents and available services. HDP Egypt Real Estate Company, a subsidiary of Bank of Housing and Urban Development, was keen to provide a wide range of basic services and facilities within Bank of Housing and Urban Development Compound in Sheikh Zayed, to meet the needs of customers and investors within Terrace El Sheikh Zayed.

Among these services:

Beautiful green spaces and artificial lakes.
A 34-meter park.
30 car garages.
A clubhouse for residents.
Walking and jogging track.
Sports club and sports courts.
River walk and swimming pools.
A complex of international restaurants and cafes.
A private garage for every 6 units.
24-hour security and surveillance cameras throughout the compound.
A mosque and pharmacy.
Electronic gates.

These services embody some of the activities and features offered by Terrace El Sheikh Zayed, making it a comprehensive destination for those seeking luxurious accommodation and complete privacy, where you can now book your unit in this unique project.

Terrace El Sheikh Zayed, the project bearing the name of Bank of Housing and Urban Development, shines with countless features, as it was presented by HDP Egypt Company with huge investments. The project features many advantages, including:

Strategic location: Terrace enjoys a vibrant location, directly near Palm Hills, Nile University, and Safa Hospital, making it the heart of Sheikh Zayed.
Unit diversity: The Terrace project offers a wide range of units, including apartments and duplexes, to meet your needs and your family’s needs.
Competitive prices: Terrace units enjoy prices that are among the lowest in the Sheikh Zayed area, making them a distinguished choice.
Payment facilities: Bank of Housing and Urban Development offers great facilities, allowing customers to own their apartment through installment without interest or additional payments.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join the Terrace El Sheikh Zayed project and enjoy the charming views and stunning view offered to you by Bank of Housing and Urban Development through HDP Egypt Real Estate Company.

Terrace El Sheikh Zayed: Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Systems

HDP Egypt Real Estate Company was keen to present the Terrace El Sheikh Zayed project at extremely competitive prices, striving to provide an opportunity to access all social classes. The company offers distinctive and competitive prices, providing a variety of installment systems to facilitate the process of owning your unit with a minimum down payment and comfortable installment without interest.

The project’s units vary between apartments and duplexes, with sizes ranging from small to large. Each apartment enjoys three views, either on green spaces or directly on Palm Hills.

The area of two-bedroom apartments ranges from 108 square meters to 122 square meters.
The area of three-bedroom apartments ranges from 145 square meters to 180 square meters.
The area of duplexes (terrace houses) starts from 255 square meters.
The price per meter in Terrace El Sheikh Zayed apartments starts from 24,000 Egyptian pounds.

As for installment systems, HDP Egypt offers multiple options to meet the needs of customers:

10% down payment and installment over 8 years

Terrace El Sheikh Zayed: Developed by the leading company HDP Egypt

HDP Egypt, specializing in real estate development, is the investment arm of the Housing and Development Bank (HDB), occupying a significant position in the real estate market. The company boasts substantial financial resources, with HDB being one of the oldest real estate developers in Egypt. In a press interview, the company confirmed that its future plans include diverse projects targeting both residential and touristic sectors.

The remarkable success of HDP Egypt is attributed to a team of renowned experts in the real estate field. Among them are:

– Engineer Mohamed Alawi, the CEO of the company.
– Engineer Amjad Hassanein, the Chairman of the Board.

These prominent figures have succeeded in building a strong brand for HDP Egypt, making it one of the most important companies in Egypt and the Arab world.

The company has achieved great success through several projects, including Le Reve project, Acacia project, as well as owning Alma in New Cairo, and developing Marina El Alamein in the North Coast.

Today, the company announces a new project and a new success in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, where it presents a residential compound overlooking the Arkadia Palm project and Nile University in Sheikh Zayed, offering apartments and duplexes with international designs and competitive prices, with payment facilities up to 8 years without interest.