Apartment in Mourouj Smouha, area of ​​​​152 meters, fourth floor, 3 rooms, 3-piece reception, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen.
It overlooks the landscape and sees the club
Receipt January 2025, Ultra Luxe finishing according to specifications written in the contract

The apartment is model G4, Block 14
Saluga Club Yard
Faraj Amer

Installments over 6 years
Quarterly installments from April 2022 amounting to 73,400 until January 2028

Two annual payments, the payment amount is 110 thousand per
January 2024
February 2025

Outside the apartment value
The deposit is 132 thousand due in September 2024
The meters are 75 thousand due in June 2024

All installments are paid until the last installment on time and there are no arrears or fines

2.5 million required, including prepaid and savings
There are one million and 470 thousand remaining + deposit and meters
In installments over the remaining 4 and a half years