Introduce yourself to The Gate Towers of Alamein, a novel project presented by City Edge Real Estate Development, a pioneering company in the field of real estate development in the Kingdom. Through the utilization of cutting-edge technologies and designs, we offer you a unique collection of towers in the new city of Alamein, an ideal place for residency or investment.

The Gate Towers of Alamein distinguish themselves by providing all the services and amenities needed by investors, with a diverse range of units including residential apartments, studios, and commercial units.

With 42 floors of luxurious living, the units boast magnificent views and spaces ranging from 49 to 387 square meters, accompanied by expansive green areas extending across 200 acres.

With attractive prices and flexible financing options, City Edge presents you with a unique opportunity to invest in The Gate Towers of Alamein project. Discover beauty and comfort and invest confidently in your future.

The Gate New Alamein Towers

Location of The Gate Towers, New Alamein

City Edge has shown particular interest in the location of The Gate Towers of Alamein, recognizing it as a crucial element in attracting clientele. Consequently, the project’s site was meticulously selected in collaboration with specialized experts. Situated within the new city of Alamein, The Gate Towers project boasts breathtaking views of the clear sea and fine sands.

The location offers easy accessibility, being 54 kilometers away from Alamein International Airport and 89 kilometers from Borg El Arab Airport. It also lies on the administrative border of Marsa Matrouh Governorate, a short distance from the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh road, and 260 kilometers from Cairo.

The new location of The Gate Towers of Alamein enjoys a strategic position just 60 kilometers from the southern coast, with plans to accommodate up to 3 million residents. The project’s route provides a direct view of the sea, offering a distinguished experience that blends relaxation and comfort without the hassle of travel.

The area of ​​The Gate New Alamein Towers

The Gate Towers of Alamein have been developed across an expanse of 200 acres, meticulously allocated to ensure the provision of all services and residential units. The Gate Tower stands as one of the largest and most magnificent residential towers in the Middle East, a testament to innovation and creativity by City Edge. Its unique designs distinguish it with a distinctive character aimed at transforming traditional lifestyle patterns.

Design of The Gate Towers New Alamein

The design of The Gate Towers of Alamein, also known as The Gate Tower, incorporates the latest unique global architectural styles, giving it an interior reminiscent of Dubai’s towering skyscrapers.

City Edge has erected one of its splendid residential towers, distinguished by its unique designs, encompassing nearly 44 floors. The project offers a variety of apartments, all overlooking enchanting beaches, with the remaining space allocated to amenities.

The facilities of The Gate Towers of Alamein include 5 levels featuring:

A commercial center.
Swimming pools.
A gymnasium.
A children’s play area.
Additionally, The Gate Tower boasts multiple elevators, including service elevators and regular elevators.

The Gate New Alamein Towers

Services of The Gate Towers, New Alamein

The executing company of The Gate Tower project has undertaken to ensure the provision of a wide range of distinguished services that set it apart from other residential projects. These services include:

Diverse swimming pool options in The Gate Towers of Alamein to cater to the needs of different age groups.
A children’s amusement park.
Offering a variety of restaurants serving delicious local and international cuisines.
A dedicated parking park for residents of The Gate Towers.
A vast commercial area housing numerous retail stores and global brands.
An exceptional library within The Gate Towers.
A sports club featuring several sports facilities.
Unique designs distinguishing The Gate project.
24-hour security and surveillance by qualified security personnel.
Comprehensive surveillance camera system for the tower.
Fire suppression system.
Emergency alarm system and safe exit.
A 7-star hotel offering luxurious services.
Central air conditioning for all residential units.
Allocation of 5 floors for commercial activities within The Gate Towers.
All of these services, along with many others, make The Gate project a distinctive destination in the new city of Alamein, aiming to provide a distinguished environment away from noise and congestion.

Advantages of The Gate New Alamein Towers

The distinguishing features of The Gate Towers of Alamein include:

Provision of privacy through soundproof and visually insulating glass facades in the apartments.
Modern waste disposal and recycling system to preserve the aesthetic view of the area.
Provision of an integrated service and entertainment area at the highest level.
Creation of a 14-kilometer promenade along the Mediterranean Sea, with a variety of customer service amenities.
Prime location near the city center, the heritage city, Diamond Hotel, and Alamein Gardens.
Paths for walking and biking in green spaces.
Equipped children’s entertainment area with the latest games and safety features.
Giant medical center and a variety of doctors and nursing staff to provide the best healthcare.
University and schools for various educational stages.
Large shopping centers.
Corniche stretching along the city.
International conference center and a library resembling the Library of Alexandria.
Hotel and Roman theater.
Museums, opera houses, and cultural centers.
The Latin Quarter, one of the city’s most important neighborhoods.

The Gate New Alamein Towers

Unit space The Gate Towers New Alamein

The residential units in The Gate Towers of Alamein have been designed with diverse layouts, ranging from 50 square meters to 375 square meters. The following patterns are included:

Units with an area of 50 square meters, consisting of one bedroom, making them suitable for various investment and residential needs.
Units ranging from 115 square meters to 171 square meters, comprising two bedrooms.
Units with an area of 181 square meters, featuring three bedrooms.
Units ranging from 351 square meters to 375 square meters, containing four bedrooms.
This diversity has been carefully chosen to ensure the fulfillment of each client’s needs, with all residential units benefiting from direct views of the azure waters within The Gate Tower.

Prices and payment systems for The Gate New Alamein Towers

A diverse range of premium prices has been provided for units in The Gate project, considered among the most attractive and ideal in the market, aligning with the multiple services and amenities offered by the project. Prices start from 10,850,000 Egyptian pounds, structured in this manner to facilitate the purchasing process without financial complexities, varying according to unit types and sizes.

You can now inquire about the prices of residential units in The Gate project in the new Alamein, where flexible and easy payment systems are available, including:

5% down payment and the remainder without interest for up to 7 years.

The Gate New Alamein Towers

Real estate developer The Gate Towers, New Alamein

The addition of The Gate Towers of Alamein to City Edge Real Estate’s portfolio signifies a significant milestone for this large government-owned company, established in 2017 and regarded as one of Egypt’s foremost investment firms. Since its inception, the company has successfully undertaken massive projects that have bolstered its reputation and position in the real estate market.

The company’s ownership includes three governmental entities, with the Housing and Development Bank holding a 38% partnership, the Holding Company for Investment and Development holding a 2% stake, and the New Urban Communities Authority holding a 60% share. Renowned for its distinctive designs and attractive projects aimed at attracting investors, the company has introduced multiple ventures, including:

Vibrant towers in New Mansoura City.
Downtown Alamein in the new Alamein.
Etapa Compound in Fifth Settlement.
Baroque Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
Al Maqsad Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
North Edge Towers in the new Alamein.
Mazareen Village in the new Alamein.
Al Maqsad Residence Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
Etapa Square Compound in Sheikh Zayed.
Etapa Compound in Sheikh Zayed.

Investment Advantages The Gate Towers New Alamein

Benefits of investing in The Gate Towers of Alamein:

Strategic Location: The project enjoys a prime location in the new Alamein area, attracting investors due to its proximity to major services, facilities, and tourist sites.

Unique Design: The Gate Towers have been designed with the latest global architectural styles, ensuring the project’s attractiveness and making it a focal point for investors.

Service Availability: The project includes a wide range of services and facilities such as swimming pools, recreational areas, and restaurants, making it ready for use and investment.

Resale Potential: Investors can resell their units at higher prices after the project is completed, ensuring a profitable return on investment.

Rental Opportunities: With its attractive location and available services, investors can easily rent out their units to potential tenants, increasing the return on investment.

Competitive Prices: The project offers competitive prices compared to other projects in the area, making it a lucrative investment opportunity for investors.