Welcome to the world of luxury and comfort at City View New Alamein. This residential project is considered one of the latest projects on the North Coast, as it combines sophisticated architectural design with modern facilities to provide you with a unique residential experience.

Enjoy stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy the diverse lifestyles in this integrated community. Our diverse residential units, including apartments and villas, provide everything you need to live in luxury, with an emphasis on quality and safety.

City View New Alamein is not just a place to live, but rather an integrated environment that offers you and your family a luxurious and comfortable life. Benefit from our strategic presence close to services and facilities, in addition to the attractive design that reflects the latest architectural trends.

City View New Alamein: A distinctive real estate project in the heart of New Alamein City

Aden Company is considered one of the leading companies in global markets, as it owns and manages more than 365 diverse projects spanning more than 13 fields. These projects include advanced infrastructure in more than 7 foreign countries, with more than 15 administrative buildings and more than 100 residential buildings, in addition to about 150 villas inside Egypt.

Among Aden Company’s prominent projects, the E One Business Complex project, which is located on the eastern axis of the New Administrative Capital, has a strategic location. The project enjoys proximity to the tourism towers, the gold market, the monorail station, and the northern Bin Zayed Corridor, making it an ideal destination for business and shopping.

As for the City View New Alamein project in Egypt, it is located in the heart of the new city, ensuring convenient access to places such as Marina 7, El Alamein University, and the North Coast.

Innovation did not stop there, but Aden’s vision extended beyond the Egyptian borders, as it developed the City Center Goldani project in Georgia. This project is located in the Galdani area of Tbilisi and features a unique mix of residential, commercial and administrative businesses, next to 6 universities, Akhmatelli metro station and Galdani Mall.

City Center Goldani features a public park, sports fields, and two underground garages. This project embodies Aden Company’s commitment to providing integrated projects that meet the needs of modern life.

City View New Alamein: an unmissable investment opportunity

City View New Alamein represents the fulfillment of residents’ dreams, as Aden Real Estate Development Company succeeded in transforming it into an integrated project that meets all customers’ needs. The project is distinguished by its ideal strategic location and luxurious architectural designs, while providing a wide variety of spaces and various prices to suit various needs. In addition to this, flexible payment systems make investing in this project easy. Thanks to these integrated elements, City View New Alamein is one of the most prominent and best resorts in New Alamein, where customers verify for themselves the extent to which it fulfills their aspirations and achieves everything they dream of.

Types and areas of City View New Alamein units

The City View project in New Alamein is a unique destination that includes various residential units of various sizes, starting from 38 square meters and up to 121 square meters. The project is distinguished by providing a variety of units that meet various customer needs.

The project includes:

Residential units: It includes residential units of various designs and spaces, allowing customers to choose the unit that fully meets their needs.
Hotel units: providing visitors with the ability to stay in comfort and luxury.
Commercial units: Business opportunities with convenient retail and service spaces.
Administrative units: Office spaces effectively designed to meet corporate and business needs.
Medical units: Providing an integrated medical environment to meet health care needs.

Apartments vary from 1 bedroom with areas starting from 63 square meters to 2 bedrooms with areas up to 121 square meters, providing a wide variety of choices and meeting different customer needs.

City View New Alamein: luxury residential units at competitive prices

Aden Real Estate Development Company is fully aware of customers’ needs and meets those needs precisely, striving to provide everything they need. City View New Alamein Village is characterized by reasonable prices starting from 16,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter, making it a suitable option for many categories.

The company offers a flexible installment system that makes it easier for customers to own units in City View New Alamein. The reservation and installment system includes several options to suit different needs, giving customers great flexibility in paying for the units. The available options are as follows:

System without advance:
The remainder is paid in installments over two years.
System with 15% deposit:
15% down payment.
The remainder will be paid in installments over two and a half years.
System with 25% deposit:
25% down payment.
The rest is paid in installments over 3 years.
System with 30% deposit:
30% down payment.
The rest is paid in installments over 4 years.
System with 50% deposit:
50% down payment.
The rest is paid in installments over 6 years.

City View New Alamein: a distinctive strategic location

The location of City View New Alamein Village was chosen with great care by Aden Real Estate Development Company to be in harmony with your aspirations and make you live in an ideal environment. The project provides comfort and distinction, as it is located at kilometer 107 in New Alamein, and is distinguished by its proximity to many prominent places:

Al Massa Hotel: Enjoy proximity to Al Massa Hotel, which enhances your residential experience with more luxury and entertainment.
New Alamein Towers: A few minutes separate City View New Alamein from Alamein Towers, providing you easy access to this famous area.
Marina 7: You can enjoy the project’s proximity to Marina 7, which allows you to enjoy marine life and upscale shopping.
El Alamein University: El Alamein University is easily accessible, making it an ideal choice for students seeking a comfortable study environment.
City of Science and Culture: Its proximity to the City of Science and Culture makes City View New Alamein an ideal place for explorers and culture lovers.
North Coast: The project is located