Valory Real Estate Investment Company sought to find a location in the most upscale neighborhoods in the heart of Alexandria to build its new masterpiece, and found nothing better than the spot overlooking Antoniades Palace in the heart of Smouha to make the compound overlooking the New Mahmoudiya Axis that connects the whole city of Alexandria.

Valory Antoniades Compound is a masterpiece sprawling over an area of 6.5 acres, with distinctive designs and views in the heart of the new investment zone in the most upscale neighborhoods of Alexandria. What distinguishes the project most is the open view overlooking Antoniades Gardens.

Valory Antoniades Compound is also characterized by architectural designs that combine modernity, elegance, and beauty. Valory Company has focused on providing open views and distinguished services for all clients.

More importantly, the company is keen on providing different types of units to suit the different capabilities of clients.

Valory Antoniades Compound Location

The location of the compound has been carefully chosen to provide the highest levels of luxury and privacy, maintain compatibility with the social class present in that location, align with Valory’s clientele, and preserve its presence between two of the most important traffic axes within Alexandria.

The presence of Valory Antoniades Compound directly on the Mahmoudiya Axis, and close to the Tanta-Alexandria Agricultural Axis “the highway,” has made all the services needed by the client just minutes away.

Nearby Places to Valory Antoniades Compound

Valory Antoniades Compound’s location provides access to many official, international, and private schools, along with a variety of different hospitals. Additionally, it is close to malls, with the most prominent nearby places being:

– 10 minutes to reach Carrefour City Centre Mall.
– 5 minutes to Smouha Sporting Club and Equestrian Club.
– Just 10 minutes away from Sporting Sporting Club.
– Only 3 minutes needed to reach Pharos University.
– 15 minutes away from Alexandria Beach.
– Alexandria Airport can be reached in just 5 minutes.
– Approximately 12 minutes away from Alexandria Stadium.

Design of Valory Antoniades Compound

Valory offers its clients a diverse selection of residential units within Valory Antoniades Compound, with unit sizes ranging from 118 square meters to 254 square meters. The compound is characterized by its modern contemporary design, making it an architectural masterpiece. It transforms it from merely a residential place to a recreational and leisure destination.

The compound has been designed to the highest standards of urban planning and modern design. Additionally, it offers high investment returns due to its prime location and its blend of sophistication, luxury, and privacy.

Valory Antoniades Compound Services

Valory Antoniades Compound offers a wide range of services, including:

– Green spaces and landscaping.
– Resident-exclusive parking garages.
– Sports courts and halls.
– Water features and fountains.
– 24/7 security and surveillance.
– Advanced monitoring systems.
– Daily cleaning and maintenance staff.

Prices of Units in Valory Antoniades Compound

Valory Antoniades Compound has been divided into 4 groups of towers, each distinguished by its own price based on the services and unique views it offers. There are few units available in general, but the current prices for available units are as follows:

Towers A: Unit sizes start from 182 square meters.
Towers F: Unit sizes start from 161 square meters.
Towers K: Unit sizes start from 163 square meters.
Towers P: Unit sizes start from 166 square meters.

Payment Plans in Valory Antoniades Compound

Valory offers various payment plans, with units set to be delivered starting from September 2023 with complete super-luxurious finishing. The payment plans include:

– 3-year plan: 20% down payment, 5% upon delivery after 3 years, with the remainder paid over 12 quarterly installments, with a discount of 1,000 EGP per square meter.
– 3.5-year plan: 20% down payment, 10% upon delivery after 3 years, with the remainder paid over 14 quarterly installments, with a discount of up to 500 EGP per square meter.
– 4-year plan: 20% down payment, 15% upon delivery after 3 years, with the remainder paid over 16 quarterly installments.
– 5-year plan: 10% down payment, 15% upon delivery, with the remainder paid over 20 quarterly installments.

Valory Real Estate Investment Company

Valory Real Estate Investment Company was established through collaboration between major investment groups in Egypt, including Riyadh-Castle Group and Al-Ghanimy Group. Since its inception, the company has presented a range of distinctive real estate projects in Alexandria known for their unique character.

The company focuses on selecting the best locations for its projects, alongside providing a large and diverse array of units. It has defined its vision as offering superior-quality products that fully satisfy customers.